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PostSubject: CXA REUNION SHOW - PART 6   Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:15 pm

Maxine is still looking at the video screen “Jeez” she comments “That 24/7 trophy is really proving to be a hot potato. No-one seems able to keep hold of the thing for more than five minutes.

“I was robbed!” wails Reynard

“Keep telling yourself that, champ”

“An incredible night so far, Jason” responds Reynard, ignoring Maxine and gesturing toward the ring “We’ve just about seen it all already”

“Oh no” smirks Tarsh “As great as its been, we haven’t seen it ALL by a long chalk.”

The commentary team seem to be excited about this next match, and with good reason. Up on the stage, floodlights have illuminated the evil looking cross structure which is hanging from the ceiling. Its a brutal looking thing, and hangs ominously with the knowledge that whomever ends up strapped to it will have had to be beaten half senseless to prevent them escaping.

“Well” comments Reynard “This is it. We’ve talked about it already tonight, but its time Jason”

“A crucifixion match, Robinson. Quite unutterably brutal and yet simple in its execution. This is likely to be quite the contest”

“I just hope neither guy gets too badly hurt” comments Maxine

“That’s unlikely” replies Tarsh “Especially with these two. Novaar is as mad as a bag of snakes, and Arnold isn’t above putting himself through hell to win a match, so this is going to get nasty before its all said and done”

The commentators hand it back to the ring, where the ring announcer is in place. He draws up the microphone.

“Ladies and gentleman. The next match is a no-disqualification, anything goes Crucifixion Match! The rules are very simple: to lose this match a wrestler must be attached to the cross and hoisted high above the ring!

So, without any further ado, I give to you your first wrestler...he is a former two-time WHWF World Heavyweight Champion, a CWA Unified Heavyweight Champion, a TXA World Heavyweight Champion and a holder of a number of tag team and intercontinental championships...Hailing from Alfhiem via Atlantis and currently residing in Hollywood, California...he weighs in at two hundred and twenty five pounds...he is The Vampire...The Cyberstar...The Prince...Ladies and gentleman...My-Ron Novaar!"

The house lights die, plunging the arena into darkness. As they do Bal-Sagoth's 'Atlantis Ascendant' tears from the PA. On the left hand side of the set, My-ron’s logo of an icy blue inverted pentagram impaled on on a fiery red heart slides into place on the left tower.

Suddenly the Titon-Tron flares into the same image. This is joined, on loop, by the words 'Devastate' and Degenerate'. The buzz from the crowd begins to build. We watch the loop gets quicker, brighter. Suddenly the symbol catches fire, flames appearing all around it. As the symbol burns, the Draconix appears, circling around the burning symbol, roaring at the fans.

As suddenly as the went out, the house lights return and, stood on the ramp, arms outstretched, is The Prince, My-Ron Novaar. Tonight, The Cyberstar is a vision in black and gold. The latter starts off the outfit with My-Ron's boots, tall and Elfin. These give way to a pair of black, shiny tights which, in turn, lead to a high-necked, short-sleeved top. This top is gold and made from what looks like either reptile or fish scale.

The colours are repeated on Novaar's arms. The right hand and arm are covered by a golden bracer gauntlet, the left with a simple black glove. Two belts, both in gold, sit around Novaar's waist. The black and gold theme also runs to Novaar's make-up, mainly black but flecked with gold on his lips, eyes and finger nails.

What sets tonight's outfit about it the robe, a king or prince's cape, lined with what looks to be fake fur. As Novaar hits his pose, the cape falls majestically around him, giving The Prince a very regal edge.

Slowly, Novaar walks down to the ring, savouring every boo as much as every cheer. Occasionally he will stop, pointing at one of his 'Children of Midnight' and smile. Or simply look at some of the people less happy to see him with disgust and disdain.

Finally reaching the ring, Novaar climbs in, jumping onto the ringpost. Once there he hits the pose again before jumping back down and turning to await his opponent.

Sure enough, the lights dim to a black and blue aura. The silence is slowly broken the plucking of a guitar, and Serj Tankian's voice humming over the PA system. 


Felt like the biggest asshole 
when I killed your rock and roll 
Mow down the sexy people 

Rob Arnold runs out onto the stage to the sound of "Kill Rock 'N' Roll" By System Of A Down.

“Annnnnd his opponent, he is a former TXI and TXA Intercontinental Champion, and a former TXI, CWA and XHF World champion. Hailing from Somerset, England, he is The True Innovator, Rob Arnold!”

Rob is wearing a half blue, half white pair of tights, with his name written down the side of his left leg. His trademark coat sits over the top, with “Nightmare” written on the back of it. He looks around, and gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, not bothering he trots to the left of the stage and feeds off the crowd. Smirking as per usual he moves onto the ramp, pausing half way down he smiles. Slowly, he raises both arms, pointing to the sky, this causes three white pyro columns to fly up behind him. 

