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 THE LOST WOMEN'S MATCH. This is the rough draft of the match, rescued from an Email I sent.

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PostSubject: THE LOST WOMEN'S MATCH. This is the rough draft of the match, rescued from an Email I sent.   Tue Oct 04, 2011 11:42 am

NOTE: Since I lost all my work this past Thursday, it JUST occurred to me that I sent a very rough copy of what I had written so far of the match to Chris. It was going to hopefully get finished around then, hoping he could fix it up for me and turn it into something.

This is everything I scrawled out for it. Of course this match ended up be a huge failure, yadda yadda... no more time to live in the past, to be honest.

I just think it might as well be seen, since it probably won't ever be completed further than this.

This is a pretty ugly draft. Many sections are missing, other parts don't connect well, it's a bit of a mess, yet more sections I didn't even allude to yet, and left completely out, some things may contradict each other...

Also, it ends hastily with a tacked on addendum for the ending, that was merely part of a Skype conversation about how the ending would kind of go.

In the end, it just occurs to me that after losing everything on my hard drive, anything worth saving is worth posting, even if it's in a rather embarrassing state. There's no point on holding onto the draft as it was, or keeping it secret anymore.

For better or for worse... here is it. Or what remains of it.
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PostSubject: Re: THE LOST WOMEN'S MATCH. This is the rough draft of the match, rescued from an Email I sent.   Tue Oct 04, 2011 12:07 pm

All seven of the women make their way to the ring, with the sides of the cage spread out horizontally way up in the rafters, and were lowered down into place after all 7 made their entrances.

The entrances went thusly:

"The following match is the CXA X-Women's Ladder Lockup Match. In a few moments, Seven female competitors will begin to make their entrances, as the sides of 37 foot Lockup cage will lower and be assembled into place, and the opened ceiling will be fitted on top. Above which are suspended three suitcases with three optional prizes obtainable with a 40 foot ladder, one prize containing 700.000 dollars and the other two are a mystery. However, prizes aside. the only way to eliminate the other 6 competitors is by submission or pinfall. The last woman remaining after all 6 other competitors have been eliminated will be declared the winner."

The first wrestler makes her way out to the match with her music as the walls of the cage begin to lower sideways from the rafters with cables and be secured into place around the ring area by workers.

Meanwhile, the first out to the entrance stage is Maria Typhoon, as her music plays, and she appears on the stage in her blue and white superhero-inspired attire, complete with cape, as she sprints to the ring.

"Now making her entrance, from Baltimore, Maryland... Maria Typhoon!"

As she sprints towards the ring arena, two columns of blue pryo stream along the ramp behind her, cape flying out behind her.

She runs up the apron, and flips over the top rope and into the ring. The sides of the cage, still slanted out to the sides of the ring, unassembled, and making entry to the ring possible.

She does a backflip and strikes a superherioic type pose against atop the turnbuckle, awaiting the next entrant.

The music changes to that of a brazillian styled entrance theme, as the lights go out on the entrance way. When they come back on, a figure standing in the entranceway, dressed in black capri pants and a yellow and green top is standing in the entrance way, backlit by strobe lighting behind her, as she flips from her feet, onto her hands and does a spin kick for show, before rising back up her hand on one hip, and the other holding a brown hat which she flings into the crowd.

She begins making her way down the ramp, as the ring announcer speaks.

"From Torquay, England... making her CXA Debut, she is Melanie Riggs."

Melanie walks to the ring, playing towards the crowd, at least for now. Although intimidated by the cage, even in it's unassembled form, gives her the shivers. Before stepping into the ring, after having climbed the ring steps, she lingers for a few seconds, closing her eyes. Then vaults over the tunbuckle with a split legged kick, tucking and rolling upon landing on the mat, and popping up in the same manner as she had made her entrance.

As soon as she has, the next entrant has begun their entrance. Melanie's music cuts out as a second of awkward silence is answered by a loud, guitar heavy music a large column of fire shooting up through the entrance way with a deafening explosion. And no sooner do the fires shoot up from the entrance, and smoke begins bellowing from the entrance, as the large, 7foot, frightening, monsterous visage of Rachel Starr shows on the stage, staring down the ramp. After a few moments,

"And hailing from Chicago, Illinois... Rachel Starr"

As her announcement begins, she slowly begins to walk down the ramp, making her way to the ring.. and stepping over the ring ropes to make her way to the inside. It is at this point, however, that both Melanie and Maria have slipped to the outside. No doubt to plan in their minds, their strategies to somehow take Rachel out of the match by some miracle.

A techno theme starts playing as Quadra, appears bouncing on the stage as pinwheel spiral pyro fires off above her, combined with the flashing colored lights.

"And now making her entrance to the ring, from the 25th Dimension... The Super Weapon Kitty, Quadra."

