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 Reflection in Tinsletown (follows late night visitors)

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PostSubject: Reflection in Tinsletown (follows late night visitors)   Thu Mar 24, 2011 10:40 am

ooc: Again, Myron's words, not mine

Dark skies. Neon signs. Cars buzzing about in the distance, light
trailing from behind them. An illuminated sign. Hollywood at night, in
the distance, out of reach.

The camera pans around, to a figure picked out against the night sky.
Tall, lithe, floppy silver hair blowing in a gentle breeze. A grim look
beneath. Arms folded across a short-sleeved top that looks like a
beetles carapace. Black leggings. A far away look in mismatched eyes.

"Endings. New beginnings. How often the two come together. The finality
of one, the potential of the other..."

The figure turns to the camera, revealing that it is My-Ron Novaar,
Cyberstar, Vampire and Prince. The look on his face is determined yet
suggests a slight lack of focus. As if something is playing through in
his mind.

"In the last few months I have experienced both. The ending of one life,
of the path that I have traveled all my life, whether I knew it or not.
The beginning of a new one. A grand new age. A rebirth. A draconix from
the flames..."

Novaar looks down, pausing his thoughts. The look on his face hardens.
When he looks back at the camera the lack of focus is gone. Fire burns
behind the eyes, silvery-blue and blood red.

"David Shand. For many of those years you have traveled this path with
me. You have been a friend and an ally. A team-mate and a co-champion.
An enemy and a nemesis. We have tagged teamed together, held gold
together and feuded together. We have saved each over from danger,
inflicted it on others...on ourselves. Through all that I respected you.
I didn't always agree but I thought I knew you. I was wrong..."

The anger twists Novaar's face.

"David, I've spoken to Matt. He told me what you had said. What you told
him. Matt told me that you confessed. That you are the devil he thought
you were...

Oh, I don't care that you called me a 'painted idiot'. You know that I'm
beyond petty insults. What hurts is the betrayal."

A look of pain passes across Novaar's face. Then, as quickly as it came,
he shakes it away, angry once more.

"We've both played games, through the years. Psychological warfare. You
tried to get into my head. I tried to get into yours. We became the
monsters we fought and, in many ways, became more like one another in
the process.

But I always thought that, behind it all, we knew each other. Now I
don't think I ever did. Oh, I've seen The Reaper. I know just what he
can do. I've told the story before of how I stood on top of the cage
with you. How I looked into your eyes. About how I saw the cold fire in
there. The evil they contained that night. That's why I told you what I
did, when we met in New York. That's why I kept mentioning the Reaper
inside of you. Eating away because you hide him. Threatening to escape
your control and destroy everything you hold dear.

Through all of that, though, I thought there was a mutual respect. That
while we were not always friends we still had that mutual bond that was
almost like brothers..."

My-Ron stops. Laughs.

"Brother! Ha! Now we know just how much family means to you, don't we,
David? How you treat your best friend, the man who was like your
brother, and your own kin, your flesh and blood. Are we simply pawns to
you? What about your wife? Your son? Are they simple tools for you too?
You disappeared, didn't tell them where you were going. You played a
game and kept them in the dark as much as anybody. Are they are part of
your grand schemes as well, David?"

My-Ron's eyes burn once more.

"So, no, David. I don't appear to have known you at all. You fooled me.
But your puppet? I don't think so. I am no mans slave. I will not dance
to your tune. You think that you have played us for fools all along but
I don't think you've seen what you have done. Matthew might think that
you took me from a happy place. From my success in the music business.
But Matthew is also wrong. I NEEDED to take this journey.

David, you may have thought you were getting your own way. Playing me.
But you obviously don't see what I have become. This is bigger than you
now, David. I have become something you cannot stop. That you cannot
control. When I assumed the mantle of the Draconix Prince I became
something your shadow could never eclipse, no matter how hard you try.

And while I might not have agreed with his actions Matthew has shown
that you are not in control as much as you claim. Violence, David? Is
that what the great Reaper has stooped to? Oh, maybe with the lesser
lights but with your brother? Your cracks are showing, David..."

A twisted smile plays on Novaar's face.

"This is a new beginning, David, and you are no longer part of this. Oh,
our paths will cross again. I can assure you of that. But we will never
be friends again. The Draconix is out of The Reaper's deathly shadow and
he will never return. I burn too bright for you now, David. I have
eclipsed you, even before my plans come to fruition...

Ah, my plans. The grand ending. The bright new beginning. You will see
both at Reunion. Like you, Rob Arnold thinks that he knows me. Thinks
that he has all of this scouted out. Like you, Rob is wrong. I KNOW what
needs to be done and there is nothing anybody will be able to do to stop
me. At Reunion, David, while you are still trying to keep down the
latest pretender for your throne, I will become something glorious. Not
a Morningstar but a true Cyberstar! A true vampire! The ONE TRUE

Novaar's eyes almost have a fanatical edge to them.

"At Reunion, I will show Arnold just why he is foolish not to respect
me. At Reunion, Arnold will learn the dreadful truth...the golden dawn!
At Reunion, Rob Arnold, for all his talent and ability, CANNOT win!"

Novaar turns away, looking back out towards Hollywood.

"So enjoy this victory, David. Take every little bit of pleasure from
the battle you have won with your little games. Because the Infinite
Gaze is upon you. Because yours Sins will be punished. Because,
David...there WILL be an ending to this..."

Fade to black

I'm not climbing to the top of the mountain. I am the damn mountain!
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Reflection in Tinsletown (follows late night visitors)
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