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 Joker-Sting and Jeff Hardy...

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PostSubject: Joker-Sting and Jeff Hardy...   Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:55 am

Yes, two of my faves in one post. You lucky, lucky people! First up Sting. When I was pulling up Winter's name I checkd in on Sting. See below. Looks as if they have gone the whole hog and Joker-ed Sting. Like I said before I'm not against the idea. I think that while Sting doesn't have much left in the tank as a wrestler he is still decent and very good outside of the ring. So it's a good fit. The question is would I have gone as far as the blatant copy. Then I just remember his big gimmick of the past - Hello, Crow! - and it's all good Wink


As for Jeff, well, his second chance seems to be fixed in because they have a new Jeff t-shirt out...
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Joker-Sting and Jeff Hardy...
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