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 Seven Stories, One Destiny; The Mystery Match Revealed

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PostSubject: Seven Stories, One Destiny; The Mystery Match Revealed   Sun Mar 20, 2011 10:41 pm

ooc: I FEEL VERY OBLIGATED TO INFORM YOU, that this roleplay contains some spoilers from Chio's previous roleplay right before this one titled "Filling the Gaps (Part 2)".

So I am super duper cereal you guys... you NEED to go read THAT roleplay of Chio's, if you have not already done so, BEFORE you read this one.

If you HAVE read Chris's excellent "Filling The Gaps (Part TWO)" Roleplay, feel free to enjoy this one, which is all nice and spoiler-free, now that you've seen what went down in his RP.


The interior of the O2 Arena is, not just considering the indoor arena itself where the CXA Reunion show is to be held, vast.

Almost unimaginably huge, in all actual fact.

However, the time is now, and in one of the smaller rooms, a meeting is currently waiting to begin. It is a private meeting in a moderately sized back room, almost set up like a convention panel, if you will, complete with a presentation desk, a projector, and located in the back, sprawled out across 4 wooden tables, placed end to end, a buffet and snack tray.

And it's in this well ventilated, moderately temperatured room however, that the tension itself nearly suffocates and drenches the air with it's rich sense of emotion, as the seven competitors of the yet to be announced CXA Reunion Women's Match await, in the same room, to find out exactly they are about to face.

Soudouki Kobayashi, Maria Typhoon, Julie Yafuda, Quadra, Suzanne Rickley, Rachel Starr, and Melanie Riggs, all in the same room, assembled and anticipating the official details of their match at Reunion.

Rachel Starr, clearly the most anti-social of the bunch, stands far across the room, with her stringy, newly dyed blood red hair reaching down to the beginning of her massive biceps.

She is sporting a pair of shin-length black leather boots, a faded pair of jeans with a notable rip in the knee, and a black t-shirt adorned with the yellow outline of an illustration depicting a melting skull with nails wired into it.

She stands, disturbingly quiet and unmoving, towering like an intimidating, and unnerving 7ft elephant in the room, over in the corner. Almost eerily, her eyes seemingly never taken off the other six women for a second.

Scanning, watching... planning horrible, violent things in the dark recesses of her mind. Although being hard to tell exactly, her eyes ever shielded behind the thick, dark sunglasses that she never removes.

Any glance in her direction, is immediately met with a cold shiver down the spine, as the other women, wisely attempt to avoid glancing over, and do their best to wish away her presence in the back of their minds. Even though, all thinking the same silent thought...

They will eventually have to deal with her.

Maria Typhoon, and Suzanne Rickley, however, are clearly the happiest to see each other again, excitedly exchanging pleasantries and stories of their lives since the days in which they previously competed in the CWA together as the fan-favorite crazy female tag team S&M.

Maria, today dressed in a pair of purple carpenter pants, and a black T-shirt emblazoned with the logo that a comic fan would recognize as the logo of Mary Marvel, (specifically from Mary Marvel with Black Adam's powers from Countdown if one were to ask her the origin of her shirt directly.) and Suzanne with a red tank top with yellow trim and green shorts.

The two almost instantly getting on like a pair of high school BFF's, before getting down to the business of issuing betting challenges for each other in the upcoming match for the other to try and outdo. They know they will have to fight, but they are more than ready for it.

Good friends though they are, they both realize, as well as knowing that the other realizes in turn, they can't hold back from each other for a second, when the match finally begins, proper.

And then there is Quadra, receiving the occasional annoyed stare by the other women in the room, due to her current antics, and likewise by her behavior even more erratic than the days she used to compete as Super Weapon Kitty.

Quadra is dressed very curiously in a plaid skirt, rainbow colored sneakers, yellow and blue striped kneesocks, two belts, (one red, one blue), a reflective shiny silver shirt with "Q V B X" continuously printed all over it in black letting, rainbow colored hair bunched up in two ponytails, Day-glo paint on her face and arms, two pairs of vinyl sleeveless jackets (the under jacket yellow, the over jacket, transparent and the length of a rain slicker) and silver wraparound shield glasses.

