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PostSubject: CXA REUNION SHOW - PART ONE   Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:01 pm


The scene opens to a typical backstage area, deserted, despite the beginning of the broadcast being merely seconds away. The camera pans down revealing a double-handled silver chalice sitting on a table next to a wall. The initials "cXa" are engraved on the front, lined in red with the words "One-Night-Only Endurance Trophy" engraved underneath. Leant against the trophy is a white envelope sealed with the cXa logo in red wax.
We hear some footsteps and a man walks into view. He's wearing jeans and a black T shirt with the cXa logo and "STAFF" written underneath. His face isn't visible, only a thick mop of blond hair. Basically, he’s just your average roadie or ring technician. He peers down at the trophy and then looks around, seeing if anyone else is about who might have claim to it. Seeing no-one, he picks up the envelope and opens it, withdraws the piece of paper inside and begins reading aloud.

"Dear cXa,

In anticipation for tonight's Reunion, the management has arranged a small "side-show" attraction for the evening. The trophy before you is the cXa One-Night-Only 24/7 Endurance Trophy. The object is simple: be the last man holding the Trophy as the show comes to a close. No pinfalls are required for the trophy to switch hands, just literally switching hands. The prize for the winner who is holding the trophy as the show goes off the air is a princely £25,000.

Good luck!
The Management"

The roadie lets it sink in for a moment, realising the danger he's now in versus the allure of £25,000. Finally, he picks up the trophy and walks off back out of view, mumbling about watching his back.

The screen fades to black, and now the PPV starts in earnest.

The scene fades up on a bleak wasteland. Howling winds whipping across a barren and rocky terrain, against a boiling sky. Whisps of fog cling to rocky outcrops fashioned from sleek black stone. Looking out over a black and stormy ocean, we watch the sea begins to churn, to come alive. Whitecaps lead to waves which get bigger and bigger, crashing against the stone covered beach. The sky above turns a deep red, a visceral bloody and evil red, a red which exists not in nature. We get a sense that this some cataclysmic event, real apocalypse end of the world style stuff.

The sea now appears to be boiling. Bubbles appear on the surface and steam rises from the water. The land begins to rumble, small pebbles and stone bouncing around. It is dark apart from the red light from the sky.

Suddenly the shot cuts to a set of horse’s hooves, thundering across the sodden and marshy landscape. Mud splatters on the horse's legs, it is breathing hard. The shot pulls back to reveal a cloaked rider, his face hidden.

A deep and resonate voice speaks over the scenes.

"Since the dawn of time ancient legend spoke of this event. I spoke in forms too ancient and lost to time, in myriad faith and language, to civilisations that has risen and since fallen to ash. The world has always known it was coming, because the stories all spoke of the same thing: A time when the sky would become as blood, when the seas would boil, and when the heavens would rain fire upon the land"

The shot cuts back to the horse's hooves. But now there are several sets, thundering together. We hear the faint sound of battle cries. The earth appears to be shaking and begins to split under the horse's hooves. Fire erupts from the vents in the scorched land.

"The legends told of a time when the earth would spilt asunder, day would become as night, and the very fires of hell would be released. "

The shot is back to the horse's hooves. There are now a hundred sets. The world is torn apart under their impact, which shakes the very ground on which they run. The battle cries are louder, a cacophony of noise.

"And on this day, this finality, this end of things, ancient legend told that the spirits of the greatest warriors would be brought down from the heavens. And here upon the earth, at a special place, as time itself ground to a halt, those great warriors of the ages would fight one last time in the ultimate battle"

We now see a pitched battle in progress inside what looks to be the ruins of an old castle. The images are flashed quickly and indistinctly, confusingly, its a melee. Swords clash, we see armour, flashes of metal, screams of anguish, rocks tumbling. Then every now and again we see a clear symbol on a shield or flag. The symbols are familiar, they are the logos of former CWA and TXA wrestlers. Just glimpsed, never fully on, but enough for us to recognise them. We never actually see if these logos are on those involved in the battle, but the impression is that they are.

The sky has erupted in a brutal storm. Rain lashes down, lightning splits the sky, fills the screen in brilliant white.