Every time I look in your eyes, every day I'm watching you die 
All the thoughts I see in you about how I 

Rob walks on down towards the ring and then jogs the final few steps, and placing a knee on the apron. He pauses for another smirk, and then climbs in via the second rope and into the ring. 

So I felt like the biggest asshole 
(felt like the biggest asshole) 
When I killed your rock n roll 
(Mow down the sexy people) 

Rob walks to a turnbuckle and climbs it, before raising his arms in the air with a smirk. He climbs down, and removes the coat, before moving into the corner of the ring opposite My-Ron, who hasn’t moved during Rob’s display.

“Like we have already said, this should be an intriguing match” continues Reynard “In the build up a lot has been said by both these gentlemen, and both men look ready to give it everything.”

The bell rings, and with no referee in place - one isn’t really needed as its anything goes - both men charge straight for each other into a regulation collar and elbow tie-up. Arnold puts Novaar on the back foot immediately, using his slight strength advantage to back him into the corner. Despite there being no rules, Rob opts to break the hold cleanly, and takes a few steps back to the centre of the ring, smirking at Novaar as he does.

“Mind games early on from Arnold here.” Tarsh observes

The two go for another tie up, and this time Arnold manoeuvres Novaar into a headlock. Novaar uses his strength to push him towards the ropes, and Arnold rebounds with a stiff shoulder barge. He opts for the ropes again but Novaar springs to his feet and attempts a hip toss which Arnold reads and counters by spinning past Novaar and delivering a hip toss of his own. Arnold holds onto the arm and attempts to apply pressure, but Novaar leaps to his feet and reverses into a snapmare, followed by a sharp kick to the back.

“Both men using the technical battle to gain an early advantage here. Which will suit Arnold more, one would think!” Reynard comments

Tarsh isn’t so sure “Don’t bet on that my Cannuck friend. Just remember who Novaar trained under. He can go down the technical route when he needs to - I know that first hand!”

Rob groans in pain from the kick. Novaar picks him up and Rob quickly recovers, delivering a forearm to the face of Novaar, followed by a second. He sends Novaar to the ropes and delivers a back drop as he comes back to him. Quick to apply pressure, Arnold hits a standing elbow drop to Novaar’s sternum to slow him down. Picking Novaar up, Arnold throws him in the corner, and delivers a stiff chop to his chest, prompting the customary “woo” from the crowd. He sends Novaar to the opposite corner and charges after him, hitting a jumping back elbow, however he then grabs Novaar and takes his momentum into a snapmare.

“Arnold starting to take control of these early proceedings, using his technical ability to keep a lot of pressure on Novaar!”

Arnold picks My-Ron up and delivers a stiff kick in the gut, grabbing Novaar and hitting a snap suplex. Novaar groans upon impact and holds his back. He has no time to recover however, as Rob lifts his again and pushes him to the corner, Novaar attempts to fight back however with a boot to the gut, and a forearm to send Rob back to the centre of the ring. My-Ron charges at Arnold but gets a spinning spinebuster for his troubles. Arnold jumps to his feet and yells “come on” to the crowd, who again give him a mixed reaction.

“Well” says Maxine off the crowd’s reaction “Rob’s certainly divided the crowd tonight, as always!”

Feeling the advantage, Rob allows Novaar to his feet on his own steam. He grabs Novaar from behind in a full nelson, and hits a full nelson drop, sending My-Ron’s back hard into the mat. Picking Novaar up again, Arnold grabs the back of Novaar’s head and forces it into the nearest turnbuckle, Novaar stumbles back, and does a slow, stumbling three-sixty degrees, and as he heads back, Arnold springboards onto the second turnbuckle and hits a diving cross body.

“Rob Arnold is showing us an array of moves tonight, if there is any ring-rust, it’s not showing so far!”

Rolling off after impact, Rob is back on his feet. He grabs Novaar as he clambers back to his feet and whips him to the corner. However, as he goes for a running clothesline Novaar hits and elbow to send him back. Rob tries a second time and gets the same result. Novaar senses and opening and comes out with a few forearms and chops, backing Rob into the ropes before sending him across the ring, Rob ducks the clothesline attempt by sliding out of the ring and grabbing My-Ron’s boots, flipping him face first to the canvas.

“Amazing ring awareness right there!”

Rob slides back into the ring and picks Novaar up in a headlock, before hoisting him up and hitting a delayed suplex. Standing up, Rob looks to the corner of the ring, and walks over to it, befre climbing to the top rope, with a deep breath, Rob takes flight, and hits a guillotine leg drop to My-Ron’s neck.

“Concorde’s Dream! Rob went high risk and it paid off!”