She appears to be talking strangely to herself, checking the food table with what appears to be an invisible scanning device, and every so often dashing in and out of the door, into the hallway and back, attracting irritation from the others, aside from Suzie, who appears almost intrigued by Quadra's mysterious train of thought.

Soudouki Kobayashi and Julie Yafuda, on the other hand, appear to be talking tentatively and quietly, while shooting glancing stares at the others and whispering secrets to one another, in a scheming manner, that unnerves and bothers more than a few around them.

....not to mention the occasional hateful, piercing, stare of death occasionally shared between Soudouki and Melanie Riggs, as the two stand as far away across the room as possible.

So much so that the others almost instinctively refrain from crossing the path of the room-length eye contact between the two. Almost as if the stare was a high-powered disintegration laser.

But after the insanely brutal match in the LJW just a short time ago before where Soudouki was thoroughly humiliated by Melanie in her debut match the unimaginable hatred between the two is perfectly understandable, if not comprehensible by mere words by just how much.

Soudouki, standing there, mentally seething in hatred, silently screaming the most unutterable obscenities in her mind over at Melanie, all the while masterfully hidden behind the cocky and arrogant face... albiet, the same face still showing the bruised and battered wear from just a short time ago.

Try as she might, the scars haven't healed from that night. The mental ones that burn far more than the physical ones that adorn her once-perfect face. That unforgettable night.

And to Soudouki, she will, as the forgone conclusion, have more than just her revenge.

She will destroy Melanie or die in this match trying.

Yet, this is the atmosphere that Maxine Mars, standing outside, knew she had to step into, in only a few short seconds. Clearly, not an enviable position by any means. But yet, she knows she'd have to be the one to volunteer.

To walk into the midst of these seven varied, exceptional female athletes... some the best of the CWA and TXA female talent combined had to offer, and inform them of their fate at CXA Reunion and to tell them exactly what they were about to be getting themselves into? Not going to be easy.

She sighed to herself, eyes closed in anxiety as she stood outside the door where these seven women were. A part of her was reluctant, nervous even, to have to deliver the news she was preparing to.

But not just that... the bombshell she, alone, (along with the CXA staff organizers that is) knew she was only minutes away from dropping on them all.

She wondered for a minute, if the CXA Staff and the bookers of the event truly knew what they were doing, creating this soon-to-be-announced match the way they have. Seriously, though, Maxine wondered.

Her thoughts raced at the mere contemplation. Had they even SEEN the Hardcore Battle Royal at TXA Revelations, and the chaos that even as much as FIVE of these seven competitors had caused, last time??!

Maxine knew all too well.

She was there, after all.

But even so... that was a battle royal situation, much akin to WWE's Royal Rumble events.

While the addition of weapons of all kinds, and a hardcore, pinfall no-rules situation certainly didn't help control the madness or unbelievability of that match, nor how out of control it had gotten, regardless.....that was that. This is.... Something else entirely.

This could be much more than a spectacle exhibition gone ridiculously, and dangerously wrong. THIS could cripple some of them for life. Maybe all of them.

Never did Maxine think she'd ever see anything like that Hardcore Battle Royal at Revelations, before or after. But now... this was the news of the mysterious upcoming match she had to give?

She asked herself, over and over, and allowed it to roll over in her mind, without being able to come up with one good answer: What would be the fallout from this? This announcement she knew she had to make.

...To tell them that they'd be competing in a match..... like THIS???? Again, not the most enviable position to find one's self in.

It was utterly nerve wracking. Not just for what the immediate reaction would surely be... but as to what will happen when the time does come for this match to begin.

Surely, the promoters of course, wanted something special... something big. But a match like the one she knows she'll have to tell them about in just a few minutes?

She couldn't believe it. The CXA producers are clearly lighting matches next to a gas station, with this.

But it wasn't up to her to question. It was just her job to break the news. After all, she volunteered and she's seen what they've done before.

So maybe, just maybe, if she were to give these seven the news of what they'd about to face, it might... encourage some restraint among them not to take it too far. Right?

