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 Wrath of the Titans

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PostSubject: Wrath of the Titans   Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:52 am

Wrath of the Titans

The Good: Let's start with what has improved since the last one. In Clash Sam Worthington looked too old to play Perseus, who's a much younger character in legend. This one is set ten years after the original film and SW now looks the part.

The Gods have also improved. Gone is the rather silly full plate armour from number one to be replaced by something much more period. Also gone is Hades rather shoddy croaky voice...he must have had a Lockett or two in those ten years!

With only three main heroes, a monster villian, a secondary villian and two gods (for the main) there is also more for the characters to do. Admittedly character building still isn't the main thing on the agenda but at least they do have some actual character this time!

As before the monsters look good, the actions fast and furious and there's rather funny turn by Bill Nighey as a rather Yorkshire Greek God...

The Bad: The editing still leaves something to be desired. The film comes in at just over one and a half hours, slightly longer than the first. Like that one it could do with a few more 'quiet' scenes (although, to be fair, there are more this time out). Also, while the monsters are good there are a few that are defeated rather quickly.

The love story defintely feels tacked on. There's no real hint at it, through the film, so the pay-off feels forced. Personally I don't think it was needed and they should have left Perseus on his own.

Summary: All in all a enjoyable romp that improves on the first one. It's still flawed but it's got much to enjoy and is closer in spirit to the old Sinbad and Jason films.
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Wrath of the Titans
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