Arnold sits up and looks at his fallen opponent with a smile. Picking him up, he decides to slam a knee into Novaar’s gut, as he doubles over, he drops to one knee and slams an uppercut into his chin, causing Novaar to stumble into the ropes and use them for leverage. Arnold approaches My-Ron a bit slowly, and allows him to get a sharp to the calf in, and another. Novaar grabs Rob and hits a chin breaker, propelling Rob back a few feet. He runs at him, but Arnold recovers and hits a drop toe hold, making Novaar land slumped on the second rope. Arnold then shows his more sinister side by placing the knee in the back of My-Ron’s neck, choking him with the rope.

Maxine isn’t impressed “Rob Arnold was never known as the cleanest player in the game!”

Rob relieves the pressure and picks Novaar up by his head and moves him to the centre of the ring, and grabs him in position for the S2. Novaar is quick to fight out and elbows Arnold in the face, he then mule kicks Arnold in the gut, and as goes for another kick, Rob grabs his foot, and spins him right around, as he comes full circle, Arnold locks in and his a belly-to-belly suplex.

“My-Ron just can’t quite get foot into this match just yet” Robinson offers

“No” replies Tarsh “But, you feel he’s only one move away however!”

Rob backs away from My-Ron and heads to the second rope. He perches, waiting for Novaar to get up, as he does he lets fly with a double axe handle, but My-Ron sees him coming, and hits a leaping knee into Arnold’s gut, who doubles over in pain.

“Is this the opening Novaar’s been needing?”

The Cyberstar grabs Arnold and puts in a few rights, backing him into the corner, he sends him to the opposite corner, and isn’t far to follow with a shoulder charge to the stomach, Arnold stumbles forward onto his knees, allowing My-ron to head to the second turnbuckle. He goes for his own double axe-handle as Rob gets up and turns but Rob also reads it and has him by the throat, setting him up and hitting a chokeslam! However the shots have taken toll on Rob, and he drops back to one knee, holding his abdomen.

“Rob’s beginning to feel the effects of Novaar’s semi-constant attacks now, he’ll need to lose the complacency he’s suffered so far to avoid more of this.”

Both men get to their feet and exchange rights, before Arnold takes the physical advantage. He whips My-ron into he ropes and follows with a hip toss, upon landing, he holds the arm and twists into a high angle arm bar. Novaar, forced to sit as his arm is wretched yells in pain.

“Arnold is looking to wear down My-Ron now.”

Rob continues to apply presure, but Novaar starts getting to his feet. To counter this, Arnold goes for the arm drag but Novaar saves himself with a front flip. Getting back to his feet Novaar rams a forearm into Arnold's face, knocking the latter back. Sensing an advantage Novaar swings in right and left punches before flipping over again, this with a leg-feed mule-kick Enzuguri, staggering Arnold into the ropes. As the latter bounces back Novaar follows in with a leaping knee to Arnold's face. Rob goes down.

"Quick moves there from Novaar” enthuses Reynard “Say what you will - and most people do - but he's like a Willow-the-Wisp when he gets going!"

“This is where Fox - Novaar - was always good. That ability to soak up punishment but then wait for an opening and exploit it. Rob shouldn’t have given him the chance”

Novaar jogs back and, with Arnold still down, sprints forward. The Cyberstar ends this with a rolling forward roll, otherwise known as...

"That's the Thunder of Envy, right there!"

Arnold takes the shot to the gut. Novaar, meanwhile, is quickly on his feet and heads up the ringpost. Then, leaping off, he drives an elbow into Arnold's gut. For the second time in less than a few minutes Arnold's midsection feels the pain.

"Novaar is like a tornado right now!"

Novaar drags Arnold to his feet and follows in with some more rights and lefts, throwing in the odd forearm for flavour. Novaar suddenly hits the ropes once again, coming off with another leaping knee, dazing Arnold. Novaar then tucks and rolls and whips himself into the ropes once more with a Head-scissors take-down. Before Arnold can react he's pulled to his feet once again and Novaar dropkicks Arnold into the corner. Following Arnold in, Novaar hits a reverse Stunner on Arnold and Rob is down again.

"Novaar is going high rent..."

Indeed he is, waiting for Arnold to get to his feet. To his credit Rob is quickly on his feet, shaking his head to clear it. Arnold doesn't get much of a chance, however, as Novaar leaps off, hitting a...

"Darkness Falls! A Corkscrew Moonsault off the ringpost!" Yells Maxine

“Well, if you’re scoring this on points” replies Tarsh “Novaar might have evened the score with that series,.

In normal matches Novaar may have gone for the pin. Not tonight. Novaar drags Arnold to his feet again. Arnold shows admirable stamina by putting up a fight, slamming in his own shots as Novaar does. For a few, brief seconds it appears that Arnold is going to wrest the advantage away. But, just when it does, Novaar whips in behind, grabs an arm and Irish Whips Arnold into the ropes. Arnold bounces straight back into a strong clothesline.

Novaar pins his fallen opponent down with some stiff looking right hands while holding Arnold's head by his hair. Then it's back to the ringpost. Arnold gets to his feet, Novaar leaps off...and gets caught in a DDT position! Novaar is slammed to the canvas!