As Quadra gets down to bouncing down the ramp, one familiar certain young male fan with short blonde hair in the very front row notices Quadra, and seems very surprised to see her, in fact. Quadra also comes up to the short haired blonde fan and seems to converse with him. The camera gets close and she appears to be asking him something. The young blonde haired fan, indicates with an appropriate facial expression that seems to say 'Oh! Yes! That, I still have it.'

The fan then hands her a small object from his pocket that appears to be a small metallic object of some kind. She then smiles and gives him a small little kiss on the cheek and she runs into the ring, awaiting the next competitor, and leaving the fan in the front row dumbfounded by the coincidence of them running into each other again.

"Bold & Delicious" by Sweetbox begins playing on the large sound system, marking the beginning of the entrance of Soudouki Kobayashi, along with fountains of gushing maroon pyro meant to signal her appearance, but she does not appear right away. The ring announcer begins to announce her presence, anyway.

"Now making her way to the ring, from Osaka, Japan, Soudouki Kobayashi!"

Soudouki slowly walks out to the ramp, and does the requisite sexy pose to taunt the crowd with her superiority, but today, this match.. she isn't in the mood. She only glares hatefully down to the object of her rage in the match. Melanie Riggs. She will make her pay, and pay dearly in this match.

Soudouki slowly walks down to the ring never averting her gaze from Melanie. Upon getting to the ring apron area, instead she walks around to the front side of the ring, and stands there. Making sure to let Melanie notice her presence, her stare never letting up. Melanie scowls back at her. Once that bell rings and the sides of the cage are in place, nothing will stop these two from their battle.

On that note, almost sensing the tension from Soudouki's appearance, the music then switches over to a lighthearted, yet slightly off-kilter techno beat and almost video game sounding music, as Suzanne Rickley appears on the stage running back and forth as blasts of timed pyro come up for the stage, Suzie playfully jumping in the air everytime they do.

"And introducing the next entrant, from Santa Cruz, California... Suzanne Rickley!"

She speeds down the rampway, swerving left and right, high-fiving anyone she can, and even running back, just in case she missed a few. She then suddenly changes direction, turns sharply and zips into the ring, bounding back and forth between the ropes, stopping to throw her hands up to wave at everyone.

As she does so, suddenly the lights all go out, reducing the arena to total darkness. The entrance set, is the first thing shoot back to life with a powerful glow of pink light, and a lone pink spotlight appears on a figurre standing on the entrance way, her arms out to her sides, her head back, looking up at the ceiling.

"And finally.. the final competitor in the CXA Women's Ladder Lockup Match... originally hailing from Akihabara, Japan she is the one and only Megastar of the CWA... Julie Yafuda!"

Her music, a suave, almost orchestral sounding James Bond-like theme blasts over the PA, as Julie Yafuda, bathed in a pink spotlight all her own takes in the energy of the crowd anticipating the match.

She puts her hands on her hips, tosses her long, dyed pink hair with a quick shake of her head, the lights and spotlight reflecting off of her pink and silver attire, and she takes her hands off her hips and begins to walk down the ramp way, while fountains of pink sparks shower her from both sides as she makes her way down then, and slides her way, feet first under the bottom rope of the ring.

She then kips up with a bounding leap to her feet, and stands in the center of the ring, tossing her hair, with her hands on her hips one more time, as her music begins to die down, and she paces the ring, as the other 6 competitors, who had left the ring during her entrance, now get into the ring, ready to begin the match.

It is then, that the sides of the ring hanging down at an angle from the top of the cage, spread out, allowing them entry to the ring, are lowered, to meet together via cables, and are being secured at the bottom.
Within 40 seconds of anticipation of the others staring at each other, the moment of truth arriving, the long cylindrical cage is locked into place and the three prize briefcases are lowered above the hole in the top of the structure known as The Lockup, and the 30 foot ladder propped against the corner.

And with that, the match begins."

The match starts off with them in the ring for the first section. Some of this stuff was to happen during the first leg of the match before the cage and the prizes come into play.

Julie and Maria start off, Suzie against Mel, and Sou and Quadra attempting a double team on Rachel.

Rachel takes Quadra and Soudouki down with a big boot to the ground, as Rickley grapples up and positions behind Melanie for a german suplex. Maria takes to the top turnbuckle for a flying spin kick to Mel.

Quadra gets back to her feet, dashing back at Rachel who seems preoccupied with grabbing Melanie by her hair. Quadra jumps onto Rachel's back, her legs wrapped around Rachel's waist piggyback style, attempting to toss her backwards.

Soudouki then gets to her feet as well, running over to the opposite turnbuckle, with a leap and lands with a jumping dropkick straight to the back of Quadra piggybacked on Rachel as the two both crash to the mat together, causing Rachel to let go of Melanie's hair.

Soudouki and Melanie whirl around to face one another, their eyes locking in a hateful glance, as Soudouki rocks her fist back and delibearly and blatantly puches Melanie right in the eye with a gratified shriek.

