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 Spike TV via nCw

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PostSubject: Spike TV via nCw   Sat Jan 21, 2012 1:18 pm

This is a weekly show roleplay written by my friend Spike Kane. A fellow roleplayer i know over in ncw. Anyway, I just wanted to post it because it gives you guys an idea of where Steve Awesome is in his ncw career. A little update and even a small glimpse into ncw as a show in itself. Plus it has a small mention of two particular characters from here as well. Smile and the last reason im posting this.....i just wanted to post something lol.
Spike TV Season 1 Episode 3: The Illusive Man

week I have a nice and simple little poll up here and it's based on the
guy featured in the very first episode containing a “Straight Shootin'”
interview, he calls himself the Face of the Franchise and has a
penchant for getting under peoples skin, he is of course: Steve Awesome.

So what do you think about his disappearance? Where do you think he has gone, and even more so....Why?

Regardless, I've managed to get in touch with the guy and have a treat in store for you guys later on in the show.


~Best Match~
Roberto Verona Vs Lex Sense Vs Ricky Johnson
These three men are on the cusp of seriously breaking into the main
event scene here in nCw. Ricky has had a great career over the years and
has solidified himself as a depandable talent who can deliver when
asked to, put him in the ring with two hungry young stars and this blew
every other match out of the water. Exciting stuff, and a great prospect
for nCw's future.

~Worst Match~

Ashlie and Mercedes Vs Amy Marshall & Kathy Conway
Epic Facepalm, just when I start to get a kick out of the Starlets
division for the first time since Zelda was forced out of the company
this retarded pile of crap goes down. I understand you dislike each
other, but surely you can keep it out of the ring until the match is
over at least....you know, like professionals? And people wonder why I
don't like the starlets division.....pffft.

~High Points~

Verona stepping up and giving Kelly another option other than siding
with the Hierarchy. It took brass for Verona to step into the line of
fire and stand for something good in nCw, something that doesn't happen
often enough.

Rose Acanthia kicking some major ass and starting to send a message.

Zane getting arguably one of his biggest victories in recent memory,
pinning the “King” of nCw in the process. Zane is certainly staking a
claim for that world heavyweight championship.

Doc. My TV needs
more Doc, and I'm glad to see him on there. He is one of those guys who
performs at a high level week in and week out, if he can keep his run
going it's only a matter of time before everybody is talking about my
favourite Scot.

~Low Points~

The Internationals winning.......ugh.

Mike Lazslo helping the Internationals win by turning on his partner. You massive douche you.

Ace getting a victory over a team that includes Adam Knite. I just
don't like the smugness that has been all over Conway's face recently.
It needs knocking down a few pegs.

Crystal being on my TV again....and picking up a victory.........no, just no.

All Hail!

My version of the fab five. The five people who stood out this last week.

5: CDK:
With an impressive victory over Doc, CDK seems to be forcing himself
back into peoples minds and trying to remind people just how dangerous
he can be. It looks like Ricky Johnson is now in the line of fire, and
you just have to wonder, who will Curtis BANG! Next?
Not only did the Italian Stallion step up and approach Kelly Knite in
the middle of the ring, he also picked up one hell of a victory over two
of nCw's top talents. It seems that Roberto has certainly made his
stamp on nCw and a world title oppurtunity must be in his near sights.
Stepping up from last week, Xander proves that he isn't just a
throwaway champion and that he will fight week in and week out. The path
of destruction he has wrought throughout nCw continues once again, and
once again Todd Williams suffers because of it. I like that.
can't deny that these two have been on one hell of a roll since
claiming the nCw Tag Team Championships, maybe they really are here to
stay and to prove a point at last.
1: JIMMY ZANE: Getting
a pinfall victory over The King, Hall of Famer, former world champion,
tag team champion......it says it all doesn't it? Kudos Jimmy.

Predictions and Preview

(Note: Draws of any kind do not count either way)

Last Week: 3 - 7
Total: 13-8

this week sucked really bad. I need to stop going with my heart and
going with my brain for once. Damn idiots not working as teams and
letting me down....and damn Starlets ruining my damn predictions!