As the glare fades, we phase back in to a scene of total devastation. Inside these ruins there are piles of bodies. Blood splatters every wall, and the image of death is everywhere. A group of figures stand in the middle of these bodies. We cannot see the faces. They are glad in shining armour splattered with blood, and each one holds a shield. The camera pans these shields. Each one contains a logo of one of the wrestlers. Chio Reto, My-ron Novaar, Homer Cyde and Reggie Cyde, Mike Rocket, Steve Awesome, Rob Arnold, Orland Zacconi, Joxide, and finally, the Reaper, David Shand.

"The legends had many names for this day. The apocalypse, Judgement Day, Ragnarok, Valhalla…

But us? We call it……


Queen's "Princes of the Universe" erupts.

Here we are, born to be kings
we’re the princes of the Universe.....

The scene cuts to a live shot of the interior of the massive O2 Arena. The music continues. The set is dramatic to say the least. It is the largest set the wrestling world has ever constructed. Resembling the ruins of a huge gothic castle as seen in the opening promo, 80 foot high stone towers stand at either side of a huge stage. From each of these towers there comes a large semi-circular stone staircase leading down to the stage level, which is also done to look like it is made from stone. In between the two towers is the main "wall" of the "castle", broken away so that the huge Titan-Tron is visible behind it. The wall continues under the Titan-Tron, but leaves the usual gap for entrances not wishing to use the stairs. The Titan-Tron shows a blood red sky split with lightning, giving the impression that we are inside the castle looking out across the landscape. At the sides of the Titan-Tron are draped flags bearing the symbols seen in the opening promo. During each wrestler's match, electrically operated wires will move these flags so that they cover the top part of one of the towers.

The stage itself is higher than normal, perhaps 10 feet above the arena floor, and the rampway slopes gradually all the way to ground level and then continues in an entrance way to the ring. From the stage area itself, further stone staircases lead down to the arena floor.

Suddenly, huge fireworks are released from the lighting rig above the ring. Rockets seems to tear into the castle, setting off further explosions all across it. Huge explosions rock the arena and the set seems to be on fire. Flame jets spring from the tops of the towers and then the stage itself erupts in a curtain of flamejets. These race down the entrance ramp all the way to the ring, where the squared circle erupts into flame as well. For a further 30 seconds the air fills with pyro, until the spectacular show suddenly subsides. The crowd goes ballistic.

Finally, as the fireworks subside, the cameras sweep across the arena and show the ring, where the last of the pyros are going off on the turnbuckles. It’s a large 20ft square ring with a light blue ring canvas, red ropes, and black ring posts. A black skirt boasts the CXA Reunion logo in white and red.

The camera continues to sweep, and now picks out the announce desk. As it does, we cut to a closer in shot, showing the announce team of Robinson Reynard, Jason Tarsh, and Maxine Mars. All three smile at the camera as Robinson makes the introduction.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the biggest night, the greatest night in the history of this great business of professional wrestling. Welcome to the London O2 Arena, welcome to the final coming together of the true legends of this business, and welcome to the event that is know, as CXA Renuion.

I’m Robinson Reynard, and joining me at the announce table here tonight is none other than the British Brawler himself, Jason Tarsh, and the lovely Maxine Mars. Jason, its got to feel good for you to be here in England, and what an event we have here tonight!”

Tarsh, immaculately turned out as usual in his suit and tie, for once seems to have a smile on his face.

“Thank you Mr Reynard. Indeed it is a pleasure to be back commentating on a show in England, and what a show it is. You’re quite correct that this is going to be an incredible night, and I’m looking forward to it enormously.”

“Does it make you feel like getting back in the ring yourself?” Reynard asks, jokingly

“Well” comments Tarsh “You never know what surprises we might be in for before the end of the night, but I’ve got a job to do here Robinson”

Reynard turns his attention to Maxine Mars “Maxine, looking lovely as ever, some huge matches here tonight”

Maxine smiles “Thank you Robinson, and you aren’t kidding, I can’t wait!!”

“But mon-dieu, look at the way we’ve kicked things off here, Jason - its started already. We saw it at the top of the show, a £25,000 prize to whomever walks out of here tonight with the 24/7 Endurance trophy in their hand.”

