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PostSubject: CXA REUNION SHOW - PART 2   Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:03 pm

The ring announcer is in the middle of the ring once more, the spotlight on him. He raises the microphone to his lips.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is held under hardcore, falls count anywhere rules”

“What?” asks Tarsh I don’t have anything down on my format sheet about this being a falls count anywhere match?”

“Neither do I?”

Maxine puts a hand to her ear “Guys I am just being told that both the wrestlers involved asked for the stipulation in order to ‘work their issues out’ and CXA management agreed to it. So there we are”

The ring announcer continues.

“Introducing first, and hailing from Mishawaka Indiana, weighing 250lbs. Mike Rocket!!!!”

Red light floods the arena as KDFM’s “Virus” explodes from the speaker, and Rocket’s red, black, and silver flag descends across to take up position on the left tower. As it does, Rocket arrogantly struts onto the stage, arms flapping as he gestures to the audience to tell them exactly what he thinks of them. Rocket is holding a microphone in his right hand, so clearly intends to speak at some point, but for now he arrogantly walks across the stage and down the ramp, telling anyone who will listen just how great he is, and how much they suck. Rocket is dressed in a new red and black attire, with his logo across his chest. He actually looks in pretty good shape considering his long ring absence.

Rocket is accompanied by Miss Madison, who pretty much trails in his wake, but applauds Rocket as he goes through his entrance. The two reach the ring, and Rocket orders Miss Madison up onto the ring apron to holds the ropes open for him. This she does, and Rocket slips inside. Now satisfied that he is centered for his promo, Rocket brings the microphone up to his lips, a dark smile spreading across his face.

"Oh how times have changed, haven't they? There used to be a time in which the CWA was riding high on top of the world. And there used to be a time when the CWA was immensely profitable, immensely popular, and held together so tightly and was so revolutionary, and so good that nothing could ever touch us.

And what happened? The CWA died. It didn't die a quick, dignified death with it's final last hurrah long remembered. It died a prolonged, torturous, drawn out, pitiful death.

And do you know why that was? I wasn't there. I was the one who held everything together, it was me! And absolutely every last single person on the face of this planet knows it. They don't like it, but they know it.”

Maxine snorts “Ego, much?”

But Rocket goes on

“I just stepped out for a bit of a... let's say, extended cigarette break, and when I turned my head back, I saw a plume of smoke on the horizon and I knew a bomb had dropped. Oh well, too bad, so sad. It wasn't my problem anymore, it wasn't my fault, anymore.

But then, I started seeing something going on. There was a new company being run. The TXA. And lo and behold, I noticed there were a few old friends, a few people that I might not have exactly trusted, but I knew could do some good. IF... they had ME.

IF I gave THEM the benefit of a second chance with ME at the helm. To give these people the redemption, the second chance THEY needed. So I did. I became the General Manager of Parental Advisory, and with ME at the helm, the TXA enjoyed the biggest success, the largest crowds, and the biggest money.

I faced some adversity. A former employee, I won't name WHO...”

Rocket glances back over to Madison to the left of him, who looks down, embarrassed.

“...stole my job from me for a short time. But hey, that's ok. Eventually I can forgive THAT, especially if they finally have the good sense to get back behind me and know their place.”

Rocket then turns right to her and starts getting in Madison's face as he talks.)

“Even if they are a stupid, useless, ineffectual, worthless, piece of trash in every other way... as long as they give me something I can USE.. like, serving as my agent to get me back on this little so-called Reunion.”

Madison looks upset and heartbroken at the verbal bashing she’s getting

“And yeah, that's right! What on EARTH made you think I was HAPPY to see you again, except for this? I USED you. I USED you to get me on this show, and now that I AM here, you can get the hell out of my ring, and out of my life!”

Madison, looks heartbroken and depressed, and wipes a tear from her eye, and tries to talk to him, but Rocket shoves her hand away, and gives her a small push on the shoulder and tells her to get out, again.

With little choice, Madison gets out of the ring and walks up to the back.

“That son of a bitch!” exclaims Maxine

“Does seem a tad harsh” agrees Jason

Reynard sees it differently “Not a bit of it, he’s right. What does Rocket need her for?”