"Ouch! That's got to have hurt!" winces Mars

"It looks like it.” observes Jason “Honours even again. Both Novaar and Arnold are down, with the latter getting some much needed breathing space..."

Both men get to their feet at around the same time, with Novaar perhaps a step ahead. This allows him to go for a reverse Twisted Fate but Arnold quickly twists out into a dropkick onto Novaar's leg. Arnold follows that in with a Spinning Roundhouse to Novaar's mid-section. It's time for Arnold to go high risk.

"Arnold has always been quick and nimble. Strong yes, but more into the speed and technical know how. He's not as natural a high flyer as Novaar but he's not afraid to hit the moves..."

But not this time! As Arnold leaps off for a Missle Dropkick, Novaar gets there a second or two before, sending Arnold crashing to the canvas. Novaar then hits the ringpost himself, leaping off for a Leg Drop from the top rope!

"System's Crash! That's pure Cyberstar!"

With Arnold down, Novaar takes a few quick gulps of air and then drags Arnold to his feet. The latter doesn't get the chance to enjoy that, however, as Novaar is quickly in with a Diving Clothesline followed by a wild flurry of punches!

"That might look like chaos in there but that's what Novaar rather grandly calls 'Unleashed Wrath'." Maxine informs the home audience

"I think Arnold would agree with that statement right now!" agrees Tarsh

Novaar quickly follows that move up with another of his signatures. It's Novaar's own take on Ted Dibase's famous Million Dollar Dream, this time called The Rage of Sloth.

"Oooo, nice hold. Arnold is in a bit of trouble here. Novaar has that nicely locked in." appraises Tarsh, appreciating the technical nature of the hold

"It's a move Novaar learned from David Shand. Nice to see it in his kit bag!" replies Mars

"Arnold's fighting it though...wait...yes...Arnold has managed to wriggle free!" finishes Robinson

"That’s Impressive!" finishes Tarsh

Indeed it is and even Novaar looks to have a little respect as Arnold crawls out. Not for long, mind, as Novaar slams a viscous kick to Arnold and flips him onto his back. Novaar then leaps up and goes for a Leg Drop but Arnold rolls to the side. Arnold then goes for a Elbow Drop of his own but it's Novaar's turn to move out of the way. Then, bouncing off the ropes, Novaar goes for a Double Helix, bringing a big pop from the fans.

Novaar isn't nearly done yet, though, following that with a Standing Moonsault, where Novaar grabs his ankles in mid-air. This pushes the wind out of Arnold but the latter does manage to get onto his back and crawl onto his hands and knees. Novaar follows in with another Standing Moonsault but Arnold rolls out of the ring. Novaar isn't fazed, quickly onto his feet and, bouncing off the ropes, hit's a Diving Suicide-Corkscrew Moonsault onto the top of Arnold!

"Amazing move from Novaar!” shouts Reynard “As impressive as Arnold's escape of a few moments ago was that was just as good!"

"That's why he's always been linked with Mercury..." observes Mars

Arnold gets on his knees and slugs Novaar in the midsection, then gets on wobbly legs. Novaar kicks him in the gut, steps back and hits a modified Bulldog onto the matting outside of the ring. Arnold is down once again. Novaar pins his opponent down with a leg across the chest and follows in with a series of right hand.

Novaar drags Arnold to his feet once more and sends him into the ring before attempting to whip him across it. However, Arnold stops the move, halfway through a rotation and reverses the move. So it's now Novaar that is heading across the ring. As Novaar hits the ropes, however, he uses the move to his advantage, leaping up onto the middle rope and flipping into a reverse elbow. Arnold, following in, catches this in the face and stumbles back and Novaar completes the job with a Missile Dropkick.

Novaar is in his zone now, flipping from his back onto his feet. With another shot to Arnold face, Novaar then drags his opponent to his feet and gets into position for a DDT. Again, Arnold reverses it, straightening up with the intention of throwing Novaar over his back. However, once again, Novaar seems to have read this in advance and he grabs Arnold's legs with his arms as he goes past. Then, using Arnold's own momentum against him, Novaar knocks out the back of his knees and pulls Arnold around and into an Ankle Lock!

"Excellent move by Novaar, there. Now he has one of Arnold's own trademark moves locked onto him!"

Novaar twists Arnold's leg and the latter winches in pain. Then, standing, Novaar drags Arnold's leg up with him. Arnold goes for a kick, Novaar grabs the other leg and, swinging Arnold up, hits a sitting position. Arnold's face slams into the canvas!

Novaar gets to his feet and waits for Arnold to get to his. When he does Novaar builds speed across the ring. Leaping back at Arnold, Novaar hits a Crossbody. This is then quickly followed by Novaar hitting his feet before delivering a Guillotine Legdrop on the fallen Arnold. Arnold bounces on the canvas.