That was until her mind flashed back to that one night at Revelations, where the images burned in her mind and the sounds of that match etched into her subconscious came floating back in waves.

No. Maxine quickly shook her head, now dismissing the notion of ANY restraint in this match. No, there was no helping what was about to go down.

Just give the news.

And pray during the match that no one ends up ending their careers, or worse...

So, with a sigh of conviction, and a final straightening out of her suit, Maxine Mars walked through the door into the room where the seven competitors are about to discover their fate at CXA Reunion.

The door opens and Maxine steps into the room from the side door, behind the podium desk, facing the women in the room: Soudouki, Julie, Quadra, Melanie, Maria, Rachel and Suzanne Rickley.

Maxine's usual bushy hair and pleasantly cute face complimented her black suit over a red undershirt and black tie as she approaches the desk, and begins to load a couple of slides into a nearby projector pointed towards the wall behind her for all to see.

She briefly addresses the microphone and begins to get situated. "Thank you for your patience, ladies. We'll be started momentarily." she begins

"It's about time, then.", comes the first, rather rude response from Julie Yafuda. "I mean, What excuse could you possibly have for making me wait this long??

Suzie nudges Maria's rib with her elbow and whispers over to her friend. "Yeah, like this pink haired slut has anything better to do. I heard she's broke. Must have been her awful CD's.", causing Maria to snicker just audibly.

Julie purposefully looks towards the other direction, feigning mock disregard, though the sting of the comment is not entirely possible to hide. "hm. What's that?" She says, trying to play the jab off as if it didn't matter.

"I could have sworn I heard a flatchested little child yammering something just now." Julie quips. "But, I guess it was nothing, though." She concludes. Soudouki shooting Julie a snickering smile at the comment.

Suzie whirls around angrily, flexing her arm in an aggressive manner in front of her. "Whose a child, you blabbering stuck up priss? I'll drop you on your ugly face and make your head into a basket of scrambled eggs before you even know it!"

"please, please settle down everyone!" pleads Maxine, sensing the need to establish and keep order in this conference early on. "They'll be plenty of time for proving everything you need to prove, later."

Maxine regains her composure and the rest of the women sit back and look towards her, a variety of expressions on their faces, ranging from smug smirking, to eye rolling, legitimate interest, and detached attention as Maxine begins her speech to the competitors in attendance.

"As you all know...", she begins. "you will all be competing together in an upcoming match on the CXA Reunion card, in this very building. But yet, none of you know exactly what kind of match, in what capacity and in what regard you are facing one another. But, as you may have expected, there is a reason in which this conference is being held to inform you all together, instead of merely explaining it to each of you in another circumstance."

Maxine then calls out to the director of the conference, "Could we dim the lights please?"

The lights then dim and the nearby projector next to Maxine clicks to life, and displays a diagram of a common wrestling ring on the wall behind her.

"First of all, this match tonight will start with all 7 of you, and it is an every-woman-for-herself environment. There are several initial ways in which you be able to score a victory. Pinfall or Submission being the obvious two. Falls will count anywhere and there will be no referee counts when leaving the ring, either.

"What about disqualification?" comes the immediate question from Quadra. "Are there any DQ's for using a weapon or anything we can find? Can we bring objects to the ring to use??"

Maxine answers the question. "Yes. Weapons are not only legal in the match, but.... well.... you will find out more details about specific weapon use in a bit."

Maxine sighs, showing a hint of the beginning of her realizations of what will indeed happen in this match.

In the back of the room, meanwhile, Melanie attempts to hide her slow reaction of apprehension when confronted with the hint of where the direction of this match is going. Being thrown into something like this... this is more than she ever counted on.

But after a moment or two, her face takes on a different look. One of the simultaneous realization that a no-disqualification match with the presence of outside weapons can always go in her favor just as much. Especially for the things she'd like to do to... HER... if given the chance.

Melanie knows that her victory against Soudouki was only the beginning. That the real time of proving it is now. She's already heard the buzz on the internet in just the short times since that match from all of Soudouki's stalwart fanboys and hormonal defenders of Sou's.

That the victory of Melanie Riggs was a fluke. That she got a few lucky moves in. That it was beginners luck. That Sou was having an off night.

