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PostSubject: CXA REUNION SHOW - PART 9   Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:08 pm

The buzzer sounds, and so does the chair as it smashes against Chio’s prone body. A loud smack echoes across the O2 Arena; Technically we are between rounds, and in any case, with the section of the match that will follows, David Shand can now do what he wants.

“An hour of this match has officially passed. This means it’s round three, folks,” Robinson announces, “Soul. No disqualifications, no count-outs, falls count anywhere. David Shand is unchained. The score is 1 all, but something tells me that’s not going to last very long.”

The referee gets in front of David and reminds him its the rest period. Shand is reluctant to back off, but eventually goes back to his corner and awaits for the timer to signal the new period.

Eventually, the timer shows a new 30:00 time, and begins counting down. Shand readies his chair again, lifting it as high up into the air as his limbs will allow, before swinging downwards...

...And missing Chio completely! Reto has rolled out of the way, and though he’s holding his chest, he’s quite evidently alert!

“This must be Reto’s thirteenth wind at this point,” exaggerates Reynard, “Where does he GET it from?”

Shand is nonplussed, going right after his injured foe with chair raised mightily above his head. As he approaches and tries to bring it down upon Reto’s skull, he is hit right in the hurt knee with a low dropkick! He buckles and falls to one knee, dropping the chair!

Chio takes this chance, kicking his weakened opponent hard into the midsection, and putting him into a standing headscissors! He wraps his arms around his waist, strains for everything he’s worth, and flips the monstrous Shand up! The fans are blown away by this! A moment later, he drops him down, falling to his thighs for added impact! The enormous body of Shand smashes hard against the steel chair he dropped!

“Chihuahua Bomb!” Robinson exclaims, “And right onto that chair! Chio has a huge advantage!”

Chio is spent from the expended energy, but nevertheless he flops onto the downed Shand, and the referee comes in to make the count...

1... 2... NO! Shand shoves Reto right off him, sending him flying several feet into the air!

“Whoa!” Maxine yells, “That one really was not to be!”

Shand is up, a new fire lit in him after taking that move. Though he’s still visibly in pain, it doesn’t prevent him from picking up the now-bent chair he landed on, and bringing it down right onto Chio’s already bloodied skull as he tries to recover! The intense smack once again echoes across the arena!

“Mon dieu,” says Robinson, “Now that’s what I call a chair shot!”

Shand drops the chair again, this time of his own volition, and forces the still-standing-but-dazed Reto into a front facelock. He drapes the arm, hooks a leg, and lifts him up into a suplex... before bringing him down headfirst onto the steel chair! There is a crunch and a metal thwack as Chio’s body falls lifelessly to the canvas!

“Fall of the Empire onto the chair!” exclaims Maxine, “That’s gotta be it!”

Sure enough, Shand makes the cover, not even hooking the leg this time, and the referee counts...

1... 2... 3! Chio has been pinned, and the referee calls for the bell!

“The winner of the third fall, as a result of pin...” the announcer calls out, “...David Shand!”

“There we have it, Shand has the advantage again,” Robinson notes, “With twenty eight and a half minutes left on the clock; he’s now got 2 over Chio’s 1.”

“Impressive and decisive fall by Shand there,” Tarsh says, “It comes entirely under the new rules, too. If Chio wants to come back in this match, he’s going to have to give it his all. That’s the purpose of this round – Soul – to give everything you have left.”

Shand picks up the chair again, and walks over to the turnbuckle. His knee twinges along the way, but he shakes it off. He then positions the chair between the top and middle buckle, wedging it tight with the rigidity of the ropes.

“I daren’t imagine why he’s doing that,” groans Jason.

“I fear for poor Chio,” Maxine admits with trepidation in her voice.

Shand moves back to Chio, who still looks completely out of it. A grab of his blue locks later, he has him back up, and aims him towards the newly-placed steel chair. A shove later, and Chio’s head meets the chair... almost. He puts a boot out at the very last second, halting his motion. Shand notices the sudden return to alertness from Reto, and drives his boot into the back of his head! Chio hits the steel anyway with a loud crack!

“That is going to sting,” Robinson winces.

Chio stumbles backward and lands on his head, and he has a new gash on it. He’s bleeding pretty badly now, with blood soaking his blue locks, turning them a dark violet. Shand yanks the reddened, dented chair from its perch, and chucks it right at Reto’s head! It bounces off with a sick smack!

“Oh my god, that’s horrible,” Maxine shudders, “How can somebody do that to another person?”