Deathtrain Vs Caleb Lockwood

Joe Everyman Vs Jackhammer

The Internationals Vs Mystery opponents to be chosen

Rose Acantha Vs Mercedes Lewis v. Jazz

Main Event.
Tag Team Contenders vs. Champions Match
Jason Evans, Curtis D. Kanyon Vs Mike Laszlo, Ricky Johnson


Andrew Jacobsen Vs Matt Jackson

Nathan Webb Vs Charles Lee

The Ace Vs Jack Hammond Vs Doc

Jennifer Williams Vs Ayla St. James Vs Amy Marshall

Trent Helms Vs Gjenrei

Main Event
Contender Showcase
6 Man Tag
Jimmy Zane, Todd Williams, Alex Jones Vs Lex Sense, Xander Famularo, Roberto Verona

Straight Shootin'

Now it is time for our first addition of Striaght Shootin' here on
Spike TV with my first guest, Steve Awesome! Please bear with us during
this interview as we were unable to track Steve down and have to conduct
this via satellite.

Spike’s computer begins to dial up a number
and soon a fuzzy image of Steve Awesome appears on the screen. He seems
to be in some sort of cabin one would guess, thanks to the walls made of
wood and the singing bass plaque attached to it. Steve has his hair
pulled back and he gives his iphone a friendly smile.

Spike: Steve you there? Can you hear me?

Steve: Loud and clear, Spikey.

Spike: So…where are you?”

No way man, i'm not revealing my location. Do you know how hard it is
to just vanish without a trace? I’m talking legit ninja style
Spike…..it’s hard. So I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts. When I want
people to see me, they will.

Spike: Fair enough, so tell us Why have you decided to disappear all of a sudden?

Steve: I just had too man.

Spike: That’s sort of a cop out answer man.

My every move was being analyzed by wresting critics, sponsors were on
my back, people knew about everything that happened to me. They saw my
personal life hit a train wreck that I just couldn’t really recover from
and they saw all of it effect my ring work. I just had to take a step
back and take some time to just figure everything out and where I’m
going to go next.

Spike: Have you done that?

Steve: I
think so. Being out here by myself, away from that life…even for the
three weeks that it’s been, it’s been really nice Spike. To be able to
just breathe without hearing all the jokes and cracks about me every
five seconds, it’s pretty awesome. And then I compare it to the grind.
Where my job is to be in five different places at once and then wrestle
that same night. Where I have to look into the faces of these people
telling me that I suck, and smile back at them, and keep going. Let me
tell you dude, being out here is winning hands down.

Spike: I
understand that. Take some more time off then Steve. Live life to the
fullest, really recharge your batteries and then when your ready, come
back to NCW.

Steve: That’s the thing Spike……I don’t know if I am coming back.

Spike: What do you mean?

I mean my contract with New Championship Wrestling officially ends
directly after A Night To Remember and I don’t know if I’m even going to

Spike: But what about from now till then? You cant keep no showing.

Steve: What are they gonna do? Fire me? Cry me a river.

Spike: So your sure about this?

Positive. It’s time to step back and finaly let these young guys do
what they’ve been saying they were gonna do for months now and take

Q. Do you feel like the lack of Steve Awesome has an impact on the overall quality of nCw?

think it will be bad at first. But overtime the people that are still
here will find away to come up with the next best thing to at least try
to replace the gaping hole I leave in this company. No, I’m kidding…sort
of….but in all honesty there are tons of guys in this company that are
just itching to step up to the next level, guys like Roberto Verona, Lex
Sense, Jimmy Zane, even Todd Williams…..and if he ever gets off his ass
and does some work in that ring….Mr. Bob Pooler……I think if you give
these guys a chance to run with the ball, you guys wont even remember
I’m even gone.

Q. Who would you say was your biggest influence in creating the character of Steve, the on screen persona?

A little bit of this and little bit of that. I’m always taking mental
notes of things I like from other wrestlers and then I see if I can use
it for myself. I used to watch wrestlers like Charlie Velez and Venom
and Doc from that other place we worked, and wrestlers from my days on
the British circuit, guys like David Shand and Mike Rocket. Even guys
from this company like Lance Ryan and Trent Helms have sort of helped me
form and mold myself into the wrestler I am today. If I could give one
lesson to the guys trying to make it right now it would be that you can
ALWAYS learn something from everyone around you. Maybe it’s a good
thing, or maybe it’s a bad thing….but it’s something that could quite
possibly make you that much better next week. You just have to be able
to find them.

Q. Where did you train to become a professional wrestler? What made you want to do it?

I trained in Michigan, near my home town of Detroit. With this crazy
teacher named Stink Balls McGleeson. Let me tell you, his name was no
lie. Smell him coming a mile away. I trained and I was always a
competitive guy plus I enjoyed performing so you know pro wrestling was
definitely the way to go. At first I didn’t really know if I liked it.
But once I wrested in front of my first crowd and they all “ohhhh”d in
unison when I jumped off the top rope, and all these flashes went off
while I was in mid air. Then they counted with the ref for the pin count
and let me tell you man I was hooked.