Novaar pulls Arnold to his feet and sends him into a corner. The Prince then follows him in with a Spinning Heel Kick. Arnold sags but doesn't go down, so Novaar grabs Arnold's head and slams him into the canvas for a DDT. With Arnold down, Novaar heads outside of the squared circle and looks under the ring...

"Oh my. This match is a No-DQ and it looks as if Novaar is going to take full advantage of that." cries Maxine

Novaar pulls out a trash can and throws it into the ring. Sliding in, Novaar slams the bin home for a couple of wicked looking shots. Then putting Rob INSIDE the bin, Novaar hits the other corner before rushing to with another, modified kick. The bin crumples around Arnold and he falls forward.

As Novaar drags the bin off of Arnold the latter somehow manages to crawl out of the ring and onto the floor by the side of ring. Novaar, spotting his opponent trying to go UNDER the ring, pulls Arnold to his feet once more. Battering his opponent Novaar quickly locks in and executes a perfect Suplex!

“Arnold is well on the back foot here!” observes Tarsh

Novaar, looking to gain advantage lifts Arnold up, and moves him towards the nearby steel steps. He goes to throw his face into them, but Rob slams his hands down to block, and elbows My-Ron in the gut twice. Novaar is quick to recover and goes for a clothesline, which is ducked, and Rob hits a back with a body drop on the outside to knock the wind off of Novaar’s sails.

“That could well be the move that turns this back in Rob’s favour!” offers Jason

Both men slowly stir to their feet, and exchange punches. Arnold again sets an advantage with his extra power, he goes for a big hit, but My-Ron ducks and hits a drop kick, which pushes Rob back into a seated position against the ring steps. Novaar gets back to his feet, and seeing an opportunity, runs at Arnold. However as he goes to dropkick Arnold, he moves, sending his opponent’s legs crumpling into the steel.

“Arnold moved!” cried Maxine “That could break a bone to My-Ron!”

Rob slowly climbs to his feet as Novaar writhes in pain on the floor. He picks My-Ron up and rolls his body back in the ring, however leaves his head overhanging the apron, facing the floor. He places a couple elbows into the back of Novaar’s head, before producing a sinister glance. He grabs My-Ron’s head in a front facelock, and drags his body further out, before dropping down to the ground with a DDT onto the hard outside.

Now in more control, Arnold slithers to his feet, and grabs Novaar by his head again, and walks him up the entrance ramp, making slow progress towards the cross. However to keep the damage up he throws him into the railings half way up the ramp. Novaar groans in pain, Arnold responds by kicking him sharply in the gut, and delivers another suplex to the hard floor.

“Rob is looking to put some serious damage onto Novaar tonight.” Reynard winces

“He has to if he wants to get him on that cross” replies Tarsh

Rob slowly lifts My-Ron back to his feet and head up towards the cross, upon reaching it, Arnold throws Novaar into it, and watches his body rebound off and onto the floor with a sick grin. He takes a few steps away to pose from the crowd, showing his ego. But as he turns back, Novaar places a left hand in his gut, followed by a right. Novaar gets to his feet and continues to strike Rob, feeling some momentum he steps back, before attempting a superkick. Rob grabs him by the foot as he does, and rolls through a dragon screw, prompting My-Ron to clutch his knee in agony.

“That’s exactly what Rob has been looking for, any opportunity to exploit the legs and especially the ankle of My-Ron. Slow the man’s momentum” says Jason

Rob stands up and start to stomp on the leg of My-Ron as to make sure he damages it. After a few stomps, he seems content on lifting the fallen Novaar and sizing him up, before hitting a big chop to the chest, and a second, making My-Ron reel back seeing an opportunity, Arnold dives and hits and diving STO, driving them both back down to the stage floor.

“Arnold hitting a modified version of the End of Days there!” says Maxine “Getting old school!”

Rob unloads with a few rights, to drive the pressure home on Novaar. He again lifts Novaar to his feet but receives some fightback this time, a few rights knock Arnold back, and with a small space to reel back, Novaar hits a big right to send Arnold down. Taking advantage, he picks Rob up quickly and whips him into the staging, Arnold winces on impact, and Myron charges at him, going for a jumping splash, but at the last minute Arnold sidesteps. Novaar stumbles back, so Rob charges himself and cracks a running knee into Novaar, sending him sprawling.

“Both men are giving it everything, and nobody getting a true advantage here.”

Looking to go for the kill, Rob stalks My-Ron, watching him as he slowly gets to his feet. As he does, he sneaks up and attempts the S2. However My-Ron recovers with a flurry of elbows, causing Rob to take a few steps back, seeing opportunity, both men run and hit a clothesline on each other, sending them down with a thud.

Maxine gasps “Both men are down! This honestly cannot be harder to call right now!”

