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 A Note about something with me

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PostSubject: A Note about something with me   Thu Nov 17, 2011 5:55 pm

I think i've had it with some of the sites I waste my time on, like Facebook and things like that.

But just to be clear, I will still post here as if nothing has changed. But I no longer see any point in Social Networking, other than serving a purpose in being addicted to stupid things like pointlessly talking to myself.

For the longest time now, I feel stupid and awkward posting on Facebook and other sites of that kind. Awkward because I act like i'm a loser who has no life addicted to rambling on insignificant things, like making announcements in a sparse room, talking loudly like an attention whore to plead to anyone in ear shot to find me interesting. And I keep on doing it, even though it results in nothing and just makes me feel like either a prattling dumbass, or a useless putz who needs a life.

The more I ramble on with long winded bullshit, the more i've been feeling idiotic and self-conscious about it, and I know that i'm a nuisance on social networking sites, far more than I have anything interesting to say.

I've become addicted to this nonsense, and I need to break the habit of this nonsense.

But when I post here, at least it makes sense and means something more than shouting to the air. So I will continue to post here as if nothing has changed, but I see Facebook now as an addiction that has caused me to become far more annoying than I already am, and a terrible habit I should just take some initiative, and break once and for all.

That's all I have to say on that matter.

Now, business as usual on CXA. I apologize for this.

This board will probably be the sole place to find me, form now on. That's.... really all I wanted to say. Just a note to explain myself.
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A Note about something with me
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