“That’s a fair old chunk of money, Reynard” agrees Tarsh “And with some of the names walking around in the backstage area, whoever is holding that might as well paint a bullseye on their head”

Maxine nods “Hard to prepare when an attack can come out of nowhere at any time from anyone. You aren’t safe anywhere!”

“And speaking of people not being safe, this entire crowd might not be safe when we get to our main event. It doesn’t get any bigger than this one. 90 minutes of hell that is the Trinity of Iron”

Maxine looks excited at the prospect. She leans forward toward the other two as she speaks “Oh, I can’t wait for that one, its going to be brutal. But I’m pulling for Chio Reto all the way. He’s worked harder than anyone for this match, and I really think he can do it!”

Reynard asks Tarsh “Jason, can he? Does Chio have a chance?

Tarsh shakes his head “They often say in a fight ‘Well he’s got a puncher’s chance, but I don’t think Reto has that, because if he punches Shand, the Reaper will just walk through it and eat him. I’ve been in the ring with Shand back in the WHWF days, and he’ll murder Reto here tonight”

Maxine chimes in “I think you’re wrong, but I want to ask you about another match Jason, and another guy you know well – My-ron Novaar – as he goes against Rob Arnold.”

As she speaks, the cameras pan to a long shot, and we see the huge crucifix suspended from the ceiling. Robinson picks up on that

“Indeed folks, there you see it. By the end of the night someone will be suspended from that cross, having been beaten to a point where they couldn’t resist it. As Maxine says, Jason, you have history with Novaar back when he was known as Myron Fox”

The camera goes back to the announce booth, where Tarsh has an almost painful look on his face. “Yes, I do, and I don’t exactly have a lot of love lost for the doodling dandypratt. However, I will say this: in the ring, Novaar is very very good, and he wins matches when people think he’s all flash and no bash. I think Arnold has made that mistake. He’s too cocky for his own good, so as much as it pains me to give Novaar credit for anything, I back him to win that match”

Maxine nods “And what about this incredible women’s match we have here tonight. I mean, look at that thing”

Maxine is referring to the enormous cage that hangs over the ring. A massive domed structure of brutal proportions.

“Well” comments Tarsh “Unlike certain ‘global entertainment’ brands, we have women here who can wrestle, who can fight, and if anyone wants to come out of that one in one piece, they are going to have to”

“So many rivalries going into that contest Maxine. You know well”

“Oh I certainly do Robinson. There are girls back there ready to rip each other’s heads off. That’s going to get brutal. Hell hath no fury and all that”

Reynard wraps it up “Indeed, and thank you both. Interesting comments there, and I’m sure there will be more as the night goes on. Once thing we can guarantee folks is that there will be no 88 second main events with one guy drug frazzled and the other over the hill. Its quality matches here tonight with quality wrestlers, but lets take it up to the ring now and get things underway”

The camera cuts to the ring, where the ring announcer, bedecked in a full tuxedo, stands centre ring. He raises the microphone.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to CXA Reunion!!!!”

Once again, the crowd go insane.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we will begin our first match in a moment, but before that I have a special announcement to make on behalf of the CXA management. All of us here at the CXA have been shocked and saddened by the terrible images that have come to us from Japan over the past few weeks following the horrific natural disaster that befell the country. The immediate loss of life, and the ongoing terrible situation faced by those who survived the immediate disaster have touched us all. A great many of the CXA performers have friends and colleagues in Japan, or else owe some of their early careers or training to the country, where professional wrestling has deep roots.

On behalf of everyone at the CXA, we wish to send our heartfelt sympathy to the people of Japan, and our prayers that the situation will improve as soon as possible. As a gesture, every performer on the card tonight has agreed that at least 10% of their appearance fee will be donated to the Japanese disaster relief fund. Further, CXA management have agreed that 10% of all merchandising sales, and £5 per ticket sold to this event, will also be donated to the fund. So just by sitting here tonight and enjoying this show, you are helping people recover from this terrible situation.

As you leave the arena tonight, CXA and arena staff will be on hand to collect any further donations you wish to make. We as you to give what you can. Thank you, and now lets get on with the show”

“A fantastic gesture there by the CXA Jason”

“Certainly, and entirely the right thing to do. Now Robinson, we’re off and running with the first match it seems....but no, I think, yes, we’re going backstage.