“This goes to show you how much Shand wants to win this,” Jason comments, “He must be tired of Chio’s stubbornness and just wants to keep him down.”

Keeping straight on the offense, Shand hits the ropes as Chio doubles over, comes charging back and damn near beheads him with a big clothesline!

“Another Scythe!” Reynard yells, “Chio’s head must be throbbing in agony at this point!”

Chio flops down onto his back, eyes rolling to the back of his head. He looks dead to the world. Shand gives him another smirk and shakes his head again, before making the cover. He hooks the leg to be on the safe side this time. The referee counts...

1... 2... 3! Again Chio is pinned! T

he ref calls for the bell again!

“The winner of the fourth fall, as a result of pin...” the announcer chimes in, “...David Shand!”

David gets up and raises both arms victoriously. His confidence has returned to him now.

“This is looking hopeless for Chio Reto,” Robinson says, “Shand is leading with 3 points now!”

“Take a look at the timer,” Maxine adds, “Twenty seven minutes are left. When they’re through, this match is over. If things carry on the way they are, Chio can kiss his victory goodbye.”

Shand presses his body against the corner, simply looking down at the broken, bleeding Chio. Its been a hell of an effort, but it seems as though Reto officially has nothing left. A smirk crosses his lips again, and he basks in the boos of the fans, most of which having turned on him at this point.

“This crowd hasn’t taken lightly to David Shand’s actions,” Tarsh notes, “He has been using some questionable tactics, but for the most part he’s been above the board. Especially during this round, where anything goes.”

“I don’t think they were expecting him to be quite so brutal,” Maxine adds, “Especially to a friend of his.”

“There are no friends when the bell rings,” Reynard declares, “If Chio wants to make everything right for himself - to become that star he never was during his career - he has to do it himself. He can’t think that David Shand’s going to just give it to him!”

It is then that Chio begins to stir. Somehow, AGAIN, he’s managed to force himself up. There’s an expression written into his features of pure indignation. He’s on his knees, and has picked up the steel chair Shand used on him. He stares at his cocksure friend, fury in his eyes. Now we’re seeing Chio’s reaction to Shand’s actions.

Shand simply continues to smirk, and approaches Chio; but warily. He knows better than to be overconfident when walking towards an angry man with a chair. Suddenly, the chair springs forward, tossed out of Reto’s hands. Shand ducks under it...

...And finds himself in a front facelock, with his singlet hooked!

“ChiDT time!” yells Maxine excitedly.

Chio makes the jumping motion, looking to drive his foe down... but it doesn’t work! Shand has his body gripped tightly, and Chio looks as though he’s been freeze-framed in mid-air! David takes a step back, then launches his entire body forward, driving Reto down into the mat HARD! His body is wracked in pain and the air escapes his body!

“Spear! He turned it into a spear!” Robinson screams, “Chio’s ChiDT attempt has been thwarted in brutal fashion!”

“I have NEVER seen anyone do that!!!!” exclaims Tarsh.

Shand goes for the cover on Reto, and the referee counts...

1... 2... No! Chio gets the shoulder up!

“How did he do that?!” Robinson blurts out

Shand looks frustrated by this, being reminded of all the times this has happened before during the match. He gets up, presses his back against the ropes, and waits for Chio to revive. He bides his time, savouring every moment before the Demi-Legend is up, and just as Reto is groggily on his feet, he pounces! His arm rears back and comes forward with another Scythe...

...But Chio ducks under it, and uses Shand’s own momentum against him to flip him over his head! He performs a bridge, and the referee counts again...

1... 2... 3! Chio has pinned the Reaper!

The bell sounds!

“The winner of the fifth fall, as a result of pin...” declares the announcer, scarcely believing it himself, “...Chio Reto!”

“Wow!” Maxine exclaims, “A Northern Lights Suplex and Chio has got a point back! Shand never saw it coming!”

“Neither did any of us!” Tarsh comments, “Shand’s still in the lead with 3, but Chio is catching up with 2 points!”

“Can he claim another one, though?” Robinson ponders, “Or is his luck about to run out?”

Shand gets to his feet, eyes bulging. He’s obviously in disbelief of what happened. His glare burns a hole right through Chio, who gives him a cocky shrug. Despite the damage Reto has taken - even with blood dripping from his forehead and his breath short - he’s still going! He’s wobbly, and looks half-dead, but he’s going! The fans begin a “CHIO” chant, quite appreciative of his hard work.