It's at this moment however, that Suzie and Maria also face each other with a knowing glance and a smirking smile. They join their hands together and stand side by side, backing up a bit, and then running full force at Soudouki and Melanie as they trade punches... clotheslining them both to the mat with their double team maneuver.

Sou and Melanie then get to their feet again, as they run back one more time from the other direction with their double clothesline and knock them both down again.

Suzie and Maria ready themselves for the maneuver one more time, the crowd behind them, as Melanie manages to avoid the clotheline with a dexterous leg split, effectively ducking the double clothesline, while Sou still gets knocked down.

Melanie spins around with a beautiful, jumping capieoria kick that levels Maria Typhoon.

Rachel, pre-occupied by stomping Quadra's legs as she lays on the ground from Sou's dropkick lifts her head and looks over, and walks over to those still standing, and grabs Suzanne by the neck, lifting her up almost a foot into the air.

Suzanne struggles in the air for a second, her legs swinging in the air, and gasping for breath from Rachel's grip, as Rachel walks slowly to the edge of the ropes. She then places her hand on Suzanne's back and choketosses Rickley out of the ring.

Rachel turns around to face her a few of the others get up and stand behind Melanie looking on at Rachel, who smirks and begins pounding her fist into the flat of her hand, menacingly, as if to challenge someone to make a move.

Melanie looks to her left and right over at both Quadra and Yafuda and goes after them only to have them attack her, but then Quadra teams up with her for an attack on Julie who is thrown to the outside of the ring, and Quadra hits the Kitty Kutter on Mel and then looks around, seeing no one else to attack, so she quickly wraps her arms around herself and then leaps onto her back, with the announcers asking incredulously if she was just trying to suplex herself.

Yafuda is the first to grab a weapon and then goes on a rampage bashing everyone in sight, except Maria.

Yafuda hits Rachel with 4 chair shots to the head and Rachel incredibly no-sells the first 3, and the 4th being a toss to Rachel's hands and a dropkick to the chair in her hands, which doesn't even take her off her feet. But Yafuda then runs to the turnbuckle while Maria also bounds up to the turnbuckle on the other side, and then both leap off and simultaneously missile dropkick the chair into Rachel, that finally crashes her down to the mat.

Soudouki comes up behind Yafuda and Julie whirls around and almost smacks her with the chair before she sees who it is, and stops, and Sou and Julie take control of the match after this, working together. Melanie then comes up behind the two of them while being distracted by Quadra acting bizarre in front of them.

Melanie does a handspring but then walks on her hands and spins on her hands to deliver a kick to Julie and then flips forward only for Soudouki to smack Melanie in the face with the chair that Julie passed her.

Sou then puts Melanie into a figure four leglock while Julie gets up, and feels her face, infuriated that she's bleeding, and grabs the chair and starts bringing it down on Melanie's head while in the figure four, as Sou tightens it.

Melanie is dazed and almost knocked out from the continued brutality of this, and Sou won't let go of the hold.

Maria then comes to the rescue by launching from the turnbuckle and jumps onto Julie's shoulders, and then flips her into a hurricanrana that collides into Soudouki. Maria then helps Melanie to her feet and she can barely stand and then helps her over to the ropes, leaning her against it so she can get her bearings.

Because Maria believes in fair play and wouldn't take advantage of Mel after being brutalized by a chair and a leg lock at the same time, and encourages her to get her bearings.

Quadra then teams up with Maria, by climbing up on Maria's shoulders, in a chicken-fight formation, while Julie and Sou, getting to their feet, challenged by this do the same, and so it's Quadra on Maria's shoulders, and Soudouki on Yafuda's shoulders locking their arms up in a test of strength.

Melanie however, has shaken the pain off and has somehow managed to get to the top turnbuckle and leapfrogs over Maria and Quadra straight into Soudouki, slamming into her with a sideways headbutt, a signature move of hers called the Cabecada Crunch.

This topples Sou off of Yafuda's shoulders, as Mel and Sou lay entangled in a heap behind Julie who turns around to see what happened to her best friend.

Quadra is preparing to do something as she approaches Julie, while Quadra's still on Maria's shoulders... But Rachel appears in the ring, carrying Suzanne over her head and tosses the struggling Suzanne into Quadra, knocking her backwards off of Maria's shoulders.

Leaving Rachel to pick Maria up by the neck way up off the ground, walks over to the ring and chokeslam her out of the ring.

Yafuda, is intimidated by this, when Rachel turns around to glare at her, and Yafuda just slides backwards out of the ring, in fear.

Rachel Starr is then, the first one to go over to the corner and grab the 30 foot ladder and the first to set it up, under, and through the hole of the cage that the top of the ladder just pokes up over through.
Soudouki is the first to attempt to get to her feet, pulling Melanie up by the hair, but Melanie, groggy at first, suddenly wraps her arms around Soudouki, and hits her with a belly-to-back suplex and begins limping over to the ladder, to follow Rachel.

