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 Fire and Ice - Part 3

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PostSubject: Fire and Ice - Part 3   Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:57 am

(PWI) “So
let’s move away from the past and onto the future. What’s next for you? Have we
seen the last of Novaar in the ring?”

(N) “Oh, I
know a lot of people dream of me saying yes to the last part of your question.
Unfortunately for them I must, once again, disappoint their plans and say no,
you haven’t seen the last of The Prince, The Cyberstar, The Vampire in the

I took time
off to complete my appearance (at this point Novaar points to his newly pointed
ears) but they will soon be ready for the rigours of the ring. When they are,
you will see my return.

After all,
wrestling still NEEDS me. Look at TNA, where Hogan and his cronies are doing to
a once interesting company what they did to WCW. Look at the WWE. While I
respect the recent work of Punk they have, for too long, been full of angry,
generic wrestlers who will NEVER have the charisma of The Cyberstar. So, yes,
when I am ready you will see my return…”

(PWI) “When
will that be? Where will that be?”

(N) “All in
good time, all in good time. I can tell you that I have made a number of
contacts with a number of people. I am listening to offers and considering my
options. This is a golden age for me. A rebirth in every sense of the word. So
it must be done correctly. A legacy must be formed. A reminder to all of the
power of the Quendi. Of Novaar.”

(PWI) “There
has been talk of a rematch with Rob Arnold, after the way the last match

(N) “I heard
that rumour. Nothing has been discussed, between Rob or anybody linked to him
so, for now, that is all it remains. However, I am not against such a match.
While I do not think that Rob has the capacity to see the scope of my plans, as
he showed at Reunion, he remains one of the
most talented players in the game. Therefore, to beat him in the middle of the
ring would be a good thing.”

(PWI) “How
about a match against David Shand?”

(N) “No. This
will not be…resolved…in the ring. I have touched on this subject. Move on.”

(PWI) “OK, is
there anybody out there that you want to test yourself against?”

“Certainly. As I said earlier, TNA and WWE have become so soulless and shallow.
But there are still many indie stars that I would like to face. People such as
Thunder Hawk, a Candian Native Amercain wrestler who should go far. Jeff
Hunter, sometimes also called The Demon and one of the few people to live up to
a moniker like that. Also a guy called Ham...OK, not the most intimidating name
you’ll hear but he can wrestle, believe me when I say that.

Then there’s
the Divas. Ladies such as Succi, Tabby Feline and Louzon, Warrior Queen. Girls
that have the in-ring skills to back up their looks and could give the likes of
Joanie Lee a run for her money any day of the week...

Every one of
them is entertaining in their own way. Each has their own draw. So, yes, The
Prince still sees challenges out there. I am not done. Not by a long way…”
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PostSubject: Re: Fire and Ice - Part 3   Wed Jul 20, 2011 10:58 am

ooc: The 'indie stars' are FB wrestlers that I've picked as 'new talent'. Just some fluff to add to colour of the piece!
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PostSubject: Re: Fire and Ice - Part 3   Wed Jul 20, 2011 12:54 pm

Good stuff as ever. Novaar was always a great character.

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PostSubject: Re: Fire and Ice - Part 3   

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Fire and Ice - Part 3
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