The cameras cut to the backstage area with a locker cabinet on the far wall. A blonde mop-topped face appears from round a corner, eyeing the corridor with suspicion. Then, upon seeing a clear coast, the man steps out from behind the wall. It's our plucky ring technician, and current holder of the CXA 24/7 Endurance trophy! Carrying the trophy in the most discreet manner possible (i.e. not very discreet at all), he puts it down on the floor and the camera moves around to the locker cabinet. He opens a locker with a key from his pocket, grabs a brown coat from inside and slings it on, while mumbling something about making a quick getaway.
The camera pans back to the Trophy, where a man now stands, his arms folded over his chest which sports a black "TXI!" t shirt. He is brandishing a kendo stick and there’s a big grin on his face. The roadie turns around, grabs the trophy, and stops dead as he suddenly realises he has company.
"Greetings!" bellows Armageddonator, TXI!'s self-proclaimed Don of Hardcore.

The Roadie takes a cautionary step back.

"Who are you?"

Armageddonator frowns

"What do you mean, 'who are you?'? Give me that trophy, now, before I batter you!"

The roadie backs up for a second then bolts. Armageddonator is quick though, and throws the kendo stick at the roadie. It gets caught between his legs and he falls on the floor, still clutching the Endurance trophy. Armageddonator picks the roadie up by the scruff of his neck and stands him up. He shakes his head slowly before he loads him onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry. However, the roadie clobbers Armageddonator in the back of the head with the trophy in a bid to escape.

It doesn’t work. Armageddonator just growls

"Ow! You little shit!"

Still with the roadie across his shoulders, Arm walks over to a stack of wooden pallets and gives the Roadie a Death Valley driver onto them. The roadie folds up, possibly dead, and Arm takes the trophy from him. He picks up his kendo stick and hurries off down a corridor.

The cameras go back to ringside

“Bloody hell. Well, there you have it Maxine. You were right, an attack can come from anywhere”

“Not just anywhere Jason, but anyone. Armageddonator? He’s a TXI guy for Christ sake!”

Robinson fills in “Well I gather CXA management, although concentrating on this being a TXA and CWA reunion, also invited some guests along, so you never know who might show up! Madames et Monseir, its going to be wild here tonight, and its just getting started. Later tonight we have an incredible crucifixion match. Right now, lets take you to a video package on how that came about”

The video plays showing the rising tensions between Arnold and Fox. As it ends, the scene cuts to a backstage area, where DX leader Big D is stood. He's practicing his punches in preparation for the next match against Ukamali. Suddenly, Big D stops and looks around.

"hey u!!!1"

Armageddonator slowly walks into view of the camera, his 24/7 Endurance trophy in his hand.

"Ha! Big D! HOW IT GOING BIG D 111???"

“Stuff tonite big D show al ur world how dx is best stable & al ur moneys 25000 camel 4 ur coup! yeh plz!"

Big D takes the opportunity while Armageddonator is still trying to decipher exactly what he's said and gives him an elbow to the face. Arm steps back and Big D kicks him in the ribs and sends him into the wall. Armageddonator stumbles over and Big D approaches him, thinking he has a chance. However, Arm jumps back to his feet and swings the trophy upwards, nailing Big D in the chops with it. He spins around and Arm runs off down a random corridor. Big D rubs his jaw and gives chase in a daze.

The cameras go back to the announce table, where Maxine is sitting with an extremely confused look on her face.

“What the hell just happened? Can we get subtitles or something? And what is Big D doing worrying about the 24/7 trophy when…..”

Suddenly she turns to her commentating partners and stops dead

“What in the hell are you two doing?”

The camera pans across, and we see that a change has come over Tarsh and Reynard. Tarsh is now sporting a garishly decorated jewel-encrusted t-shirt, and on top of his head is perched a cheap looking crown. Next to him, Reynard is now sporting a pair of glasses, and a black Stetson.