Both men take their time to get to their feet, however slowly, surely, they get up, legs wobbly, facial expressions worn. The pair stand, toe-to-toe, on the stage, the cross standing a mere few feet away. They trade rights and lefts, both looking tired and with obvious signs of the match starting to take it toll. Arnold misses with a right hand and Novaar scores with a Roundhouse Kick. The Cyberstar follows his man in, keeping the momentum going with a series of kicks and forcing Arnold to take cover. Grabbing a handful of hair, Novaar pulls Arnold’s face into his knee, spins him around and headfirst back down the ramp. Arnold goes tumbling along, encouraged every step of the way by a series of kicks from Novaar. Reaching the ring, Novaar rolls Arnold back in...

Novaar doesn’t, however, follow his opponent in straight away. Instead he stops, searches under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. Sliding into the ring Novaar waits. Then, as Arnold gets up Novaar throws the chair at his opponent. Surprised, Arnold instinctively grabs the chair, holding it directly in front of him. Leaping up Novaar slams in another roundhouse kick, driving the chair into Arnold’s face!

Novaar pins his opponent to the canvas, once again slamming shots into Arnold. They don’t have the same zip that the earlier shots did but they are still stinging shots. Finally, Arnold wriggles free, dragging himself to the side of the ropes. As Novaar comes in, Arnold uses his feet to keep The Cyberstar away. Like Novaar’s shots the kicks lack any real venom but they do work in giving Arnold a couple minutes of breathing space. Arnold slides out of the ring.

Novaar, meanwhile, has backed off. Hitting a run, Novaar bounces off the ropes on the far side of the ring and then leaps over the top rope! Twisting once in the air, Novaar slams into Arnold and drives him to the floor. Then quickly getting up and dragging his opponent the same way, Novaar hits the End of Greed Gutbuster! Arnold is left crumpled on the concrete.

Once more Novaar searches under the ring, looking for a weapon. He selects a baseball bat, a polished black piece of sportswear bearing a JJB Sports logo. A twisted smile plays on Novaar’s face. Then, looking towards the heavens, Novaar nods again, the smile becoming even more manic. As Arnold slowly drags himself up on the barrier Novaar, like some unholy version of a knight and using a two-handed grip much like we saw in the Awesome/Rocket match, hits shots to Arnold’s sides. Arnold’s flanks are beginning to go red as Novaar, begins to make his advantage tell....

Novaar’s make-up is smeared and the sweat is pouring off him. Arnold looks like he’s been hit by a ten ton truck but is, miraculously, back on his feet. Novaar runs in with the bat slung his arm, a Clothesline on his mind, but Arnold moves out of the way at the last second. Even somebody as quickly as Novaar can’t change direction that quick and he hits the barrier. Then, as he comes back, Arnold hits a quick Samoan Drop, right onto the concrete.

Both men are down, gasping for air. While the move has bought Arnold some time he seems to be struggling to follow it up with any offence. Novaar, meanwhile, seemed surprised that Arnold could still move that quick and looks towards the sky, eyes wide open, dragging in gulps of air. The pair manage to make it to their feet at about the same time and a first fight quickly ensues. Keeping the momentum, Arnold actually forces Novaar back. Faking a punch, Arnold suddenly bursts past Novaar and orders the timekeeper out of his chair. Turning as Novaar catches up with him, Arnold hits a shot to the gut. Novaar doubles up and Arnold slams a big shot to Novaar’s back. The Vampire stumbles, Arnold slams in another shot. Novaar goes to one knee and Arnold hits a final shot to the back of Novaar. The Prince goes down.

Arnold pulls Novaar up by the back of his top, half pulling, half pushing The Cyberstar up the ramp. Halfway up Novaar drops to his knee, slamming a shot to Arnold breadbasket. However, Arnold is clearly wanting to end this and he simply slams an elbow into the back of Novaar’s head. Arnold then continues up to the cross. Struggling, he gets one of Novaar’s arms down, almost into the bind. However, The Prince fights back and another first fight breaks out, this time on the stage.

Almost desperate, Novaar ducks under an Arnold shot and drives a half-flying elbow into Arnold’s face. The momentum takes both men down and, once more, they are left down and almost out. Novaar starts to get to his feet, tired beyond belief but seeming driven by something almost unnatural. An intense look as come across his face. Arnold is up to and he swings in a right. Novaar blocks it and delivers a left of his own. Arnold throws another right. Novaar stops the punch and returns it with interest. This time he lands another. And another, each punch battling Arnold back. Then, with the momentum finally back his way, Novaar hits a Rolling Cannonball Heelkick, the Charge of Greed!

Arnold is down, seemingly out, laying spread across the stage. Novaar is tired, but still on one knee, gathering himself for what looks to be the final attack. Pushing himself to his feet, The Prince walks to the fallen Arnold and pulls him up. Locking in the Twisted Fate, Novaar gives a cry, swings Arnold around and…gets flipped over Arnold’s head as the latter reverses the move into a Suplex!