Shand eyes the tron. 24:45. He doesn’t have time for this! He lunges forward again, taking Reto by surprise with that agility. He switches to the back, and takes him over with an amateur wrestling hold. When Chio’s down, he clubs him about the head with close-fisted shots that cause more blood to splatter from his head. The referee can only stand and watch.

“Shand’s starting to lose it,” Maxine reacts, “He obviously didn’t think Chio would give him this much of a fight!”

He dismounts Chio, and backs up. He watches Reto intently as he slowly staggers to his hands and knees, blood dripping all the while. When he’s reached that point, Shand charges in and kicks him right in the chest! Chio spins around in the air, blood flickering through the air, and lands on his back. 

Shand steps back again, and watches Reto as he tries to sit up. He’s clearly got a pattern in mind right now. As Chio slowly eases himself up, Shand speeds onto him again, aiming his boot at his head...

...And Chio catches it! The right foot is trapped, and Reto’s going for another Chi-Lock!

“Oh my, Chio’s trying for that hold again!” Maxine yells, “Is this going to be the equaliser?”

Apparently not, as Reto is kicked away this time, his grip nowhere near as effective as it once was. Chio cradles his chest, his head bleeding even more. Shand sees his chance. He lunges in on the legs, trying for another Liontamer...

...But it’s Chio’s turn to kick him away! Shand is sent sprawling, and Reto somehow strains himself enough to stand up! He’s shaking, and all over the place, but he’s up! He approaches Shand, drives a boot into his gut, and hooks his head and lower body, lifting upwards with insane strength...

...And with Shand somehow supported by his arms and back, Chio falls down onto his spine, driving the big man’s massive head into the mat with such force the whole ring shudders!

“Amazing!” screams Maxine, “A Northern Lights Bomb, or as Chio called it in his early days, the Amnesia Drop! That was his original finishing move!”

Chio and Shand are wiped out as a result. Reto can’t capitalise, and lies completely depleted on the mat.

“Twenty three minutes remain on the timer,” Reynard informs the viewers, “David Shand is still in the lead. Will the tide of this match change before it’s all over?”

Chio’s stirring, and he again manages to force himself up. He is showing incredible willpower at this point. He reaches out to Shand, yanking him firmly by the hair. He pulls him into a standing headscissors, much to the adulation of the crowd! Again he wraps his arms around David’s waist, and hoists him upwards...

“Chihuahua Bomb again?” Robinson questions the action, “Will it do the job this time?”

...Suddenly, David tenses up! The Reaper is resisting the big flip, waving his arms around and pushing his weight down with all his might! He’s alert enough to at least bring his head and upper body down...

“Shand’s resisting it!” Jason exclaims, “This could be bad news for Reto!”

...And then Chio jumps! He lands on his thighs and Shand’s head is buried into the mat!

“Whoa!” Maxine yells, “He turned it into a jumping piledriver! A... Chihuahua Driver?”

As David bounces off the canvas, Chio scrabbles over to make the cover. He does so woozily, however: he’s lost a lot of blood at this point. When he gets there, he hooks the leg, and the referee makes the count...

1... 2... No! Shand gets the shoulder up!

“Not this time! That wasn’t enough!” exclaims Reynard.

“Damn close though,” Jason notes, “That was a hellacious piledriver for sure!”

Reto slams his hand against the mat in a frustrated manner, but tries to keep his head. Even in his weakened state, he can still follow up, and proves this point by grabbing the barely-cognisant David Shand by the singlet and forcing him up. Shand is just as wobbly as Reto now, dripping blood from his now re-injured head and hobbling on his right leg. Chio applies a front facelock, grabs as much singlet as he can, and the fans are buzzing loudly now.

“Oh boy, this could be it!” Maxine exclaims joyfully.

A leaping backward motion and a yell of exertion, while pulling the heavy Reaper up and then down into the mat, and Chio’s hit the ChiDT! Shand slumps to the mat – unresponsive – and Reto forces him over onto his back. He makes the cover, and the referee counts...

1... 2... 3!

Chio Reto has pinned David Shand again! The bell rings!

“The winner of the sixth fall, as a result of pin...” the announcer booms, “...Chio Reto!”

“Chio Reto’s tied it!” Robinson yells, “It’s three apiece! Twenty one and a half minutes are left! The next fall is important!”

“I never gave Chio a chance of winning before,” Tarsh admits, “but I’m reconsidering that now!”