Clearly the crowd don’t agree with Reynard. As Miss Madison is walking up the aisle the crowd is really booing Rocket, feeling bad for her.

Clearly, Rocket doesn’t care, and continues with his speech

“But back to the matter at hand, now that this idiot is gone. What happened to the TXA? Once again, ended without my say-so. But this time, instead of falling down the toilet slowly, it all goes at once, behind my back. I make Parental Advisory, under my guidance, to be the best it's ever been and it's gone, just like that.

And for years I've been thinking about this. All these years, out of work, a miserable wreck of a human being, who barely has enough to scrape by with life, in a shitty run down rent-controlled apartment and.. I admit it, a washed up has-been. That's me. But I didn't care anymore.

Until I found out about CXA Reunion. For others... this is a show where they can come back for one last final hurrah, and to put the exclamation point on their legacy. The show, that.. you know.. I wasn't invited to, even though I MADE CWA, and I PUT TXA on the map. Everything these companies ever were, owe everything to ME.

So then there's this ‘Reunion’... Which I see through the celebration and the nostalgia and the facade to see this show for what it really is.

And that's when I saw Steve Awesome on TV. Steve Awesome, THE LAST TXA CHAMPION. The very end of MY legacy, sitting there on his shoulder. Steve Awesome with his television appearances, and his cameos on CSI, and his merchandise and his nCw career and all the fame and popularity. And I thought to myself... Why is it that he has all of what I deserve and i'm sitting at home in a rent-controlled apartment with overdue rent and unemployed?

That's exactly when I started re-thinking about everything I lost and why I lost it. Who do I blame for CWA going down? Do I blame Shand holdings  who bought the CWA away from me, do I blame my former colleagues who sold it to the likes of him, or the lazy, complacent CWA politics and the likes of those who I left behind in charge who all let it slide into bankruptcy? I could. But I don't. Who would I blame for TXA? Do I blame the politics and corporate sabotage that killed it? I absolutely could. But in the end, I see that wasn't REALLY the end of it.

No, I see the last surviving thing of the TXA, which was the extension of everything I worked for in the CWA. The hopes and dreams of everything that was taken from me... MY companies. I see them reflected in THAT belt. The last championship held by Steve Awesome.

So, I don't blame the politics, the backstabbbing, and the sabotage for the wrecking of everything, and the ruining of my life. No, Steve. I BLAME YOU.

That's why I had this match happen and now that's why I'm going to break... your... neck.

So get out here, Awesome. Get out here and have your career killed by the man you took everything from, and didn't even realize it. I'm going to break you into pieces."

“Strong words from Rocket there, Jason?”

“Words won’t help him in a minute. He needs to fight.”

The ring announcer steps forward again.

“And his opponent. Hailing from Detroit Michigan and weighing in at 244lbs he is the ladies pet, the guys regret, the best one yet, you won’t forget, the man of power, the man of the hour, too sweet to be sour. He is the one, the only, The Blast of Class, Steve Awesome!!!!”

“Full of Regrets” by Danko Jones explodes from the speakers as Awesome’s flag descends to take up position on the right tower. His stylised glowing blue A with “AWESOME” written across the cross bar, on a silver background. Its pretty much the antithesis of Rocket’s dark image.

Steve struts onto the stage decked out in a pair of white, shiny, snakeskin pattern tights, each leg emblazoned with his logo. He’s also wearing one of his own t-shirts, and a long coat which twirls around him as he poses on stage for the fans, pyro shooting in the air behind him.

Steve makes a point of putting on a show for the crowd, and bounds down the aisle showing off like only he can. But as he reaches the bottom of the ramp, his eyes lock on Rocket, and his face suddenly gets serious. He walks around to the timekeeper’s table, grabs a microphone of his own, and shrugs off his coat. Pulling the t-shirt over his head, he climbs up into the ring. Cicling Rocket, Steve takes a moment to look at him before raising the mic to his mouth.

"Listen Rocket, I won that title because I deserved it and I earned it. Not just that, I earned Shand's respect, I earned my own self-respect, the fans's respect, and the respect of the business.