Julie then sees her opportunity and also begins sprinting up the ladder after Melanie, grabbing at her leg, and Melanie trying to kick back down at her. They end up traveling up a quarter of the way up the ladder like this while Rachel nears the top. Maria comes to, however, and gets back into the ring, and up the turnbuckle and dropkicks the ladder.

This causes the ladder top to just bang against the hole at the top that it's just poking up out of, and though the ladder is not knocked over, it's been jarred enough to cause Rachel to slip, though one hand of hers was on the side of the top of the hole. Julie is knocked off the ladder, after her foot slips, but Melanie manages to hold on. Meanwhile Rachel, about 33 feet up, is hanging off the hole in the top by both hands, and is trying desperately to pull herself up and through the hole.

Yafuda, then re-approches the ladder and begins trying to move the bottom of the ladder from side to side, banging it against the hole, trying to shake Melanie off while at the same time, trying to bang the ladder against Rachel's back, as she hold onto the side for dear life.

Soudouki gets up and also joins Julie in violently trying to shake the ladder, but she is focusing more on trying to knock Melanie off more than trying to shove Rachel off the top.

Soudouki then seemingly tells Julie to stop shaking the ladder so she can go after Melanie, and Soudouki then begins scrambling up the ladder in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Rachel is holding on by one hand and about to fall off, and Melanie is about 50% the way up the ladder with Sou in persuit at about 25% of the way.

Suzie, Maria and Quadra find their ways back into the match, looking up at Rachel Star, dangling off the top. The three converse for a short while in apparent agreement that something needs to be done about Rachel, so the three of them strike a truce.

Quadra fishes in her pants pocket and pulls out the small pinball shaped metal sphere from earlier, and Suzie pulls out a rubber band that she happened to have in her hair, to make a ponytail, so that her long hair wouldn't be in her face during the match.

Maria spreads her thumb and forefinger apart, to form a V, while Suzie slips and doubles the rubber band around Maria's fingers, while Quadra takes the pinball she reaquired from Zack in the front row (from her story RP, who happened to be at the show, and gave her back the ball bearing she gave him weeks ago), and places it into the band and closes one eye, looking through Maria's fingers to aim the ball at Rachel, 30 feet up and she pulls the ball back.

She lets the ball go and it flies up, slamming into Rachel's back causing her to let out a growing yell of pain and come down into the mat hard from atop the cage with a sickening drop. If Rachel had been any less of a giant or any less muscularly built, she could have been severely damaged, although it is still possible she's injured something.

The three girls all exchange a "YES!" moment, and then surround Rachel, kicking and stomping and attacking her mercilessly.

However, soon, the three of them begin attacking and wrestling each other, after it soon turns into a bit of an argument over which one of them will be the one to eliminate the monster with a pinfall.

Meanwhile, Sou and Melanie end up near the top of the ladder and the hole in the cage on either side, trading punches, keeping each other from placing their hands on the cage to pull themselves up to the top.

Julie however, has also decided to climb up the ladder as well as it about 25% the way up.

Down at the bottom of the ring, to the mat, while the three girls bicker about who gets to pin Rachel, since they all contributed something to defeating her, Rachel begins to get back to her feet slowly, and suddenly the girls panic at the unreal stamina of the giant Rachel.

In a moment of inspiration, Maria and Suzanne Rickely attempt their old double team finisher from the CWA days as S&M... the Universe Destroying Chokeslam.

They both reach up to grab Rachel Starr's neck to prepare for their devastating chokeslam with enough power to obliterate the universe... but as always, it doesn't even remotely work as they still can't even get Rachel off her feet, as the announcers remark.

Rachel, merely looking annoyed, slaps their hands away from her neck, turns halfway, hits Quadra with a big boot, chokeslams Maria and then stands looking at Suzanne.

Suzanne, thinking quickly, slaps Rachel... causing her sunglasses to fly across the ring. Rachel quickly brings her hand to her face in absolute horror, being psychologically damaged to the point of not being able to let anyone see her eyes. Suzanne, being puzzled by this at first, decides to take the opportunity as Rachel crumples to her knees, and hits Rachel with her finisher and then drops down for the pin.

However, Quadra runs back in with a blue road sign emblazoned with the picture of a white airplane that reads "Airport 320 Miles Ahead" (who knows where the hell she got that from Razz) and clobbers Suzanne with it before she can get the three.

She then lays the sign on her prone back and goes back to get a running start, but then is met by Maria Typhoon who catches her in a running bulldog and slams her over the sign laying on Suzanne's back as the two roll over doubled in pain.