Chio rests for a moment, letting his body recover while he still has the chance. David Shand begins to move, and he realises he has to carry on. Reto pushes himself over to the slow-moving form of the Reaper, intended to cut him off before he can regain his bearings... but this backfires! Shand grabs Chio by the tights when he gets close enough, swinging him down into the bottom rope! Reto hits it neck-first and bounces onto his back!

“So much for that,” Maxine groans, “The Reaper has plenty of reserves himself.”

The bleeding Shand gets up tentatively, and sets his sights on Reto. He smacks him right in the head with his boot to keep him down, and then turns his attention to the already battered steel chair from before. He gets a monstrous look on his face and picks it up appraisingly. A moment later, he has it perched on the top turnbuckle of the nearest corner.

He shifts his gaze to Reto and with little effort is able to bring him up. He places him into a standing headscissors, looking to directly pay him back for an earlier injustice. A flip upwards and Reto crashes into the chair spine-first! The crack is disgusting, and the chair is bent in half!

“Powerbomb into the corner with that chair in the way! Horrible!” Maxine yells.

“Looks like Shand’s pulling out the big guns here,” comments Robinson, “And why not? He needs to get a fall to regain his lead.”

Shand studies the chair and tuts disapprovingly. He shoves it away, and rolls out of the ring. He approaches the timekeeper, giving him one of his frozen glares. The suited man promptly abandons his chair and David sees it as an invitation to take it. He does just that, folding it up with a snap and re-entering the ring. Back to the corner he powerbombed Chio into, he presses it atop the turnbuckle just like the last.

“Is he going to do it again?!” Maxine blurts out worriedly.

It seems not, as the Reaper has picked up the unmoving Chio again but is shoving him right above the chair. He then climbs up the turnbuckle with him, hooking him in a suplex position. When they’re both at the top – with Shand hoisting Chio into a standing position – Reto is lifted into a vertical suplex hold.

“What’s he doing here? A superplex?” wonders Jason Tarsh.

This is not the case either, as Shand spins himself and Reto around 180 degrees so that Reto’s head is held right above the steel chair... and then he drops him straight down! Reto’s neck looks like it’s snapped against the metal seat, and he slumps down before crashing onto the canvas!

“That had to KILL him!” Maxine screams, “Chio Reto must be DEAD!”

“It was a brainbuster!” Reynard yells, “A super brainbuster onto the chair. Sweet Jesus I’ve never seen anything like that!”

Shand rolls the motionless Chio over and loosely covers him. The referee counts...

1... 2... 3! The bell rings!

“The winner of the seventh fall as a result of pin...” the announcer shouts, “...David Shand!”

“David Shand is once again ahead!” Reynard reports, “That’s 4 to 3!”

“At this point though, you have to wonder if the rest of this match is a formality!” Jason adds, “Chio Reto must need medical attention after that! His neck has to be shattered”

“They need to get a stretcher out here!” Maxine pleads, “That was borderline manslaughter!”

Shand turns to the tron; 19:02 is displayed on the clock. His glare falls down to the outside of the ring. He smiles again, as if reminded of something. With that, he repeatedly kicks Reto in an attempt to roll him underneath the bottom rope. This takes some time with the carcass of Chio seemingly unconscious, but eventually he gets him out of the ring, Reto landing with a plop like a wet fish. Following him out, David reaches under the apron yet again...

“I wonder what else he has under there?” Maxine grumbles.

Firstly, he produces another chair, which he throws into the ring. He still remains with his head under the apron however, and after a while of reaching around, he emerges with a new toy; a reel of barbed wire.

“Uh-oh,” is all Jason Tarsh can say.

The large ring of the tied wire is lifted high for all to see. Before the fans in attendance can wonder what he’s going to do with it, David Shand has unraveled it and wraps a length of the stuff across Chio Reto’s bloodied forehead. The Demi-Legend still lying on his stomach, Shand presses a boot into the back of his head and pulls back with the barbed wire!

“Oh, that’s just disgusting!” Maxine winces, horrified.

Reto doesn’t seem to be awake however, and thus doesn’t react to this. Disappointed, Shand lets him go and yanks the barbed wire from his face, tearing bits of skin along with it. He discards the wire for now, instead focusing on the chairs inside the ring. Re-entering, he unfolds the one he retrieved from underneath the ring and puts it in its intended seating position, right in the centre of the ring. Heading back outside, he takes the wire again, and tosses it into the ring.