If you spent half as much time in your career wrestling as you did getting in front of everyone whining about what you did or didn't get or where you ended up, you might be the last champion instead of me. But you're not me, and that's what makes Steve, Awesome.

But hey, On the night it did happen, I didn't think it could get any better than being the final TXA champion. But I guess there's one last chapter for the Blast Of Class. Shutting the great Mike Rocket's blabbering, delusional mouth once and for all."

Steve postures up, ready to go.

Not waiting for an invitation, Rocket tosses the mic away and leaps across the ring, obviously not wanting to waste any more time. Awesome doesn’t seem to want to wait, either, and the two collide in a flurry of right hands, falling to the floor and then tumbling under the bottom rope, they both make it back to their feet and brawl half way up the ramp.

The two tear into one another, exchanging right hands. Rocket is swinging with reckless abandon, not caring about any sort of technique to his approach as long as he can land shots designed to hurt Awesome. His wild kicks and punches resemble an alley cat more than a wrestler. Awesome, by contrast, pumps out shorter, jab-like punches, going for quantity rather than power. Despite this, Awesome knows he’s unlikely to win this through a fist-fight and instead he grabs Rockets arm. He starts to whip his opponent ringwards. However, Rocket shows he is ready for this by stopping dead, halfway through the rotation and reversing the move, so now it’s Awesome heading towards the side of the ring.

Amazingly, despite starting off unbalanced, by the time Steve reaches the ring, he’s turned the momentum to his advantage, using it to power a leap, up onto the apron. Rocket, thinking his opponent was going to ricochet off the ring, has followed him in and as he approaches, Awesome spins around and leaps into the air with a double knee shot. Rocket takes the shot, full force. The pair goes down in a heap.

Rocket is stunned by the shot, and Awesome is up first. However, as he tries to drag Mike to his feet, Rocket shows that he’s lost none of his ability to cheat. He slams in a low blow, sending a bolt of pain through Steve’s body, and Awesome crumples to the floor.

“Oooh, that was a vile shot, Robinson”

“Definitely a tad low, Jason!”

With Awesome now fighting for breath, Rocket has once again claimed the ascendancy. Again, he doesn’t seem overly worried about wrestling technique here, just about doing anything he can to inflict damage, and he slams in a series of kicks before grabbing Awesome by the head and half-throwing him in the direction of the ringsteps. Steve hits them head on and sprawls to the floor, but as he turns around, Rocket buries a running knee into the side of his head. Not satisfied with the damage he can inflict on his own, Mike then lifts the ring apron and has a look for some toys. Spying a kendo stick, he pulls this out and twirls it like a baton. As Awesome gets to his feet, Rocket sends the stick crashing down across his back. This straightens Steve up, and a second slot slams into his stomach, doubling him up again. Rocket sees a chance and, leaping into the air, he brings his leg down across the back of Steve’s neck in a rocker dropper, forcing him into the ground.

“Rocket’s off to a great start here guys”

“I agree Maxine” comments Tarsh “Awesome needs to turn this around and fast”

That he does, but Rocket isn’t giving him the chance. Once again Mike has the kendo stick, and this time he uses it to execute a modified Russian leg sweep, before once again cracking it down on Awesome’s ribs. Satisfied that its done its work, he throws it aside and lifts Awesome again, all the while slamming in punches and kicks. Steve is fighting back though, and Mike decides he needs a big move. Ducking behind Awesome, he lifts him up for a belly to back suplex.

Unfortunately for Rocket, he’s pretty close to the ring apron, and as Awesome is lifted, he manages to get his feet onto it. This gives him just enough spring to push off and upset Rocket’s balance. Awesome uses this to his advantage, and turns the move from a suplex into a bulldog, smashing Rocket into the ringside mats.

Awesome is quickly on his feet, pulling Rocket up with him, until the latter is in position for a DDT. However, Rocket uses his power to reverse the move and, he straightens up with the intention of throwing Steve over his back. Instead, Awesome counters the counter by grabbing Rocket’s legs with his arms and head with his legs as he goes past. Then, once again using Rocket’s own momentum against him, Awesome knocks out the back of Rocket’s knees at the same time as driving his head into the floor. Awesome holds onto Rocket’s midriff and goes for the pin...


