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PostSubject: Knowing...   Sat Oct 15, 2011 10:26 am

From www.cyberstarvampire.com

At last, I have understanding. Total understandiing. Not pieces of a
puzzle, strands of an enigma to be worked out. But a complete knowledge.
And it came to me in a dream...

I know that people will scoff. They did when I told them about my
previous dreams. When I revealed the parts that I thought I understood. I
did but it was not with total knowledge. Let them laugh. I undersrtand
it now and they can go to hell.

The dream. Oh, this was like none that I have before. Most times they
fly almost as soon as you wake. They leave you and, by the time you come
to write them down, then you have already lost them. Even with the ones
I have in the in the recent past pale compared with the one I had last
night. I remember it as vividly now as when I was part of it...

It started at a door. Wooden, the sort you may find in a castles keep.
At once feeling very old and exceptionally new. On the door was a symbol
within a symbol, an inverted pentagram inside the chaos star. Red on a
black background. Again, strange yet very familiar.

I pushed open the door and entered a grandly furnished room. The decor
felt alien, otherworldy and less clear as you moved from the centre of
the room. This centre was dominated by a table. Black, obsidian.
Polished. Again, twin symbols, a dragon and a phoenix. Intertwined in
the symbol of infinity.

At the table sat a man. Naked, his skin glowing with an uneathly fire,
an aura that surrounded him. As I watched his skin changed from
brilliant gold through an almost shining black. Like me, his ears were
slightly pointed, his silver hair curling and his eyes molten copper.
His body was perfectly formed. His only adornement an amulet with the
same design as the door.

"Who are you" I asked. Yet as I did I knew the answer. Though his lips never moved his sweet voice was clear in my ears.

"I am you. I am him. I am the spirit of the Draconix. I am the King of Swords. All these things and more."

"Why am I here?"

Again, I seemed to know what he would say the instant I asked the question.

"To see your true nature. Close your eyes..."

I did as he asked, closing my eyes inside of the dream. An image formed
instantly in my head. I saw a group of finely dressed men and women, yet
they did not seem wholly human. Slender, with long pointed faces,
slightly pointed ears and slanted eyes.

"You are Prince of the Quendi. Their blood flows in your veins..."

Another image. A women, tall, beautiful, in a world of tall spires. Of
baroque designs. Towers of many colours. A place yet to be.

"You are one of Infinity's Children. The people from the End of Time."

As I watched the image changed again. This time to one familiar to me.
The Draconix, the strange mix of reptile and bird, dragon and phoenix.

"You were concieved from two beings of different places, different
races, placed in this world. Your legacy shall be their legacy. Open
your eyes and see for the first time..."

I did, looking into the changing coloured skin of the figure. As I watched he took off the amulet, passing it across to me.

"Take my symbol. You are my chosen, though you are not my servant. You
are the Prince of Swords. My mortal heir. Take this idea. This concept.
Embrace your true legacy..."

I took the amulet, placing it around my neck. Walking to the door I
turned, surprised to see that the room had now become huge, filled with
blinding light making it hard to see the figure.

"I don't ask you to believe. I ask you to know..."

Yes, my friends. I have understanding. I know what I must do. I what I shall embrace...
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