“We’re seeing some real innovation here from Shand,” Reynard coos appreciatively.

“Innovation?” gags Maxine, “This reminds me of the sort of thing Jigsaw would get up to.”

Only helping Maxine’s claim, Shand hoists Reto back inside the ring, and within moments he’s wrapped barbed wire all around the chair like Christmas lights. Next he takes the now scarlet-coated form of Chio and places him onto his sick creation. Reto looks too out of it to notice the new puncture holes made by the barbs.

“Ladies and gentlemen, now might be a good time to put any young people to bed,” Robinson warns the viewers, “What will come of this can’t be good for people of sensitive dispositions.”

Chio sits – dazed – on his steel throne as Shand goes for the dented chair he brainbusted his friend onto. He approaches his opponent, and again raises the chair skyward. You can hear the words he has to say as he goes for this final shot

“Your dream ends here, Chris.”

The chair comes down.

Reto springs to his feet and superkicks Shand again.

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Maxine bursts out, “Where did THAT come from?!”

The Chi-capitation hits perfectly, and apparently Chio was a lot more alert than he was letting on. He’s clearly wobbly and drained from blood loss as well as all the shots to the head, plus the barbed wire has ripped off more pieces of skin, but he was able to topple Shand! The monster doesn’t go down, but he’s let go of the chair and looks out on his feet, precariously balancing in front of the barbed wire chair.

Even in his woozy state, Chio Reto SOMEHOW launches himself onto the chair, bounds onto the ropes, springboards off... and pulls Shand down with a facelock and singlet-grab!! He hits the barbed chair FACE-FIRST!

“ChiDT!!” Reynard explodes with excitement, “A springboard ChiDT into the sharp steel!!”

“That was... the Ultimate ChiDT!” exclaims Maxine, “We’ve only seen this once before, and this time barbed wire was involved!!”

Shand bounces off the steel, but his face is littered with specks of blood from the wire! He collapses onto the mat, and Chio finally feels the effects of pushing himself beyond his body’s limits! He looks like he’s going to keel over right there and then, but instead falls onto the body of Shand! The referee counts this cover...

1... 2... 3!

The bell rings!

“The winner of the eighth fall, as a result of pin...” the announcer calls, “...Chio Reto!”

“It’s tied again, 4-4! And in magnificent fashion!” Reynard screams, “Chio has gone to a whole other level here tonight! He’s pushed far beyond what his body should be allowing him to hit this amazing offence!”

“Just less than fourteen minutes are left!” Tarsh exclaims, “If Reto can gain another fall, this match might be his! Can you imagine that?! Chio Reto could win Trinity of Iron against David Shand!”

Chio doesn’t seem to have anything left in the tank to do that, though. He’s now on his back, bleeding in several places, breathing heavily. It looks as though his body just won’t respond! He’s struggling, but he’s not getting anywhere! Luckily for him however, David Shand is just as unresponsive. Both men are wiped out, with blood, chairs, and barbed wire littered around the ring.

But all of a sudden, Chio moves! His body shifts enough and he manages to roll out of the ring! It takes a lot of effort and energy however, so he simply lies down on the mats outside. It takes nearly a whole minute before he can do anything else, and he reaches underneath the ring apron much like Shand did before. His arm goes around underneath it for some time, and then he has to reach the other under as well. Eventually, a large, wooden object is visible in his hands...

“Chio’s getting a table!” yells Maxine, “He’s going extreme!”

“And so he should in this round!” Robinson shouts, “You have to give as good as you get if you want to win!”

“Now Chio has a chance to do this, it works perfectly in his favour,” notes Tarsh, “He has plenty of experience in no holds barred matches from his early career! Just ask Rob Arnold and Brummy Midlandson!”

The retrieval of the table isn’t instant, as Chio is slowed by his injuries and exhaustion, but he gets it soon enough. He starts to get adrenaline pumping through him, and is able to push himself further, sliding into the ring with the table under his arm. He’s clearly blocking out the pain as he unfolds the table’s legs and standing it up in the ring.

As he does this, he notices that David Shand is up to his knees. Reto congratulates him by taking the non-wired chair and wrapping it around his head mercilessly! The smack can be heard even all the way out in the cheap seats!

“Wow!” Reynard grins, “Now that’s what I like to see!”

The now-rattled Reaper is dragged along to the table, and Reto forces him onto it with a surprising lack of effort. The adrenaline is rushing through him now, big time, and its got to the point where he is past pain. He quickly unwraps the barbed wire from the chair, and starts to instead tie it around Shand, restraining him to the table!