She's heard all the excuses coming from Sou's defenders and fans. In the span of time between this and that, she knew she had not just do it again, and not just prove to the largest audience possible here at the 02 in London at the CXA Show.. Soudouki's own home terf... But that she had to do it harder than before. To shut the critics up.

Two straight wins over Sou isn't enough to do that. But to utterly annihilate her in this match. With that, then it just might be.

Melanie suddenly realizes in this room at this time and in her soul... The first match was only to beat Soudouki's pride. This match is necessary to destroy her legacy. Her ill-gotten, undeserved, overhyped, legacy. Once and for all.

However, in the back corner, farthest from everyone, Rachel Starr continues to stare at the announcement, and Maxine. No reaction, or emotion, whatsoever.

Maxine continues..

"After reviewing the popularity of the old TXA Revelations DVD, and looking back at how popular the Hardcore Battle Royal match has become, which some of you have competed in, the CXA staff has decided to make a few additions to this match and in effect, have created something a bit.. unique for this outing. Starting with the addition of this."

Maxine flips a switch on the projector, to which a small few gasps are nearly audible in the room as the following image illuminates the wall behind Maxine:

"Whoa..." comes the reply from Maria Typhoon. "....that's tallll...". One can only imagine the daredevil thoughts flying about in Maria's head just by looking at it.

Julie Yafuda, as well, makes a bit of an indignant noise. "A cylindrical cage? Barbaric, I have to say. ....intriguing. But barbaric."

"Indeed." says Maxine. "This... is the structure around the ring that will be surrounding the area you are fighting in. The promoters have affectionately dubbed this structure, "The Lockup". It is 37 feet tall, and is closed at the top, with the exception of the round hole in the top of the structure, here.

Maxine continues.

"However, if by some way, one manages to leave this structure..... god only knows how you could manage to get up and over it, as it is, but...... in a case like this, the match will not end, as it is just considered a ring-out, and there are no count outs. So, this match is not conducted under cage match rules, and escaping the cage is not a goal nor a way to win."

After an awkward silence of the women staring at the diagram attempting to take in the concept of what such a thing must look like in real life, Melanie Riggs is the first to pipe up with a question.

"Ok... well.... " starts Mel. "If this cage is so high up, and getting out of it doesn't equal a victory, then why is there even a hole in the top? Or for that matter, what purpose does it even serve to be there, aside from climbing up the side for a jumping attack or two?"

Quadra then chimes in with an inquiry of her own. "Yeah! And also, if there are no red lights on it, how would you know when to slow traffic??!"

At this point, everyone in the room just comically looks over at her and gives her an awkward glare for several seconds.

"Well..." Quadra says sheepishly. "I'm just wondering how the ships are supposed to get through."


"Y'know..." she stammers, trailing off. "For the highway?" She gets annoyed. "The one through Mercury?!"

She continues to get stares, until she looks down at her feet, indignant. "Forget it, then."

Only Suzanne Rickley is the one to walk up and pat her reassuringly on the back, as the rest refocus their attention on the announcement.

"Anyway," continues Maxine "...the reason for the structure, brings me to the last point, and the final, but most important detail. This."

With that, Maxine flips the switch displaying the final slide in the projector.

With the reveal of the last addition, the room lights up with more buzz and excitement than even the Lockup Cage had gotten. With several "what?"'s and the word "briefcases?" from the women.

"These", began Maxine "Are three briefcases suspended above The Lockup. Which means that, this match, for all intents and purposes, combined with the introduction of the 37 foot cage, makes this a Ladder Match as well. Or as it is officially called "The CXA X-Women's "Ladder Lockup" match."

She lets the official name of the match sink in before continuing with the description of what the seven competitors are looking at on the screen.

"The ladders provided are 40 foot ladders, and can be leaned simply against the side of the opening on top. Which, in all, makes this a ladder match with weapons, 7 competitors, a 37 foot cage, 40 foot ladders, pinfalls and submissions anywhere and up to three possible prizes on top of that.