...but Rocket kicks out, angry that it’s Awesome who’s scored first.

Awesome slides back into the ring. Rocket follows, but by now Awesome has had the chance to sprint to the other side of the ring and build some more speed. Whizzing back at his opponent, Awesome leaps into the Heart Attack. Awesome puts as much weight into the move as possible, and it knocks Rocket flying. Jumping to his feet, Awesome quickly executes a guillotine legdrop on the fallen Rocket.

Awesome starts to drag Rocket to his feet once more but Rocket has finally been stung into action. He snaps in a gut shot on his way up, quickly followed by another. This doubles Awesome up slightly and lets Rocket find his range. Right hand. Right hand. Right hand. This knocks Awesome back into the ropes and as he bounces back, Rocket kicks him to the gut, grabs him around the waist, flips him up and slams Awesome, back first, into the mat. Rocket goes for a pin...

Awesome kicks out before the two.

Rocket is on a roll now though and he sends Awesome back for another visit to the ropes, this time with a bit more velocity. Rocket aims to follow this in with a clothesline, but the move is a little obvious and Awesome easily ducks under the blow. Rocket spins around just as Awesome goes for a Spinning Heel Kick. Rocket catches his foot, but realises his mistake when Awesome takes him down with an ensiguri kick to the side of the head.

Keen to follow this up quickly, Awesome pulls Rocket halfway to his feet and delivers another DDT. He then leaps onto the ringpost, and leaps off into a moonsault double foot stomp

“Wrath of the Dragon!!!!” Screams Maxine. “Steve’s got this won early!”

“I think its too early” comments Tarsh

Awesome goes for a pin...


...Jason is right. Rocket gets an arm free and pushes Awesome into the ropes. Rocket, enraged by the treatment he’s getting, actually makes it to his feet marginally ahead of Steve and rolls to the outside.

“I think Rocket’s getting frustrated Maxine”

“Seems like it Robinson. He came into this full of fire and aggression but not really concentrating on doing anything other than trying to pound Awesome. Steve’s too clever for that. He was lucky to escape after that Wrath of the Dragon, and I think Rocket’s realized he need to be a bit more calculated about all this.”

Maxine’s right. Rocket’s come to realise he won’t win this unless he takes his time a little more, and gets serious. He knows he was nearly caught out. Simply battering Awesome won’t work. Steve’s been in there with people much better equipped than Rocket to hand out a battering. Hell, he lasted 90 minutes with Shand. Rocket curses himself for not realizing this from the start. His mind starts to plot another strategy.

Ensuring the referee keeps Awesome back, Rocket rolls back into the ring and to his feet. He gestures for the old fashioned Greco-Roman knuckle lock. Awesome smiles and indicates he’s more than willing to give that a go. The two lock up, but as the move is locked in, Rocket moves quickly to sweep under Steve, hook his head under Steve’s armpit, and flip him over in a knuckle lock variation of a Northern Lights suplex.

Awesome kicks out.

Rocket maintains the grip on one arm now though and tries to pull Awesome in for a short-arm clothesline. He lands the blow and it seems to have stunned Steve. He spins to the ground, holding his mouth.

Now Rocket sees a chance, and he goes for Awesome in a big way. A couple of right hands force his opponent back and allow Rocket to send Awesome crashing into one of the corners. This is quickly followed by Rocket attempting to send Awesome to the other corner. But Awesome stops the move and reverses it, sending Rocket into the buckle. Awesome follows in, Rocket ducks and lifts ending Awesome up over the top rope. Awesome holds on and lands on his feet on the ring apron. Then, using his arms to give him some lift. Awesome vaults over the rope and catches Rocket with a crossbody....except, this time, Rocket catches Awesome and flips him over his head and onto the canvas.

“An excellent series of moves and counter moves there, by both Awesome and Rocket. These two men really are on the top of their game tonight Jason.”