“I think Chio’s been inspired to get inventive himself!” Tarsh comments, “Look at this!”

When he’s got as much of the stuff around Shand as he can, he looks over the product of his work. His eyes fall on his battered friend, and he shakes HIS head in disappointment much like Shand did to him! With that, he ascends to the top rope, and the fans get to their feet as he points to the heavens!

“Oh, he’s not... he wouldn’t...” Maxine stutters.

He does. Chio lets flight with an elbow drop, driving his right arm right into the barbed wire-covered David Shand, the table snapping in half dramatically underneath him! The edges of the wire are buried into the Reaper, causing him to bleed even more!

“Unbroken Light, through the barbed wire and the table!” Reynard bellows, “That’s the biggest big elbow he’s ever done!”

Reto makes a cover, doing his best not to touch any of the wire himself. The referee gingerly approaches the mess of wire, splintered wood and blood, and counts the fall...

1... 2... 3! Shand has been pinned again!

The bell rings!

The announcer gets up, a revolted look on his face from all the carnage, “The winner of the ninth fall, as a result of... Chio Reto!”

“Chio Reto is in the lead at last!” Robinson reports, “That’s 5 to 4! Nine minutes are left! That’s eighty one minutes of this war of attrition so far! We’ll be at the end soon!”

“I think Chio needs to make himself scarce, Robinson,” Tarsh says, “If he can keep away from Shand now, he’s got this match in the bag!”

Chio appears to be doing nothing of the sort, though. He’s laid out again, unable to do anything else. Shockingly, David Shand is the first one up! He rises upwards with a horrifying grimace on his features, and though he’s moving tentatively with all the injuries and barbed wire around him, he actually looks in better condition than Reto!

“How is David Shand doing this?!” Maxine questions, “He’s seriously hurt, but compared to Chio he looks no worse for wear!”

“Although he’s taken some incredible moves and is paying for it, you have to notice something about David Shand,” Tarsh explains, “His moves usually don’t involve putting his own body on the line. The worst he can worry about is exertion with his set of manoeuvres. There’s no high risk to them, unlike what Chio’s been pulling off to gain falls. Granted, that’s not to say he’s a high-flyer, but I think those last two falls will tell you everything you need to know.”

“That’s true,” agrees Reynard, “That Ultimate ChiDT and Unbroken Light hurt Reto almost as much as his opponent!”

Shand is visibly pained, but is setting it aside. He is focused on his foe, and shoots that familiar smirk down at him. He seems to have expected that Reto would try something crazy to get one-up on him, but it ended up being used against him. Shand drags him along by his hair and though Reto’s dead-weight is proving a hassle to lug, after some time he tosses him outside again. He obviously has a plan for Chio.

He continues to heave him along, blood streaking behind the form of Reto, all the way to the steel entrance ramp. There are no count-outs so he can do this for as long as he wants. When there, he proceeds to stomp into Chio’s head repeatedly, to keep him from making any more unexpected comebacks. This goes on for nearly a minute, alternating between stomps, face-scrubs and chokes to Reto’s throat.

“Talk about brutal!” Robinson exclaims, “But I can’t say I blame Shand! Reto’s been getting up over and over again, and he needs to put an end to that!”

When satisfied, Shand finally goes about a well-known motion, and the fans buzz again. He elevates the exhausted Reto up and prepares him for another Tortured Soul!

“Oh no, this is too much!” Maxine pleads.

Shand lifts him up high, twists his body around in mid-air and Chio makes no attempt at reversing it: he’s too spent. A quick repositioning and Shand drops him down; Reto’s head smacking against the unforgiving surface of the steel ramp!

“Tortured Soul on the steel!” yells Reynard, “If Chio’s neck wasn’t broken before, it must be now!”

Shand nods to the referee, who follows him out as he makes the cover. He hooks the leg and continues to smirk, as the referee slaps his down against the cold surface...

1... 2... 3! David Shand has pinned Chio Reto!

The bell rings!

“The winner of the tenth fall, as a result of pin...” the announcer calls, “...David Shand!”

“David Shand has restored the tie! It’s 5-5 now!” Robinson announces, “And with the dominance he’s showing over the worn-out Chio Reto, it seems like it’s just a matter of time before he walks out with the expected victory!”

“Speaking of time,” Tarsh chimes in, “Six minutes are remaining! This is almost over! If Shand can just get another fall now, he’ll walk out the victor!”

