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 WWE '13 Attitude Lookback: Chris Jericho

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PostSubject: WWE '13 Attitude Lookback: Chris Jericho   Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:16 am

Every so often, I am going to post a few videos based on the Attitude era matches and segments featuring the characters revealed for the game.

I'll be attempting to post mostly matches and segments that feature ONLY characters in WWE '13. Which means that i'm trying not to include matches that feature opponents that are missing from WWE '13.

This is as meant as a springboard for matchups and things to maybe re-enact, or... re-do in a different way.

I'll be putting up one of these based on a member of the WWE '13 Roster every so often.

If you would like, please give your own thoughts on this wrestler during this time, and what you hope to do with them in the game.

Jericho Debut

Jericho's Debut in WWF. What would have happened if he HAD gone on to face The Rock? After this segment, we know the story that managment dropped their plans based on their opinion of Jericho. But what would have happened if Rock and Jericho had put on some good matches?

Jericho vs Shamrock on Smackdown 1999

This would be an interesting alt attire for Jericho.

Jericho vs Triple H at Fully Loaded 2000

An ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC match from Fully Loaded. This match would be a BLAST to re-enact.

Jericho vs Big Show on Raw Is War 1999

Jericho vs Godfather Raw Is War 1999

Jericho, Mankind and The Rock Segment from Raw
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PostSubject: Re: WWE '13 Attitude Lookback: Chris Jericho   Sun Aug 19, 2012 8:53 am

Personally I think there were some good matches in those two but, then again, I'm a big Jericho mark. So maybe my view is biased. We actually had a discussion on the best all-rounders, the other day, the guys who could work the mike and also do it in the ring. Jericho scored highly with us all. The Rock, well, ignoring his more recent, laboured stuff he definitely had the mike chops back in the day. But, for me, he was always OK in the ring. No great shakes, not awful. Apart from the worst Sharpshooter in the land, that is! Wink

I think that Jericho has improved in his WWE days but, even back then, I think had enough to warrant the matches. I've read his books so I know about them pulling the fued because, as Jericho himself says, he messed up his first bit. But I'd have liked them to have gone with it a bit more.

Plus who wouldn't have wanted to see this battle of the shirts (neither man seemigly knowing what buttons were invented for...Wink). For me, that silver number Jericho has on in the top pic, that trumps the Magnum-lite Rock any day...Wink
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WWE '13 Attitude Lookback: Chris Jericho
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