“BAAAAHHH GAAAAAAHHHHDDD!!!!” Yells Reynard, affecting a ridiculously cod Southern cowboy accent “In tribute to our next slobberknocker of a match, we’re kicking it old school in tribute to JR and the King, just to make Big D feel at home. Government mule, BBQ sauce, Bahh Gaaahhhhhd”

Tarsh, meanwhile, turns to Maxine and, staring at her chest, affects his own over-excited Tennessee accent “Puppies!!! Puppies!!!”

Maxine is not amused “Keep your eyes on the ring, ‘King’. Folks, I apologise for my colleagues, but I am just going to let them get on with this. The following match will, it seems, be reported on in moronvision! Go for it guys”

The ring announcer steps forward “The following bout is the opening match of the evening. Introducing first…..”

The Bloodhound Gang's "Tricky" plays on the PA system and out walks Ukamali, the leader of the "other" DX.

Tarsh and Reynard, or now apparently the King and JR, are deliberately playing this for comedic effect, and going out of their way to make their commentary as bad as possible.

“Look King” yells Ross (Reynard) “Its Ukamali!”

“I wonder if he will win that for big d who, JR?”

Maxine wonders “What? Listen, is it too late to say I quit?”

Ukamali enters the ring and his music stops. The lights go down and we hear "BREAK IT DOWN!" on the PA. However, Big D doesn’t appear. Instead, after a few seconds, Armageddonator appears on the stage, knocked backwards. He's got the Endurance trophy in his hand, still!

King (Tarsh) asks “What the hell? Where is big D!?”

“LOL, IDK King” comments Ross (Reynard) as Maxine slowly bounces her head off the desk

Big D finally appears behind Armageddonator, brandishing Arm's kendo stick. He takes a shot but Arm dodges it and springs to his feet. Big D swings high but Arm ducks the shot and grabs Big D in position for a one-handed spinebuster.

“omg King!” comments Rossnard

“cud we sees the BIG D BOTTOM!” Ask Kingarsh

Big D elbows Armageddonator twice in the head and frees himself from Arm's grasp. By now, bored with simply being a spectator, Ukamali has walked up the ramp and has approached the pair. Ukamali punches Armageddonator, who stumbles back to Big D. Big D gives him a shot, followed by Ukamali. The pair double-team Arm with punches, playing tennis with his head. Arm returns with one of his own but his arm is caught, Big D gets him in position and hits him with a devastating Big D Bottom onto the stage!

Rossnard explodes “BIG D SMASHES A BIG BOTTOM!!”

“ROFL” comments the “King”

By now Maxine is trying the strangle herself with her own headset cable.

Big D grabs the trophy from the floor (thus becoming the current holder) and smashes it around Ukamali's head, who falls backwards on the ramp and rolls halfway down. Big D chases him and kicks him in the stomach causing him to roll down the ramp to the ring. Ukamali gets to his knees and sucker punches Big D when he approaches. Big D stumbles backwards and falls over the ring steps. Ukamali strikes him a few times in the head and picks him up then rolls him into the ring.

“know it start!” guffaws “Ross”

“ye” laughs “King”

Maxine can’t keep silent “Now it starts you mean. NOW IT STARTS. FOR JESUS SAKE!!!! And you forgot to mention that Big D is now the 24/7 trophy holder!

Ukamali bounces off the ropes and hits a clothesline on Big D, then waits in the corner for D to get to his feet. However, the commentators have noticed something.

Rossnard points “look klieg!”

“is BIG E!” exclaims Kingarsh

Big E appears from nowhere and grabs Ukamali's foot from under the ropes, allowing Big D to get to his feet and use the distraction to club Ukamali round the head with the trophy, who falls over the top rope onto Big E!

“big e dwn!” advises Rossnard

“omg jr” adds Jason, for no good reason

Maxine has given up and is thumbing through a magazine

Ukamali gets to his feet after his soft landing and grabs Big D's feet. Big D goes down and Ukamali grabs his shirt and leg and pulls him out of the ring. Big D goes to hit him with the warped and broken trophy but misses. Ukamali ducks it, kicks Big D in the stomach hits the Dynamite on the outside!

“dynamite JR! dynamite!” yells Tarshing

“omg on o/s 2!!!” replies JR, leaving everyone wondering what the hell he’s talking about

Ukamali picks up the trophy (and thus becomes the new 24/7 holder) and walks away from Big D. He walks towards the ramp but Big E, now getting to his feet, blocks his path. Ukamali runs round the other side of the ring next to the announce table, looking for a way out through the crowd.