As Rachel used this time to search for her sunglasses and put them back on and get to her feet, it's Maria Typhoon that walks backwards, and then runs forward back across the ring, stepping up to Quadra's back (laying on the sign, laying on Suzanne) with a vaulting run to leap off her back and clobber Rachel with a PERFECTLY EXECUTED AXE KICK (Suck it, Alica Fox), to the mat and then rolls her over to hook the leg.

1, 2, 3.

Rachel Starr has been eliminated.

This prompts the officials to signal for one side of the cage wall to rise back up again, like a garage door, for Rachel to exit. Which she does, angrily, but not without giving a big boot to one official. shoves a third onto his back and grab a third by the neck with a choke, only to vault him all the way over to the ramp, and then step on his stomach as she storms back up it.

The cage side lowers from it's angle again.

MEANWHILE, up top, Mel and Sou have both managed to hold onto the top of the ring with both hands, glaring hatefully at each other, as they try to pull themselves up. Yafuda is almost up top, and begins trying to help Soudouki up through the top of the cage hole.

However, back down at the bottom, Suzanne and Quadra have crawled out of the mess, and have begun to fight together with Maria also fending them off. But this results into them backing up into the ladder which causes it to go sideways and slip out from a vertical base as the top of the ladder, slips downward at the same angle out of the hold in the top.

Julie, in a desperate attempt to save herself from falling from that height, grabs onto Melanies knees, dangling precariously from Mel, as the ladder falls out of the hole and clatters down leaning against the side of the cage.

Melanie looks down at Julie clinging to Mel's legs for dear life, looking fearful at the drop below her, and Melanie looks up with a dark, broad smile at Soudouki who understands exactly what Melanie's threatening smile means, and screams at her, "NO!!"

Melanie begins slowly moving her legs, threatening to kick Julie off from her precarious drop and throw Sou's best, and possibly only real friend, 30 feet below in a move that, for someone of Julie's slender build could very possibly end her career as soon as it's begun again.

Sou, then grimaces and, moves her legs over to Julie and shouts "Grab on!!". To which Julie tries to reach out for Soudouki's boot.

Melanie, plays with the situation, swaying her legs back and forth to frighten Julie even more and make it even more difficult for Julie to grab Soudouki's boots.

Soudouki shoots a look over at Melanie of pure anger and hatred, while Melanie smiles wide. And then in a moment of almost mocking generosity, moves her legs towards Soudouki's giving Julie the opportunity to cling to Soudouki's legs and let go of Melanie.

Julie slowly climbs up Soudouki's back, Sou grimacing under the weight of being able to hold on to the cage any longer, as Julie gets far up enough to make her own grab for the side of the cage.

Soudouki and Melanie with the last of their strength, manage to pull themsleves up, hooking a leg ontop of the structure to pull themselves the rest of the way up. They both, Sou and Mel, lay on the backs, on the top of the cage, staring upwards catching their breath and resting after such a strain.

While Julie, still hanging on begins her climb up. Sou gets to her foot and one knee and gives Julie a hand, pulling her up, as Julie also crawls up through the hole, and lays back on the cage, getting her bearings as well.

All three women on their back, breathing heavily, nursing sore muscles, stare up at the three suitcases dangling above the very hole in the top of the nearly 40 foot cage that they just risked life and limb to climb up to.

Down below, the three at the bottom, Quadra, Suzanne, and Maria wrestle each other, attempting to set the ladder up again, and try to climb up, pulling each other down, hitting finishers off of the ladder halfway up to the mat, and the usual things one expects from a ladder match from athletes of their caliber.

Up top, Soudouki Kobayashi, Melanie Riggs and Julie Yafuda begin to stir, and slowly work themselves up to a verical base, looking at the three mystery suitcases, suspended right above their reach, and over the hole in the top of the giant cylindrical cage they are standing on, knowing that they could possibly fall right in, just by attempting to grab any of the three prizes.

Then they look at each other.

Slowly, they begin to pace around the hole in a circle, sizing each other and their strategies up, but then Sou and Yafuda glancing at each other with a nod that they are indeed on the same page, and it's more of a question of 2 against one, which two of announcers agree on, with only Renard questioning the lasting power of any union with the prizes.

Tarsh and Maxine both reminding him that it's still possible that the two could help each other to a prize each and share. And Renard then countering by asking if Soudouki or Yafuda have ever had a reputation as the sharing type, before this, to which Maxine and Tarsh have no ready reply aside from Maxine bringing to mind that the two sure seemed freindly enough to help each other not fall.

Julie reaches a point at about this time where she needs to make a choice whether to help her friend in her battle with Melanie or forsake her for the sake of a prize, of which could be all of that money, and a shot at completing the dream that Sou talked her out of.

At this point Quadra is climbing the ladder below all of them, armed with a chair and trying to take out the others on her way up.

Then, above that, as Quadra nears the top, knocking the others of with her chair Sou goes for a case after nearly knocking Mel down the hole, she shouts "no!" and stars charging Sou for a spear.

