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 All change at cyberstarvampire.com

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PostSubject: All change at cyberstarvampire.com   Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:36 am

Those of you who have clicked on cyberstarvampire.com recently will have noticed a bit of a change. It's out with the old stylised 3 symbol and in with a new one. The site's first screen now shows an Infinity symbol inside of a larger Omega. As you watch the following words also appear:

Prince of Legends Past...Omega's child and Infinity's Son...

Rest of the board has also been locked, with the exception of the forums, which have been going crazy over what this could all mean. Following on from his last interview - not to mention those new ears! - it remains to be seen what is next for Myron Novaar...
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All change at cyberstarvampire.com
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