“Both these gentlemen are good at what they do, but if this goes on for a while, Awesome isn’t going to be able to move around like that by the end”

Rocket really is on fire now and he catches Awesome straight away with a spinebuster, and then a tilt-a-whirl slam. Awesome comes back strongly countering with an ejected suplex and a couple of meaty chops to the neck. However, Rocket manages to steal the momentum back and he goes after Awesome with a series well aimed and controlled kicks. Awesome manages to at the very least move out of the full impact of these shots but while he’s concentrating on defence, he isn’t attacking and Rocket knows it. This is his plan, and where he think he can begin to take control.

Rocket once again chooses to whip Awesome into the ropes. However, this time Awesome grabs the ropes and clings on, cutting his movement back into the ring. Rocket is ready for this, however, and steams in a with a full bloodied clothesline. So vicious is the move that it takes both men out of the ring.

As they regain their footing on the outside, both men throw punches, keen to have the advantage when they are up. Rocket’s blows start to tell, and grabbing Awesome’s arm, he sends him crashing into the ringsteps once again. There is little grace about Awesome this time as he takes the top set of steps with him, before landing in a heap. Rocket quickly moves in and lifting the stairs above his head, he slams them into Awesome. Luckily for the latter, he’s adopted a coiled position while down on the ground and this saves his head and extremities from the blow. However, he still takes a viscous hit.

As Rocket lifts the steps for another shot though, someone in the crowd takes aim and throws a large Coke in his direction. It crashes into his shoulder, showering him with syrupy liquid. Enrages, Rocket turns and yells at the women who threw it. Taking a step towards her, Rocket realises too late that he’s done exactly what you should never do – turn your back on an opponent. He’s realized this too late to stop Awesome driving a low blow home with some venom! Rocket drops the stairs and Awesome delivers the Jawbreaker superkick, driving Rocket back, and his head right back into the steel.

As Rocket rolls on the floor holding the back of his head, Awesome has been searching underneath the ring and he pulls out a trash can, which he proceeds to smash into the prone form of Rocket. The latter grimaces in pain as the steel bin rams home and he attempts to roll UNDER the ring and out of the way.

Awesome, sees this and discards the can. Pulling Rocket to his feet once more, he starts to work him over , forcing the latter to take refuge on the ramp. Awesome follows Rocket and the two men are soon battling it out. Awesome’s early advantage means that it’s Rocket who is taking the steps backwards, heading ever closer to the castle backdrop.

Now both men are on the stage, fighting it out under the looming presence of the set. Rocket misses with a right hand and Awesome hits home another jawbreaker superkick, sending Rocket crashing into one of the sets of stairs. Awesome follows his man in, keeping the momentum going with a series of kicks and forcing Rocket to take cover. Grabbing a handful of hair, Awesome pulls Rocket’s face into his knee, spins him around and headfirst back down the ramp. Rocket goes tumbling along, encouraged every step of the way by a series of kicks from Awesome. Reaching the ring, Awesome rolls Rocket back in...

Hopping up onto the ring apron, Awesome springs over the ropes and comes crashing down onto Rocket...

Or at least Rocket’s knee. Awesome doubles up and for a moment both men are down. Rocket somehow manages to be the first one to his feet and lands a couple of heavy right hands. This lets him get his footing and deliver a standing clothesline. The power here is impressive considering the roughly equal size, because without the help of the momentum he could have built up from the ropes, Rocket still manages to send Awesome crashing to the canvas. Rocket follows this by climbing to the top, and as Awesome gets back to his feet, Rocket takes him down once again with a perfect missile dropkick.

Rocket makes the cover.

“Could have him here” comments Tarsh


Awesome kicks out. But Rocket isn’t done. He goes in with a couple of elbow drops, before pulling Awesome’s head up, he fixes on a choke-hold.

Awesome starts to paw away at Rocket’s arms, wanting to break this hold before it starts. However, Rocket has got it locked in tight and Awesome starts to fade....

Awesome is in trouble. Rocket shouts for the referee to call it and the man in the stripes lifts Awesome’s arm for the first time. It drops back to his side. The referee tries again. Same response. Third time and...Awesome manages to hold is arm straight!!! Not only that but showing amazingly dexterity, he spins his legs back, grabs Rocket behind the head and drives his face forward into the mat, breaking the hold. Awesome takes a couple of seconds to catch his breath and then leaps to his feet. He bounces off the nearest set of ropes, and then does another running heart attack! Rocket, who has only just returned to his feet, goes right back down. Awesome goes for another pin...