She manages to charges at her and Sou surprisingly slips herself down into the hole at the top of the cage and holds on by her hands, as Julie misses. Sou has an angry look on her face.

Right next to her, as she's holding on, is the ladder propped up against the cage. With on free hand she grabs the chair from a surprised Quadra who is at the top of the ladder by her and tries to kick her off, and does so, sending her crashing back to the mat. The impact and then Quadra trying to get back to her feet leaning against the ladder as she does so, makes the ladder lean close and fall out of the hole, taking the one or two women still climbing down with it.

Sou, still grabbing the top of the cage takes a moment to toss the chair back up to the top off the cage, and then pulls herself up.

Julie and Melanie are going at it, fighting, but Sou comes back and bashes Julie in the head with the chair. And then Mel as well.

Sou looks at both of them, but at the moment, in a fit, decides she's more enraged about the betrayal of her freind and picks her up by the hair. Julie is begging, but Sou picks her up and boots her in the face all the way back down. Sou is shocked as to what she's done and snaps. She immediately begins punching and clawing at Melanie in a rage (presumably blaming her mere appearance at the start of everything with Chio as the cause of everything that's happened, leading to this event Sou just did to Julie somehow)

At the bottom, Maria and Suzie both go for the cover on Julie who is pretty much decimated. They decide which one of them gets the pin by an improptu game of rock, paper, scissors.

Up top Sou walks Melanie over to the side of the cage and tosses her forward with the intent of shoving her 50 feet to the floor outside, but she doesn't quite through Mel that far.

Down below, Quadra gets her bearings and starts walloping the other two with odd weapons that she's dug out from under the ring, and they all three get into it.

Soudouki grabs one of the cases and manages to get it down. Melanie flies back to her feet and starts throwing punches at Sou, her blocking most of them with the case, but Mel fakes her out with a fake punch that causes Sou to move the case, as Mel sneaks around and gets a great punch to the face causing Sou to fumble and drop the case all the way down the hole.

It lands almost square in between the three Quadra, Maria and Suzie who were at the time, sizing each other up. But when that happens, they look above and then down at the case and proceed to fight over it, creating some usual offense about who gets this locked case.

During this time, Julie, slowly, tries to roll out of the ring, as she's ravaged with pain no doubt, in an instant not to get eliminated and she just rolls to the outside of the ring and crawls to the corner to try and recover a little. Mostly just laying and sitting there.

One of the referees on the outside, watching this event unfold is discussing with the other refs. They eventually confer to allow Julie out of the cage, and talk to a technician at ringside.

At this point Sou grimaces, seeing that HER case is being fought over, with the three women at the bottom fighting over possession of it, and looks up, and goes to grab another of the three cases.

She does so, making a leap towards it, with no ladder under her this time, trying to keep one leg to the side, so she can work her way over that way once releasing the case. But Melanie grabs another case and the two begin swinging on these cables, using their momentum to crash into each other like a dangerous game of chicken above a cage with a hole that could plunge them 50 feet down.

Meanwhile, in the ring Suzie and Maria have been squabbling over the case to where they have been wrestling over it, and have double clotheslined each other. At this point Quadra appears on the top turnbuckle with a surfboard held over her head and takes a flying leap at the both of them and in-midair jumps and places her feet on the board smashing into the both. Almost a direct, but bigger version of her same jump from the Battle Royal from years ago.

Quadra goes to cover Suzanne, but at the last second she kicks out from the pin, giving Maria the chance to get to the opposite turnbuckle and lauch off with a great 450 into a hurricanrana on Quadra going for a pin of which she kicks out of as well.

At this point, while that is going on, above them, Sou and Melanie are still fighting while holding onto the cases. Just then, Mel gets the idea to pull herself up, avoiding kicks from Sou trying to knock her off and begins unhooking the case that Sou is holding onto in the hopes that she'll fall 50 feet below along with it, and possibly break her neck in the fall.

Melanie succeeds and Sou does indeed begin to fall with a scream, causing the announcers to bug out again at the idea of her falling like Julie and possibly taking her completly out of the match, if not being seriously hurt.

But... Mid-fall, Sou catches herself in the underside of the cage top by her leg, which looks painful as she struggles to bend her body up to free her leg. She grabs one hand at the cage in the underside of the ring and frees her leg, now using her hands to get to the side of the cage, like a monkey bar set on a playground, and reaches the side of the cage with the case in one hand, and starts crawling down the cage wall, laughing at Melanie.

Melanie however, starts crawling down the same side of the cage in persuit, on the OUTside, and banging on the cage in front of Sou's face with her foot, trying to make her lose her balance and fall, the two trading words.

The three below, start to take notice of Soudouki making her way back down, and glance a look at her in-between fighting themselves, thinking of preparing for her, since she's obviously been tiring herself out more than them, with her adventures on the top.

