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 Playing Smackdown online

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PostSubject: Playing Smackdown online   Sat Dec 18, 2010 11:26 am

Actually played Smackdown 2011 online today for the first time, in a few matches against Matt (doing anything else today was virtually impossible due to the weather!)

I was quite impressed with how fluidly it worked. Certainly better than last year's effort. We didn't notice that much of a problem with the move timing either, and all the matches were pretty sweet reversal fests. The only slight downside to online is the fact that the stamina system has to be on, as does the new kickout meter. I usually play with both of them turned off.

One particularly good match was Brock Lesnar (Matt) versus El Generico (me). I couldn't get out of the blocks, and occasional flurries aside Matt murdered Generico for most of ten minutes. We went to the outside and Lesnar put Generico through the wall of the cage. We went up top and Generico took a fall from the top through a table. Lesnar was all over him, but Generico would not stay down. Again they went to the top and Lesnar looked to have Generico beat down. A massive spinebuster dented the cage and it looked all over.

But then..Lesnar goes for an attack, Generico reverses, Frankensteiner....the cell breaks!!!! Lesnar crashes to the floor. Generico goes for the pin, 2 count, Lesnar up, but terribly groggy. Small package by Generico....1.......2..........3!!!

It was a brilliant ending if you were booking the "underdog face pulls off upset" angle.

But that's the good thing about playing online with people you know. You can have great matches like that. We had another one with Reaper .v. Fireball that went about 45 minutes because neither of us went for the win. Instead we just kept setting up cool ladder and table spots Laughing

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Playing Smackdown online
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