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 The patch is out. ....and it's completly worthless.

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PostSubject: The patch is out. ....and it's completly worthless.   Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:17 pm

So, I just got a notification of a 2MB update for Smackdown vs Raw today. I thought it was just so people could see DLC, but no. It turns out this was the almighty patch THQ was hyping for the last month.

I mean, I was looking forward to the patch and all of the legitimate fixes it would contain to the game's legitimate programming problems, and before I even knew it was here, it just installed. And it was in fact, a pretty tiny file.

Was it worth it?

Absolutely not.

Take a look at the "fixes" list.

It was like waking up on Christmas morning and finding all you got were one pair of socks and 7 rocks.

* significant improvements to connection issues experienced during Online Royal Rumble Matches
* fixed a crash associated with Clients game during Online Royal Rumble matches with 8 more players when 2 or more players disconnect
* fixed a crash when players attempted to join a match past the fifth session in a Custom Match search. This is now fixed.
* fixed a crash associated with entering a match after a game simulation
* fixed a bug with the paint tool logo allowing players to open up a smart menu in the background of the loading screen
* fixed multiple bugs with Road to Wrestlemania for Christian and Rey Mysterio which were preventing forward progress in certain instances
* the correct Superstars name will now display for spoken dialog text when replacing a cast member with a CAS in a sample story or when editing a downloaded story in Story Designer
* fixed a freeze associated with irish whipping a player in to a chair when a reverse grapple by the 2nd player occurs


Ok, first off... Online Royal Rumble fix. Yes, that one was a given. It's also the ONLY thing that this list really fixed at all. That's basically the socks. All the others? ROCKS.

To be honest, I've literally not seen a single one of these happen. ANYWHERE IN THE GAME. I didn't even KNOW these were game crashes because I sure as hell never ran into any of them.

And yet CPU action pins can still win with no damage, the server still suffers constant dropouts, none of the volume level issues were fixed, CAW music is still too loud, Original track 7 is still ridiculously quiet, the crowd still makes this horrible booing sound even when you have all good guys in the match, CAW transparency still isn't fixed, all of the bizarre physics glitches are still there, the wrong sound effects (like Big Show making a woman's yelp) still sometimes play and the engine bugs and major AI goofs are still prevalent.

It's like they didn't really do shit.

They hyped this patch up like it was the second coming and it was a complete load of nothing.

I actually thought they'd care to fix the multitude of more apparent bugs and glitches, or actually try and update the game to fix the actual problems in it, like they were actually going to support this game and fix the easily fixable, glaring issues with the game like all the above.

But they didn't even try.

Now, If they needed to delay the patch even longer to get these things in, I would have been fine with that. but it still took THIS long (3 months) and they did pretty much nothing.

Super lame. I can't imagine a bigger letdown than this joke of a patch. This is what they kept people on the edge of their seats for? A fixed online royal rumble? Well, a lot of people, myself included, would never play it anyway. So... yeah.

Where's the transparency fix? The volume issues? The pinning glitch? The physics fixes? The engine and moveset glitches? The booing problem?

I can understand if they didn't get to everything. But they didn't get to ANYTHING. At ALL. Not a single ONE of problems that i've run into a million times was adressed, but they fixed all of the weird things that, after playing this game constantly for 3 months, I wasn't even aware existed.
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Posts : 1979
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PostSubject: Re: The patch is out. ....and it's completly worthless.   Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:14 pm

However, of course... let me just say that it doesn't impact the way the game is now. Which is every bit as fine as it was before.

But it didn't improve anything substantial or any of the actual programming mistakes that it was generally assumed this would take care of.

However, I was able to overlook all the flaws before under the assumption they'd be fixed. However, what this patch actually does is deflate that sense I had that anything substantial would be taken care of.

The game isn't a letdown, but the patch for the sake of itself sure is.
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The patch is out. ....and it's completly worthless.
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