The match will also be held elimination style. The briefcases contain three prizes and are optional. Not a pre-requisite to winning the match. The pinfalls and submissions themselves are elimination based, meaning that each competitor that is pinned or gives up is out of the match until there is one decisive winner remaining."

The room immediately begins buzzing with excitement and questions all asked together.

"Please, one at a time." assures Maxine. "I'll be taking any questions everyone has about the match and how the specifics work. So, anyone?"

Several of the women raise their hands. Maxine selects a question.

"Yes? Maria?"

Maria Typhoon asks her question. "Three prizes? Can someone get them all, or are you only allowed one?"

Maxine responds, "Technically, if the competitor can get more than one briefcase down, it's theirs as well. Good luck on accomplishing that, however. As they are all dangling over the opening, and leaning towards it, or making a leap of faith to secure any of the three, is up to you."

Maxine "Yes, Soudouki?"

Souduoki asks her question next. "Ok. Let's say that I get a briefcase prize. And, of course, I will. If not all 3. But let's say I do. Do I still get to stay in the match and teach these... bottom-feeding wretches.. aside from my good friend Yafuda of course.. the lesson in humility they rightfully deserve by putting an end to their hopes in front of millions?"

Soudouki shoots a grim and spitefully hate-filled look over at Melanie as she finishes her sentence. A look Melanie returns, with an equally vicious stare.

Maxine answers the question in spite of the tension levels from the mere death glance between Sou and Melanie.

"Retrieving the prize means that it's yours.", she starts to explain. "You're free to keep it safe by the time keeper table if you can climb back down outside. Or take it with you through the match and even use your briefcase as a weapon, if you don't mind risking having it stolen from you."

The women contemplate the possibilities of having to play it smart even after having retrieved a case.

"But" continues Maxine, "you will definately need to continue the match until every one of the other 6 are eliminated from the match, regardless. You win the prize, but you're still in the match."

Melanie asks the next question immediately, not even waiting for Maxine to pick her raised hand. "Question."..

Melanie shoots a cunning and mocking smile over at her fiercest rival, Soudouki. "Let's say that Soudouki gets a briefcase prize. And of course.... she won't. " Continues Melanie... . "But let's just say, my a miracle, she does by some get one.. Can I really snatch it away from her and fully get away with the prize?"

Maxine nods. "For the intents of this match, yes. Possession is 9/10ths of the law, after all. If she makes the decision to bring it into the match, and you can take it from her, during that match and hold onto it, and walk out with it.. It's yours, at least to the point where you open it."

Maxine makes sure to state the rest of her explination clearly however with no margin for mistake.. "That's the other tenth. You can steal a prize while it's still in the case, so be sure and hold onto it. If you're worried about losing it, keeping it outside the lockup is probably a good idea."

She then makes an "on the other hand" gesture before continuing on. "Although, it IS a steel case. Which, I do have to say, will obviously still hurt pretty good if you get clobbered with it. So in the end, it comes down to whatever you want to do. Risk or reward, it's your call."

Julie asks the next question, yet again, barely waiting for her own turn. "Fine whatever. So what are these prizes anyway?"

Maxine prepares her answer. "I'm obligated to disclose only ONE of the prizes. But not the other two. One of the prizes however, is a total of $700,000."

This elicits several gasps in the room as to the sum of money offered by just one case.

Maxine continues. "I probably don't need to remind you that this is roughly the amount that a WWE wrestler like Edge makes in the span of an entire year. You stand to make that much here in only one night.

It could be any of the three cases, though. 1, 2, or 3. You have a one in three chance. The other two prizes are mystery prizes. I can only say that they are all valuable. You won't find any coalminers gloves."

Suzie raises her hand.

"Yes? Miss Rickley?" asks Maxine.

"Can I have your attention please?" Suzie bellows loudly in a sudden tone that would have embarrassed a saner individual. But, of course, this was Suzanne Rickley. Embarassment enters into nothing she does or says. "I have received an email from the general manager!", she concludes.

The room falls silent, and everyone stares at Rickley over the ill-fated WWE reference having gone over like a lead balloon, much in the same was as they stared at Quadra's a bit ago for her own comment.

