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 Late Night visitors

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PostSubject: Late Night visitors   Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:37 am

ooc: Again, this is Myron writing, not me. Just posting on his behalf

"Mr Novaar?"

The receptionist's voice seemed nervous and well he might. It was 4am
and My-Ron had only been asleep for a couple of hours. Never a big one
for sleep, Novaar always got the same just before a show. Late to bed,
early to rise. But this was a little earlier than even he liked.


"We have a visitor in reception. Asking for you to come down and speak
with him. I tried to tell him it was a little early and you didn't want
to be disturbed but he was most insistent. I'm sor..."

"No, it's fine. Did they give you a name"

The receptionist paused then gave the answer that My-Ron had expected.

"Shand, sir. A Mr Shand."

David Shand. The only man that would come to My-Ron at this time of the
morning. A man who kept hours as odd as My-Ron's. As soon as the phone
had gone, Novaar had expected it to be something to do with David. With
all of the press the pair had been getting from Reto and Arnold the only
surprise was that the visit hadn't come sooner.

"OK. Tell him I'll be down in 15 mins"

My-Ron replaced the handset and went into the bathroom. Flicking on the
light he started to freshen up. David liked to pick odd times to speak
to him, to try and get behind the 'mask', as some people called it.
Shand would often remark on how he caught My-Ron before he had chance to
slap on the make-up or pick something extravagant. Pulling on a pair of
pinstriped trousers, some elfin boots and a plain black shirt, Novaar
ran the brush through his silver hair and turned to leave is room.

Novaar smiled as he walked to the lift. The last few weeks had finally
seen the appearance of Rob Arnold, coming from wherever he had been
hiding to use his air time for flagrant self promotion. Nothing wrong
with that. My-Ron was hardly camera shy himself. What had niggled was
the lack of respect Arnold had seemed to give him. Given to David. While
Novaar acknowledged Arnold has a very good opponent Arnold had barely
said anything other than how past it My-Ron was. How he didn't matter

Not that it mattered. Let Rob think what he wanted. Novaar had his plans
firmly in place. He knew what he had to do at the pay-per-view. At the
Reunion show. Arnold wouldn't be able to stop that. The lift arrived and
Novaar headed to the hotels reception. Arriving on the bottom floor he
headed out, heading towards the reception.

Something was wrong. David wasn't stood at reception. In fact he was
nowhere to be seen. A quick scan of reception showed My-Ron nobody but
another patron of the hotel, huddled in a corner, apparently reading.
Novaar went over to reception.

"I'm here to meet David Shand?"

The receptionist looked confused for a second and then pointed over to
the man sat reading. The figure put down the magazine and got up to come
over. For the first time Novaar noticed how tall the man was. How much
of a swagger he had in his walk. He reminded him of somebody. Of the
very man he'd come to meet. But the proportions were wrong. That could
only mean it was...


Matthew Shand smiled at My-Ron, clearly enjoying his little game.

"Hello, Myron...sorry, should that be My-Ron now?"

"Yes. It should. Not that it matters. With you about leave..."

My-Ron turned to walk away.

"Aren't you curious about why I'm here?"

Novaar turned sharply. Matthew Shand was taller than Novaar but the
smaller man still went up close to David's brother.

"Not at all. I heard everything you had to say during your little
'skits'. I'm not interested in any of it anymore..."

Matthew's face grew serious. For the first time Novaar noticed heavy
bruises around Matthew's face

"Oh, really? Not if I was to tell about my meeting with David?"

My-Ron was curious, despite what he had said. But Matthew was here to
spread more confusion.

"Please, Matt. David is much better at the mind games than you are."

"Better than you think!"

My-Ron stopped. There was something in Matt's tone that peaked his

"What do you mean?"

"Interested now, are we? I thought you might be. There are a few things
you need to hear. By me a coffee and I'll tell you all about it..."

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Late Night visitors
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