Sitting at the announce table, Tarsh suddenly gets a glint in his eye. For a moment he drops the cod acting and pretending to be The King, and removes the crown from his head. He stands up

“Where are you going?” asks Maxine

“I’ve got an idea” replies Jason

Seeing Ukamali with his back turned and looking for a way out, Tarsh throws down his headset, runs up behind him, and hooks his head and arm from behind in a sort of half nelson. Throwing himself backwards, Jason takes Ukamali over in a picture perfect version of his old finishing move – the class system. Ukamali gets dumped on the top of his head, just as Big E makes it back around the ring. As Big E tries to help Big D back to his feet, Jason sees the 24/7 trophy. He grabs it, conceals it behind his back, and goes back to the announce table as if nothing has happened.

Maxine and Rossnard look on in shock, but neither comments

Big D has been helped back into the ring and is coming around. Ukamali is also back on his knees, and because he didn’t see who hit him with the suplex, he assumes it was Big E, and barrels into him, knocking him flying.

“Wait a second” comments Rossnard “So, Jason, you’re now the….”

“Shut it” replies Tarsh “Get back in character and call the match – JR”

Tarsh puts his crown back on, and swiftly hides the trophy under the desk.

Meanwhile, Ukamali rolls into the ring slowly where Big D is waiting. He's set up a table in the ring, and approaches Ukamali after taunting the crowd with the DX chop. Ukamali catches him with a swift kick to the gut and Big D doubles over. Ukamali signals for the Dynamite but Big D gives him a low blow before he can hook his arms. Big D grabs Ukamali's arm and catches with him a devastating Big D Bottom! Right through the table! The crowd goes nuts!

Reynard is back in character, screaming in JR’s BBQ drawl “the crwd in londen loves big d's bottom!!!”

“like puppies lol!” confirms King

Maxine is just staring at them “Give. Me. A. Break”

Big D drapes his arm over his illiterate opponent and the referee counts the fall,


The ring announcer confirms it “Ladies and gentlemen. Your winner. Big D defeats Ukamali in our opening contest!”.

Big D pulls himself from the wooden wreckage and stands up. He looks around for the Endurance trophy but can't seem to find it. He never saw the altercation between Tarsh and Ukamali so he has no idea that Tarsh is hiding it under the desk. Big D punches the turnbuckle in anger and drops to the mat to exit the ring. He taunts to the crowd with the DX chop before making his way back up the aisle.

Back at the announce table, Reynard has removed his Jim Ross get-up. Tarsh is likewise back to his suit, and sans crown. Maxine turns to them

“I can’t believe I just saw you two do that”

“Hey” replies Reynard “Like McMahon says – its entertainment now”

“It might be, that wasn’t. But never mind that now. You” she indicates Tarsh “What the hell was that all about?”

“I’m quite sure I have no idea what you mean” replies Jason

“Right, so there isn’t a huge chunk of battered metal on the floor under the desk then, which used to look like the 24/7 trophy?”

“……..Might be”

“So you want to stay sitting here for three hours in a very easy to find location with the entire locker room looking to rip your head off for 25 grand?”

Tarsh thinks for a second. He ducks under the desk and comes up holding the trophy.

“You make a good point my dead. Here, Robinson…..catch”

With that, Tarsh tosses the title in Reynard’s direction. Instinctively, Robinson catches the 24/7 trophy.

“Congratulations” says Jason “You are the new 24/7 endurance trophy holder”

“Wait a minute” Reynard replies “What if I get attacked”

“Oh” says Maxine “I think that’s a risk we are willing to take”

Reynard just glares at the other two as they share a laugh, before Tarsh turns back to him and asks

“Well, Robinson. That was....errm... quite the opener”

“It was certainly that” quips Maxine.

“Lets...yes lets move on shall we?” suggests Reynard, and its time for our next contest.

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PostSubject: Re: CXA REUNION SHOW - PART ONE   Sat Apr 02, 2011 2:30 pm

Brilliant twist on the original!
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