It’s Novaar who is now down, Arnold the one on his knees. The latter tries to get to his feet, once, twice but both times he drops back to his knees. When he does get back to his feet Arnold is wobbling, shaking. The last move clearly took a lot to pull off and there’s a feeling he can’t have much left. On fumes or not, Arnold heads over to Novaar. Then, locking Novaar in, Arnold flips him onto his shoulder and hits a running slam, onto the stage once more. With The Cyberstar down, Arnold grabs Novaar’s ankle and twists him into an Ankle Lock. The pain sears across Novaar’s face.

Arnold’s features, meanwhile, show a grim determination. It’s not the best applied lock that he would ever put on but Arnold twists it for all he’s worth. Novaar, meanwhile, pushes himself up onto his knees and hands then, when he is up, slams a kick back as he tries to do a forward roll. Arnold holds on, pulling Novaar back. So the latter tries it again and, this time, he manages to break the hold. As he lets go, though, Arnold pulls in one final twist and Novaar cries out in pain.

Both men slowly rise, Novaar seeming to favour the leg that Arnold didn’t have locked in. As he moves towards Arnold he has a slight limp. Arnold, meanwhile, is also up on his feet.

“Both men showing just how much this match has taken out of them!” Robinson says, hardly able to believe it

Tarsh agrees “And they’re both showing how much it means to them. This might be a reunion show but both men have left it all in the ring.”

“Well” offers Maxine “There was a lot of bad blood before the match. I’m sure that helped.”

Novaar wades into Arnold, tired but quick punches snapping into Arnold’s face. Swinging Arnold around Novaar whips his opponent into the side of the entrance way. Arnold catches Novaar with an elbow as he comes in, Novaar with one in return. Arnold goes for a hooked leg takedown. Novaar blocks and attempts a Suplex. Arnold blocks again and the pair are left facing each other.

Tarsh loves it “A great bit of turnabout there!”

Novaar goes in with a shot but Arnold spots it. Ducking the punch he grabs Novaar’s middle as if he’s going to swing him up and round. Novaar shows great awareness, though, grabbing Arnold legs, flipping up his own and taking Arnold down with a Standing Headscissors. Then, with Arnold down, Novaar flips over and drives his legs into the back of Arnold’s head.

Back in control, Novaar waits for Arnold to get up. As Arnold does, The Cyberstar snaps out a Superkick. It’s the Lusts Last Kiss but, amazingly, Arnold catches Novaar’s foot! Arnold pulls forward and Novaar crashes to the mat. Then, following it in Arnold goes for an elbow. Following that, Arnold drags Novaar to his feet and goes for his own finisher, the S2. But it’s Arnold’s turn to be shocked as Novaar reverses it into…

“Twisted Fate! Novaar has hit the Twisted Fate!”

Both men are down on the stage, Arnold slumped in a pile, Novaar not much better off despite having just hit a big move. It looks almost as if the energy of pulling of the move has left Novaar in almost a bad a state as Arnold. The latter stirs, slowly but with purpose.

“Novaar is in control but Arnold doesn’t look finished, even though he’s just tasted a BIG move.” screams Maxine

“Arnold still has some fight left him” Responds Tarsh “…Novaar might need another big move or two to close this one out”

Arnold isn’t moving quickly but he is moving. Novaar stares across at him Arnold, then out to the crowd. As he does the twisted smile returns to his face and he nods. The Cyberstar takes a step towards Arnold…

…and then spins around and walks to the cross.

Robinson is confused “What’s happening here? Novaar has gone to the cross…but without Arnold!”

“Isn’t he forgetting somebody here?” Tarsh drawls

Novaar doesn’t appear to be confused, however. As we watch The Prince lays down on the cross, attaching the binds that tie his feet to the cross. After he has done that he attaches the bind to his left hand. As he can’t do the last bind by himself, The Vampire simply grabs it and shouts to the ring crew to raise the cross. The staff look stunned, as does Arnold who is now on his feet but stuck to the spot.

Novaar, meanwhile, is insistent and shots to the crew once more. Finally, the cross starts to rise. Slowly at first, and then building speed, Novaar is hoisted above the stage, an almost manical look now clear on his face.

Maxine is stunned “Is Novaar laughing?”

“It certainly seems that way!” Says Tarsh

Reynard scoffs “The idiot just cost himself the match!”

The ring announcer has, up until now been just as confused as the rest of us. However, with a shrug he turns and says

“And your winner…still the TRUE innovator…Rob ARNOLD!”

Arnold, shaking off his confusion walks to the centre of the ramp. Pointing at the crowd, Rob starts to milk the cheers of his fans. The Children of Midnight, however, are still stunned by what their hero just did. Up above the stage The Cyberstar is still laughing. He addresses the crowd, apparently from a microphone in the cross.

“Arnold. Arnold…”

Rob turns around.