Shand seems to be taking his time, enjoying his returned supremacy over Chio Reto. The far-better conditioned Reaper is showing what his inhuman training has given him. Though he’s beaten and bloodied, he is in control and can still do whatever he needs. He drives a boot into the head of Reto again, and kneels over to start slapping him. Blood has dried into his face, and black flecks spread about the place as he slaps him again and again. He appears to be talking to him, and the camera just gets close enough to make out what he’s saying at the end of a long tirade:

“...The dream is over, Chris. Right in the middle of the ring, I’ll show everyone here just how true that is.”

Shand lifts Chio over his shoulder and heads to the ring. It’s quite a sight, seeing this monster of a man carrying Reto like a bullet-riddled deer from a hunt. When they’re in the ring, Shand drops the carcass of Chio and returns to his previous seat atop the turnbuckle, gazing down from upon high. He keeps watch over him, to see if he’s going to revive again. It looks like he’s not.

“It’s just a matter of time now,” Tarsh says grimly, “Shand’s making sure all of the life is gone from Chio, and then he’s going to fire the final shot.”

“I really believed Chio would win this one,” sighs Maxine, “I thought he had what it took...”

“Chio Reto wanted so badly to become a top star, so much so he threw himself into this dangerous gamble,” Reynard explains, “He came close, oh so close, But it didn’t work. The image playing on the screens now tells the whole story; David Shand is at the very top of this business, and Chio Reto will remain at the bottom, wallowing in his own mediocrity.”

Shand continues to eye over the unconscious Chio. His friend appears to be completely drained now. He turns to the clock: 3:14. Time’s passing quicker than he anticipated. He has to take the win now.

He hops down, approaches Reto, and goes about the arduous process of forcing him to stand up. It takes longer than one would think, as Chio keeps on dropping. Over and over, he falls onto his face, much to Shand’s annoyance. This keeps up for some time, and he eyes the clock again. 2:34? This is beginning to get ridiculous.

Shand forcefully grabs the limp form of Reto into a front facelock, and strains hard to get him up straight from the mat. It requires more effort than planned, but he finally has him up vertically.

“Tortured Soul, one more time!” Tarsh calls out, “This’ll do it!”

...Then Shand’s knee gives out! The right knee that Chio worked on for the whole match!

The eyes widen on the Reaper, as he struggles to execute the move...

...And Chio springs to life again! He uses this opportunity to pull the big man down into a pin!

“SMALL PACKAGE!” Maxine screams, “Chio has just a LITTLE life left in him after all!”

The referee counts...



NO! Shand kicks out! He does so quickly and with a lot of force! He’s up after a roll, and stomps Chio so hard in the head that it bounces off the canvas!

“And there goes that last glimmer of hope for Chio Reto,” Tarsh groans.

“It was so close...” Maxine trails off.

“David Shand has to make the cover now though, or this will be a draw,” Reynard notes, “There’s only a minute and a half left on the clock!”

But Shand doesn’t. He’s seen the life return to Chio and knows that he needs to completely extinguish it. He goes to the ropes, setting up another Scythe, knowing that Reto won’t be able to reverse it this time. Chio stirs, clambering up slowly. Shand runs in for the kill...

...And hits it! Reto is wiped out by that decapitating clothesline!

“ANOTHER SCYTHE!” Robinson calls, “Shand’s got him!”

Shand goes for the cover instantly, and the referee counts...



NO! Chio Reto kicks out!

“What?! He actually kicked out?!” Maxine yells, “How did he- HOLD ON!”

She interrupts herself because Chio has not only kicked out, but pressed himself up to hook Shand in a front facelock and grab his tights! Shand is just forced into a kneeling position, but it’s all that Chio needs!


“CHIDT!” Maxine is screaming so hard her voice sounds coarse, “KNEELING CHIDT!”

Shand flops down onto his back, and Chio falls onto him! The fans are going nuts! The referee counts...



3! Chio Reto has pinned David Shand again!

The bell rings!

“The winner of the eleventh fall, by way of pin...” calls the announcer excitedly, “...Chio Reto!”

“Chio Reto is in the lead AGAIN! It’s 6 to 5!” Robinson shouts, “And there’s only ONE minute remaining! My God above!!!!”

Shand gets up quickly, shaking off the effects of the ChiDT. He’s infuriated that he let himself fall to that. The fans are on their feet now, brought to a frenzy by the tension of this finale! Chio does not have that luxury now though, having exhausted all of his ammunition. He’s slumped down on the mat, and has a desperate Reaper advancing upon him!