...but Rocket kicks out.

Both men are breathing heavy now, the physical exertion begin to take its toll. Rolling out of the ring, Awesome once again looks under the ring for a weapon. In the ring, Rocket pulls himself to his feet and then he does the same. Awesome goes for a baseball bat, which someone has kindly left under the ring. Rocket, meanwhile, goes for a two-by-four.

The two men hit the ring at the same time and circle each other. Then they attempt a few practice lunges, to see what the other man is made of. As you might have expected, Rocket’s are solid shots but a little wild, while Awesome has the better timing and direction. Like two olde world Jedi Knights, the pair go at each other, their sole intention to take each other’s head off. Rocket lands a coupe of good shots but Awesome starts to take control, landing blows to the less well protected parts of Rocket’s body...

The two fighters are well at it now. Rocket’s sides are beginning to go red as Awesome, wielding the baseball bat with all the skills of a wooden sword, begins to make his advantage tell....

But then fate intervenes. As he moves sideways, Steve’s foot catches a puddle of wet canvas and slips. This gives Rocket an opening and he slams his two-by-four into Steve’s chest. Awesome hits the deck, and Rocket follows in with a second and third shot. Then he hauls Awesome back up and hits a textbook suplex, ensuring that as he comes down, his back lands on the discarded baseball bat.

Steve cries out in pain. Sweat is pouring off Awesome, but he’s still with us. Rocket, wants to make sure Awesome is on his way out, lifting him up and dishing out a Samaon Drop, again onto the discarded bat. Rocket is now aiming to just break Awesome.

Rocket, now heads back out of the ring. Pulling the timekeeper out of his seat, he heads back into the ring, folding chair in hand. Awesome, just back to his feet, sees him out of the corner of his eye and raises his arms, expecting the head shot. Instead, Rocket slams the chair into his gut and then, when Awesome doubles up in pain, lands a shot to the back. Rocket then goes into almost a frenzy attacking Steve with the chair.

Steve rolls in agony each time the shots rain in. Finally satisfied, Rocket throws the chair to the floor. Pulling Awesome to his feet, he sends him for the ride. As Awesome comes back off the ropes, Rocket stops him dead, just after the chair. Arm out straight, he lifts Awesome into the air and lands a sidewalk slam, right onto the chair. Awesome’s face shows just how much that particular blow hurt and Rocket takes full advantage of it, bringing down his elbow to the same spot. Awesome again winches in pain, so Rocket goes for the pin


...but Awesome gets his arm clear.

Rocket throws Awesome across the ring, following him across and driving in a another clothesline. This time it’s only Awesome who goes out of the ring and onto the concrete floor, but Rocket is quick to follow him. Rocket attempts to ram Awesome’s face into the ringsteps yet again, but the latter just gets his arms down in time to cushion the blow. Furious, Rocket rams home a right hand to Awesome’s lower abdomen and throws him toward the bit where the barriers meet in the corner. Rolling Awesome on, he then climbs up himself.

“What the hell is he doing?” asks Tarsh

“Looks like he’s going for something off the barriers” says Maxine

“He’ll never balance it” says Tarsh

“He’s going to try”

Planting his feet across the corner, Rocket shows amazing power, managing to lift Awesome and deliver something half way between a powerbomb and a slam. Awesome crashes into the ringside mats.

Rocket doesn’t waste time going for a pin. Instead he starts to work Awesome over while he is on the floor, landing some good, solid kicks. Picking Awesome up, Rocket spins him again into the protective railing, before following this up with a right hand that sends Awesome spinning to the ground. Rocket swings Awesome around again, and sends him into the announcer’s desk.

“Watch out, Jason...they’re coming this way!!!”

Rocket rams Awesome upper body into the desk, before turning him around. He yells to the announcers...


Hooking Steve up in a reverse headlock, Rocket thrusts his arm into the air and lets out a deathly bellow. He then lifts Awesome, spins him inside, and drives him down into the ringside mats in a vicious version of the Chaotic Element.