“I told you, Arnold. I told you that I had it covered. That I had plans. You thought they were for my victory. You were wrong. They were for my defeat.”

Arnold waves Novaar away, clearing thinking The Prince is full of it.

“Oh, you think you could still have beaten me? Maybe, Rob, maybe. You managed to get to your feet. You surprised even me with that! Maybe you could have beaten me…but you’ll never know! You’ll never know how this match would have ended and that’s going to burn you inside!”

Arnold has clearly heard enough and heads towards the back.

“Don’t you want to hear why I did it?”

Arnold stops but doesn’t turn around.

“Remember the ritual, Rob? Remember when I spoke to the spirits? The dark forces? I never said what they had told me. Not in total. I hinted that they needed a sacrifice and you bought that as being you. Everybody did. But the sacrifice was never you…it was ME! That’s right. They asked me to lose. To commit myself to the flames of defeat so that I may rise again. This is the final part of my plan…of my resurrection! Tonight, I am truly REBORN as The Prince!”

The Cyberstar starts to laugh, as Arnold shakes his head and wanders into the back. Slowly the cross is dropped to the ground, where the crew help The Cyberstar off the cross. Then, with a final slaute to his now estatic fans, The Prince follows Arnold into the back.

The cameras return to the ring. Reyanrd looks confused.

“Well…I never saw that coming!”

Tarsh sits shaking his head

“None of us did!”

Maxine shrugs “Say what you want…the facts are very simple: Rob Arnold won the match! Arnold is the winner, Jason.”

“But would he have won the match without that?”

Robinson shrugs “Jason, Rob was on his feet. When Rob Arnold is on his feet, then he can win a match!”

“So Rob Arnold wins the match and Novaar gets his resurrection…I’m not sure who should be happier!”

“Might take us a while to work all this out” says Maxine “For now, let’s just get on with the next match!”

But rather than the next match, the scene cuts to backstage in the car park. Hard Fucking Core runs onto the scene and ducks behind a limousine. As he does, the door at the back of the lot bursts open and Big D bursts through! Limping slightly, he heads straight for Hard Fucking Core!

“hay i can c ur hed @ top off limo that are you dead now!” he rambles, not that anyone can understand him.

Armageddonator bursts through the door behind him and gives chase. Big D finds HFC and HFC begins unleashing some fists in desperation, rocking Big D. Arm reaches the scene and its a super kick on Big D, hitting him in the side of the head. Big D goes down!

HFC gives Arm a few rights but misses a left. Arm gives a kick to the mid section causing HFC to drop the trophy.

Arm grabs him and sends him flying into the wall. He waits on HFC and pats his fore-arm, ready to hit the Approaching Comet clothesline, just as he's about to charge, Big D spins him around, and bam! Big D Bottom! HFC stumbles forward and Big D sets him up for a Big D Bottom, but HFC elbows him away. Hard Fucking Core attempts a dropkick but Big D manages to grab his outstretched legs in mid-air and HFC lands on his back. Big D manages to quickly flip him over in the Walls of Big D! HFC screams in pain, and the save is made by Armageddonator, who hits the Approaching Comet on Big D, breaking the hold and sending Big D flying.

Arm gets back to his feet slowly and faces Hard Fucking Core, on his feet and massaging his back, and then charges Arm! Arm sidesteps and HFC goes flying through a closed, wooden door! Arm stomps on Big D a few times and then follows HFC through the hole in the door. Big D gets to his feet again and after rubbing his head, gives chase through the door and out of sight.

The 24/7 endurance trophy remains on the floor, untouched by anyone.

The camera pans back to the left and we see the original roadie from the start of the show! The pile of wooden pallets is behind him, and he's obviously only just got up from the Death Valley driver delivered by Arm at the beginning of the broadcast some three hours ago. He sees the broken, blood-soaked, handleless trophy and picks it up. Looking round frantically, he quickly dives into a nearby limousine.

A muffled shout of "Drive!" can be heard and the limousine abruptly turns over and starts to pull out of the parking lot, just as Armageddonator, Big D and Hard Fucking Core break back onto the scene through the same door.

"Aw damn, I think someone's had it!", shouts HFC.

“wut! bullsh*it big d for to have trophy and not finds money when give home!” yells Big D

Armageddonator looks on at both of them “Oh shut the fuck up, both of you.”

They both turn to Arm and all three begin brawling amongst themselves.

What they don’t notice is that at the top of the car-park rampway, the limo suddenly slams to a halt, brake lights flaring. The back door of the limo opens, and the figure of the roadie comes flying out, landing in a heap on the concrete. As the camera zooms in, the sunroof on the limo opens, and the smiling form of Brummy Midlandson appears through it, holding the ruined 24/7 trophy in his hands.

“Thanks lads!!” he shouts, as the limo pulls away into the night. Midlandson has escaped with the 24/7 trophy!

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