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 All the WWE '12 Info drops in 26 days (THQ Summerslam weekend presentation)

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PostSubject: All the WWE '12 Info drops in 26 days (THQ Summerslam weekend presentation)   Mon Jul 18, 2011 8:14 pm

And what I mean by that question (and the topic of discussion here), is what do you think they WILL announce?

Not what you hope is in the game, or you hope they've put in.

But what do you honestly think that it WILL be?

I honestly do think that they're going to state implicitly that the new mode is Create-An-Arena.

Bryan Williams said he was pushing hard for it (he said this last year), Marcus also last year said that they drew up plans and even made sample mock-up treatments on paper as to how it could work, before it was clear that they didn't have the ability to do it for 2011, and that addition got shoved off the table.

So, I'm almost 100% positive that's what it is.

I also think that Sin Cara, Kharma, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, Alex Reilly, and Mason Ryan won't make it into the final game. Some of them may be DLC, but i'm not even sure of some of them for that. I honesty can't see Kharma making it for DLC at all, even.

I do think that they've added title defenses into Universe 2.0, and fixed up some of the confusing rankings and that lately, they've even admitted that some of the repetitive crap in Universe Mode last year that kept happening over and over, was due to some bugs with the numerical values of random probability being too high on some of the cutscenes, such as the "Bought the front row ticket" scene, that's infamous for appearing way too the fuck often.

And tag teams breaking up every other goddamn week to where even making a team or stable is useless since the CPU just breaks them up every week. I think they've very likely fixed that.

And the new Create-A-Finisher position, I believe will end up being ground sumbissions (which probably tie into the Breaking Point system)

They also said that there is a really strong lineup of "extra superstars", that is Legends and such, and even hinted that they they be doing something different with it this time.

So, that makes me think that maybe they'll be adding in some lesser known stars from the Attitude Era or the oldlate 80's/ early 90's era. Not really legends but perhaps, a particular set of legends or extra superstars not pulled from all over time periods but maybe one specific time period. (But now i'm getting into what-if territory and less of the "What they will PROBABLY do" territory i'm trying to stick to. Razz

Either way, I think that this will go into the Old School Raw arena.

Which leads me to my final prediction. I think that one of the pre-orders will very likely be "Old School Raw".

I mean, WWE went to all that trouble of doing that show in the middle of last year, and I have a big feeling that they'll be wanting to represent that into the game. And if they do something that big, I have a feeling it'll be a pre-order indeed.

Also, THQ is going out of their way to not answer people asking "Will there be a demo?" and trying to say everything else but no. Which to me, when they start reacting like that, not giving a definate answer, it means "Yes, we're doing that but we can't legally tell you, in case our plans suddenly change."
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PostSubject: Re: All the WWE '12 Info drops in 26 days (THQ Summerslam weekend presentation)   Tue Jul 19, 2011 1:20 am

I predict:

There WONT be a demo

Create an Arena is in

Create a superstar will include more superstar specific items to allow you to create old school guys more easily

There will be more WWE alumni guys, or possibly a WCW/ECW DLC pack. Either way, DLC will be themed.

Old school RAW set is a given. WCW Thunder set might be in.

Slater, Gabriel, and Riley will certainly be in. Sin Cara and Ryan maybe not. Kharma, no way.

Title defences in Universe are in.

Created submission moves are in.

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All the WWE '12 Info drops in 26 days (THQ Summerslam weekend presentation)
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