Soudouki ends up getting halfway down the side, from the inside of the cage wall, while Maria climbs the turnbuckle, ready to leap towards Sou once she gets in range (with Mel following her down on the outside) as Suzanne and Quadra fight back and forth some more, fighting over the case.

Sou reaches close to the turnbuckle height, as she scales down the side of the cage, but is too pre-occupied by taunting and laughing at a frustrated Melanie, who is following her down on the outside of the cage.
While this is going on, the case between Suzie and Quadra change hands some more between their offense, as Quadra gives her a running knee to the misection, and then hits her with her finisher, the Kitty Kutter (a tauntless Diamond Cutter, with one leg out in front for effect, basically)

Rather than going for the pin though, Quadra begins setting the ladder up again.

Back to the side of the cage, Mel smiles at Sou, prompting her to say "What's so funny?" only for Mel to point behind Sou. Sou looks behind her, as Maria leaps from the tunbuckle to the cage wall towards her, and she latches onto the cage wall next to Sou, and begins kicking at her with one leg.

Sou, frustrated, drops the case to the floor with a clatter outside the ring, but right by the cage wall.

At this moment, who should appear from behind the ring, crawling towards the dropped case, but Julie Yafuda. Severely injured and still not looking very well as she grips her side in pain, but still is making her way towards Soudouki's dropped case as if her life depended on it.

Right above her, however, Maria then positions herself and puts one leg around Sou, both holding onto the side of the cage, and puts both legs around Sou in an attempt to Hurricanrana her all the way back into the ring.

She grips her legs around Sou and lets her hands go, as she falls backwards trying to fling Sou off the cage, over the top rope and back into the ring, but Sou holds on, causing Maria to instead, clatter her back painfully into the cage, upside down, her legs still locked around Sou's midsection, knowing if she legs go, she will fall.

Maria, in her upside down state, grabs her hands back behind her and grabs the cage only for Sou to then counter this into exactly what Maria tried to do... a hurricanrana into the ring, only this one is successful.
Sou hurricanrana's Maria and drives her all the way into the mat, and bears down on her, holding her in place for a pin.

1...2... No.

Maria bursts out of the pinning hold, and gets up facing Soudouki, only to be clobbered over the head by Quadra from behind, who now is wielding a Sega CD. God knows where she got it from.

Sou takes the opportunity to slide out of the ring, as Julie Yafuda is still crawling towards the case, her legs and her side both in terrible shape from the fall as it's not even known if she can stand, still.
Julie throws herself on the case and closes her eyes and begins holding it as if it were her own child, weeping in joy.

Until she sees Soudouki glowering over her.

Soudouki with fire in her eyes, over the betrayal from earlier, grabs Julie by her long, dyed pink hair, and starts slapping her left and right across the face and slamming her back repeatedly into the cage wall, while Julie grimices in pain, tightly gripping the case.

The two scream, what sounds like personal words at each other. Sou yelling about betrayal, Julie pleading for understanding about trying to save her dream, and that her dreams are in this case.

Sou then wrenches the case away from her, spikes it back down on the ground right there by the cage wall, shouts at her, and points to the ring behind them, which sounds like "I'll kill your dream in the middle of that ring, right now."

True to her word, she drags her to the ring (while Melanie is watching from the outside.). Maria has gotten to her feet, but is now fighting with Suzie and Quadra on the outside. Sou throws the crippled Julie Yafuda into the ring, and prepares to get into the ring to finish her off and indeed kill her dream once and for all.

Sou screams "you should have listened to me!" and picks her limp body up, preparing to assault Julie with her finisher, once and for all. But suddenly out of nowhere, with her last reserve of strength, kicks Sou in the gut and grabs HER hair and screams back into her face "I am THE MEGASTAR!" and prepares to hit her own finisher, the Thorn Of The Rose...

However, Quadra having knocked down Maria and Suzie on the outside, turns to see what is going on back in the ring and decides this is the time she's waited for....

She fishes the little silver ball which she retained from her acquaintance Zack (the blond guy in the front row) and levels her eye to the mat, holding the silver ball in her other hand like a large marble, ready to flick it.
She aims and flicks the steel pinball with her thumb and causes it to roll right up in front of Julie, who is quickly pulling Sou towards the tunrbuckle to perform her "ninja", flipping corner finishing move.

Exactly as Quadra planned, Julie slips on the pinball, and the heel of her foot goes flying out from under her, letting go of Soudouki and falling flat on her side, hurting her leg again as well as she crumbles over in pain.
Quadra then runs into the ring, carrying two black items in her hand, as Soudouki then attempts to captalize on Julie's botched finisher, but comedically slips on the ball and falls in the very same manner.

Quadra, now having run into the ring with both black opjects, and holds them up for all to see. The Sega CD... and a 32X.