“This is bad for Chio! He’s completely done!” Tarsh yells, “Shand has forty five seconds now to stack up two falls! What’s going to happen?!”

Shand goes for Chio’s legs, contemplating another Liontamer, but Reto kicks at him! Perhaps he’s not completely empty! The last dribble of energy that comes from somewhere even Reto couldn’t name is enough to help him to fight off the attempts of Shand, even as he tries to force him upwards! Shand tries to wrap his arm around Chio’s neck and pull him up for another Tortured Soul, but Reto’s struggling for everything he’s worth! He’s kicking at him and trying to roll to the ropes!

“I can’t believe Chio’s still going!” Maxine exclaims, her voice raspy from before, “This is the very definition of giving it your all!”

Chio grips the ropes! He uses them to pull himself up, but Shand is attacking him with deadly strikes that threaten to demolish him! He shrugs them off, trying his best not to feel the pain! Suddenly Shand punches him right in the jaw, and Chio is sent wobbling!

“Thirty seconds left!” Reynard announces, “This could be Shand’s chance!”

The Reaper has Chio right where he wants him, and reaches out to take him by the head! He’s going for another Tortured Soul, and gets him to the centre of the ring as the countdown reaches 00:20!

“Maybe Shand can get a draw!” Tarsh says, “At least then it wouldn’t be a loss to Chio Reto!”

The fans are counting along as the timer ticks down... 

19... 18... 17...

Shand drapes the arm, and is about to go for his finisher again... when suddenly Chio slips out of his weakened grasp and nails a dropkick to the right knee!

“The injured knee again!” Maxine blurts out.

16... 15... 14...

But Shand will not stop! He ignores the pain and takes Chio by his hair! He’s determined to get this!

13... 12... 11...

Chio is forced into another front facelock, and lifted high up into the air! 

10... 9... 8...

Shand’s knee visibly twinges, but he doesn’t feel it! He repositions Chio!


But Chio slips out of his grasp! He wobbles as he lands, and Shand’s eyes turn furious!


Shand goes to knock Chio’s block off with a clothesline...


...Then Chio leaps into the air before he can rear his arm all the way back...


...And Reto nails an enziguiri kick right to the head of Shand!


The Reaper falls down to the mat like a tree...


And crashes onto it with a monumental thud!


Chio Reto has already hit the ground, and raises one arm up into the air.


The bell rings!

The announcer stands up and takes his microphone for the final time,

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, with a score of 6 falls... Chio Reto!”

“Oh my God!!!! He actually did it!!” shrieks Robinson, “Chio Reto actually did it!!! He defeated the Reaper in his own match! It took everything he had in him; his mind, body AND soul, but he ascended the mountain that is David Shand!”

“Robinson, I am absolutely stunned. I just can’t find the words. That was the gutsiest performance I have ever seen in my entire life. I doubted Chio, I was wrong. Incredible!!”

Reynard and Tarsh turn to Maxine, but she is on her feet, clapping. Tears run down her face. “Guys....I can’t....I just can’t.....”

The cameras go back to the ring, where Reto’s arm has fallen back to the mat. He is wiped out, face down on the canvas, his breath coming in wracking heaves, blood soaking into the canvas around him. He looks like he’s been in a bomb blast.

Across the ring, Shand doesn’t look a lot better. His white singlet is streaked with his own blood and with Chios, and is sopping wet with sweat. His on his back, also breathing hard. Slowly he rolls over to his front, and then uses the ropes to pull himself up. He looks like he can scarcely believe what happened. A look of anger crosses his face, and he goes to move toward Chio. Then he thinks better of it, and rolls under the bottom rope. Shand starts to limp back toward the entrance, but as he reaches the ramp, he turns back to the ring, seeing Reto has made it to his knees.

Shand pauses for a moment, and then moves back toward the ring.

David rolls under the bottom rope, and back to his feet. Across the ring, Chio watches. To be honest, Reto would be incapable of mounting a defence right now if Shand attacked.

But he doesn’t attack. He steps forward and extends a hand.

The crowd go ballistic at the gesture. Chio Reto considers for a second, and then takes the hand, allowing Shand to pull him to his feet. Shand turns Chio to face him and stares him straight in the eye. Then slowly he raises Reto’s arm above his head to signify Reto’s victory.

CXA Reunion fades to black.

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