Satisfied that’s it, Rocket sweeps down for the pin.


...but Awesome kicks out!!!


“But nobody does that Robinson!!”

“They do now!!!” Quips Maxine

Awesome starts to get to his feet, tired beyond belief but seeming driven by something almost unnatural. An intense look has come across his face. Rocket swings in a right. Awesome blocks hit and delivers a left of his own. Rocket throws another right. Awesome stops the punch and returns it with interest. This time he lands another. And another, each punch battling him back to his feet. Grabbing Rocket’s arm, he sends into the ringsteps before rolling him into the ring.

Clearly Awesome has found some sort of second win or zone that he can go to and forget the punishment he’s been handed so far, because he’s flying. With Rocket still down on the mat, Steve springs to the ropes and hits a perfect springboard double leg drop. He then picks Rocket up into a sitting position, springs off the ropes, and smashes into him with a knee to the face. With Rocket seemingly out of it, Steve gives the signal.

“Autograph Fist drop!” calls Maxine

She’s right. Steve springs to the ropes, comes back, and pretends to sign his name on his hand, before driving it into Rocket’s face.

He sweeps in on his fallen opponent

“Everyone’s favourite submission hold!”

Sure enough, Steve has locked in his variation of the Rings of Saturn, but Rocket is determined not to give it up. He manages to roll Steve over, so he’s on his back. In danger of being pinned, Awesome releases the hold and rolls to his feet. A couple of seconds ahead of Rocket.

Awesome is in full flow now and it’s Rocket who’s suddenly looking very tired and Awesome who looking full of energy. The two square off in the centre of the ring but Awesome is easily the quicker of the two, dodging Rocket’s punches and making his opponent look clumsy. Grabbing Rocket’s neck, Awesome plants him for another DDT.

While his opponent is down, Awesome picks up the discarded metal chair. An evil look begins to spread across his face and he waits for Rocket to get to his feet. Rocket finally does, only for Awesome to whack him, full force, with the chair. But it’s not a shot aimed at putting his opponent down, No, instead, it knocks Rocket into a corner, where he hangs helplessly as Awesome moves in.

Awesome comes charging in full speed, leaping into the air in an attempt to take Rocket down with a Stinger splash. However, at the last second, Rocket manages to duck sideways, and Steve eats the turnbuckle chest first.

“oooh, momentum changer there Reynard”

It looks like it, because as Steve rebounds from the turnbuckle, Rocket stuns him with a punch to the back of the head. Ducking in front of Awesome, Rocket hooks up his head, and gives the signal.

“Rocket cutter!!!”

Sure enough, Mike hunkers down and leaps into the air, firing himself over Steve’s shoulder for his old finish....

Unfortunately for Rocket, Awesome wasn’t as stunned as he thought. Steve reacts and adjusts his position, actually catching Rocket in mid air. He throw him sideways so that he’s across his shoulders, and then spins him outwards....


He certainly did. Rocket’s goes down like he’s been shot, and Steve wastes no time making the cover and hooking both legs.


“He’s done it” comments Tarsh. Awesome has done it!

Awesome climbs onto the ringpost to celebrate his win, milking the crowd. Finally he rolls out of the ring, and leaving the unconscious Rocket, walks up the aisle. However, as he does so, Miss Madison suddenly runs out onto the stage, and down the aisle past him. Steve pauses on the ramp, watching what she is doing. She rolls into the ring and as Mike starts to come around, she looks on, seemingly concerned.

“Oh come on!” cries Maxine “don't tell me that after Mike Rocket spent years in the TXA treating that poor woman like dirt, and using her and humiliating her, that she still likes him?”

“Seems that way” comments Robinson.

Rocket is now on all fours, and Miss Madison bends down to see if he is OK....then straightens back up and lands a vicious punt kick right to his ribs!!

“Yay!!!” Shouts Maxine. “Good for her”

With that, Miss Madison leaves the ring and walks back up the aisle, where Awesome stands beaming and clapping. She links arms with Steve, and the two leave together, Rocket’s humiliation complete.

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