She dramatically plugs the 32X into the Sega CD... and then begins clobbering them both with the combined interconnected monstrocity of gaming to a roar of laughter amongst the nerdier fans in the audience.

Quadra then pins Julie Yafuda.. 1...2...3.

Julie Yafuda has been eliminated from the match.

Julie begins to roll out of the ring, instinctively heading for the suitcase still by the cage wall, where it was dropped.

While this is going on, and the ladder is still propped up against the hole in the center of the top, Maria, Suzie and finally Quadra on their heels, begins climbing up the ladder for their chance at the final prize, with the second prize (which had been traded between the three, still) currently in the hands of Suzanne Rickley.
However, as that very side of the ring begins to fold upwards like a garage door again, in order to let Julie out of the match, Melanie (who had been less than patient on the outside during this time) quickly, runs in to snatch the case away from Julie.

Julie, enraged at her last chance at rebuilding her dream being grabbed by Melanie being snatched up by Melanie, makes a grab at the case, at which point Melanie rears back and smashes the steel case into Julie's head, causing her to fall backwards in one last sickening heap, this time knocked out cold.

Melanie, having done that, runs directly over to the time keepers table to place the Steel Case there, ensuring and keeping her as the official winner of the prize for safekeeping.

Meanwhile, Suzie and Maria make their way up near the top of the ladder, Quadra in pursuit.
Back down below, Melanie then promptly runs back through the cage door as the unconscious Yafuda is now being carried to the back via a stretcher. The cage closing back behind Melanie, she immediately runs in the ring to begin attack Soudouki.

The two begin just battering and fighting each other tooth and nail, while Suzie and Maria make their way up to the top of the cage and pull themselves up.

------------- NOTE: I typed this on Skype as a small outline of how the rest goes.

[6:37:08 PM] nightstarx99: What I think i've got left to do is a few things like... at least, one breathtaking thing for Maria to do from the top... one excetpionally hilarious thing for Suzie to do...

[6:38:22 PM] nightstarx99: Quadra getting the last case, opening it, and subsequently using the insane amount of money in her case as just things to throw at people and toss into the crowd, wasting it.. getting eliminated...

[6:39:05 PM] nightstarx99: then Suzie and Maria having to fight each other as Sou and Mel continue their intense escalation.

[6:40:07 PM] nightstarx99: Suzie walking off with a prize after she gets eliminated (I think.. or it could be Maria that gets eliminated. Either works for me.) and then having Suzie's prize end up being... not sure, but I know it'll be something that results in a fun ending for her.

[6:42:03 PM] nightstarx99: and the winner of that exchange (with some unintentional cheating help from Sou) eliminating Mel as she takes her prize and walks off to shock from the crowd. Sou nearly breaking the other girl in half by outright dominating her...

[6:42:53 PM] nightstarx99: the cage lifting as Sou thinks she's won, but then Mel interrupting her music, with a mic showing to everyone what her re-entry prize is, and then their last confrontation.

So then they have one last encounter... which is the climax of the whole thing.

At the end, it comes down to a final one-on-one match with Sou versus Melanie, and Melanie is the winner by applying Sou's own submission and making her tap.

Melanie is the winner and retribution is hers.

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PostSubject: Re: THE LOST WOMEN'S MATCH. This is the rough draft of the match, rescued from an Email I sent.   Tue Oct 04, 2011 2:47 pm


Obvious mistakes that I meant to clean up or re-write are still present, here.

The most glaring and stupid mistake is that I REALLY wanted Quadra's silver ball spot, that I built up and alluded to in her roleplay.... but I forgot that I added it in the match... twice.

As a result, I accidentally included a spot involving the ball, a total of 3 times. To remove two of the spots would have needed massive re-writing and changing of positions of the rest of the women, so I didn't know what to do with it, here.


the jist of this, is that you should be able to catch glimpses of the stories, as they were, between Sou and Juile, Maria and Suzanne, Quadra and Zack, Maria and Rachel, and especially Melanie and Sou... which, after Chris's amazing roleplays, was to take center stage, and to be the finish twist-ending of the match.

Besides the Mel and Sou story in the match, I particuarly enjoyed Julie's betrayal of Sou and Sou's reaction. ....and Quadra's goofiness.
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PostSubject: Re: THE LOST WOMEN'S MATCH. This is the rough draft of the match, rescued from an Email I sent.   Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:24 pm

Final note:

You'll notice that everything is written quickly, here. The sentences are quick and not very descriptive. A simple outline. This was how the first draft was, just so I could plan it out.

The final draft would have had every action padded out and explained more clearly, and commentary would have been added.
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PostSubject: Re: THE LOST WOMEN'S MATCH. This is the rough draft of the match, rescued from an Email I sent.   

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THE LOST WOMEN'S MATCH. This is the rough draft of the match, rescued from an Email I sent.
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