Q. How would you rate your time in nCw? A - F

A. Would I sound like a pretentious douche if I said my career is an ungradeable masterpiece?

Spike: Yes, yes it would.

A. Well then I’ll go with an A+.

Spike: That isn’t much better dude.

Come on, hall of famer, two time world champion, two time national
champion, tag team champion, Road to the Gold winner, the only man to
ever make Zelda Knite submit, and quite possibly the only man to be
undefeated at A Night to Remember. That career is what dreams are made
of dude.

Spike: I almost don’t want to ask you this next question
but, How would you rate your career in professional wrestling in

Steve: I’ve done so much in such a short amount of time.
I’ve only really been doing this for eight years and I’ve accomplished
sooo much. This life in professional wrestling is unlike anything I’ve
ever asked for, I honestly feel blessed. Like God is with me……man I
really wanna break out a Tebow right now. You think the X-Box Live Crew
would like me better if I did one?

Spike: Hey-yo….I’m not touching that one with a ten foot pole. Lets move on to word association.

Lance Ryan.


Leonard Fox.

Second Father.

The Hierarchy.

battling for power is so two thousand and…….crap just pick a year we’ve
been open I’m sure there’s a stable questing for power in each of them.

Trent Helms.

My greatest rival period.

Smokin Aces.

The best tag team in the world. Where’s there’s smoke…..

holds up the one minute sign and presses a button on his phone and
suddenly The Ace pops up on the screen in a little square in the upper
right corner.*

The Ace: ….there’s fire.

*Steve clicks him off*

Spike: He was on two way the whole time wasn’t he.

Steve: He begged me to let him do that.

Spike: How did he know I was going to say Smokin Aces?

Steve: He didn’t. He just stayed quiet and hoped for the best.

Spike: Weird guy.

Steve: I know.

Spike: Okay next up, Alex Jones.

Steve: That dude has a big mouth. And he needs to close it.

and finally, Spike Kane.

Steve: Oh that guy? Yeah he sucks. Wrestled him once…..smelled like cabbage. Small penis. Just a horrible person to be around.

just dead pan stares into the screen as Steve smiles an innocent smile
back and him and bats his eyelashes all cute like.*

Spike: I hate you so much.

Steve: Ha ha, you know I love you girl. Catch you on the flip side Spikey poo.

Steve throws them up.

Steve: Deuces.

Closing Thoughts

Knite has one hell of a decision to make, and it looks like it needs to
be made sooner rather than later, because this is nCw and things always
end up with violence.

Collision's Main Event looks to absolutely
thrill us with six of the best nCw has ever had to offer in the ring at
the same time, it's put up or shut up time and I'm looking forward to

Who is Gjenrei, and why does Trent have such a hatred for
him? Will we find out this week why the Super Sayain has the assumed X
Champion in his sights?

Steve Awesome can still antagonise me
from an undisclosed location......damn him, but seriously, nCw still
needs Awesome. Looks like there is some beef building between him and
Alex Jones. I wonder what the real story is there?

Until next week folks, enjoy an awesome weekend of nCw Wrestling!
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PostSubject: Re: Spike TV via nCw   Sat Jan 21, 2012 2:27 pm

OOC: I kinda miss NCW. It's a great E-fed. I'm having my yearly urge to E-fed, so I've already signed up to one which is quite new and looks promising.
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PostSubject: Re: Spike TV via nCw   Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:08 pm

Thanks for the name-check Steve. NCW always seemed to be a pretty well-run e-fed and I even considered joining up a couple of times. Just didn't think I could make the format fit my style.

But its good to know you're still doing it in some form and that its been going well. You know I always rated your stuff, and I had a lot of fun doing our feud. I'd work with Steve Awesome again in a heartbeat, and any time you want to namecheck or use my characters, its perfectly OK with me.

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PostSubject: Re: Spike TV via nCw   Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:52 pm

David, I reckon your writing style would work well in an E-fed like NCW. You could continue your stories (possibly doing some back-story first to help people understand what's gone on in recent times for Shand), while RPing competitively. You've got the writing skill to make it work for you.
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PostSubject: Re: Spike TV via nCw   

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Spike TV via nCw
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