"Well... Y'know, because she said "cole-miner", get it?" fishes Sizie, flustered at the lack of a laugh from her awesome joke. "Y'know, Liiiike Micheal Cole from Raw?"


"right, forget it then." she snorts, glumly with a look of comical dejection. "I thought it was funny."

"Well, It wasn't." came the short, snappy reply from Soudouki. Almost immediatly met by a middle finger from Suzanne right back towards Sou's general direction.

"Alright, alright, enough of that", says Maxine. "Does anyone have any other questions about the match they need to know before we wrap this conference up?"

"Will the match be stopped for blood loss?" came a deep voice from the back.

In fact, it took most of the room a few seconds to remember that Rachel Starr, who the voice indeed belonged to, was still in the room.

"Er, uh... " stammers Maxine. "That is to say... uhm.... well... no. I don't believe that would be the case. I think."

"Good." comes the calm, yet chilling reply from Rachel. "Good to know. Very good to know."

Maxine shudders a bit, as Rachel glances and stares at her for a second longer. Even behind the sunglasses, a staredown from the monster, even halfway across the room is enough to creep one out.

Especially given the memories of Maxine's last little encounter with Rachel in the TXA. Maxine gulps. ....memories best left forgotten.

Suzie pipes up again. "So hey. Uhm. Totally sorry about my last question, by the way, Maxie. But uh, one of those other briefcases... If I guess it right, will you tell me?"

Maxine responds, a little shaken from the stare of Rachel and taken off guard. "Uh.. I'm not sure. I'm not supposed to do that--"

"Is it a hairdryer? I could use one." asks Suzie, without skipping a beat.

"No." comes Maxine's reply.

"Is it a dog?" asks Suzie again.

"No...." Maxine replies.

"A manatee!! Is it a manatee?!" Suzanne asks, hopefully.

"...no." Maxine replies.

"How about a trained one?" Suzanne asks.

"It's not a manatee." replies Maxine flatly.

"The estate of MC Hammer?"

"Suzie, I think we should wrap th--"

"A Baby Baboon with a Spoon on the Moon?"

"Suzie, I really should--"

"The worlds largest funnel cake?"

"Suzie, please..."

"The identity of the Hummer driver from WCW's Bash At The Beach '99!"

Maxine's patience reaches it's limit. "SUZIE!! That's enough. It is absolutely none of those things, and i'm not saying what it is!"

"Geez, ok." came her dejected reply. "You didn't have to yell."

Maxine regains her professionalism and continues. "Sorry about that. Well, then, if that's all everyone need to know about that match, than perhaps it's time to wrap this up. So...

I'd like to thank everyone for showing up. Especially i'd like to personally thank you all for coming, and for listening to this announcement of the match that you're participating in, soon.

Given how dangerous, and in fact, how nightmarish this match may seem, I would normally apologize for the brutal nature of the information i've had to reveal, to you today, but...

Well... as I look at the faces of you all today, and knowing how you all perform, as i've seen myself in the past, I probably shouldn't bother. Because I know you're probably all looking forward to settling all the issues between you, and competing in this match, no matter how dangerous. And I can tell that none of you would have it any other way.

Silently, the women in the room agree. No one has come here with the desire to pull any punches or give it less than their all, no matter how insane the match.

With that, Maxine then turns off the projector and the lights flicker back on as she finishes her good luck speech.

"So then,let me just end by saying that on behalf of myself, the CXA, and everyone attending live and tuning into the show on PPV, I wish you all the very best of luck.

Not just with winning the match, or claiming the prizes... but making it out of there in one piece. I sincerely wish the best and the safest to all of you out there, and I am looking forward to watching the entire Reunion show live along with my other broadcast colleges on the day."

With that, she thanks everyone for their time and walks out of the room.

Once out the door and out of sight, she sighs to herself, and looks up at the ceiling thinking to herself.

It should be an astounding match, an amazing night, and as she reflects of the first ever X-Women's Ladder Lockup match and the seven top-level female athletes involved, she finds it hard to take in the full realization that it's only one part of an overall night.

A night that's shaping up to be, probably the biggest single night of her life that she will ever be able to witness, CXA Reunion.
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PostSubject: Re: Seven Stories, One Destiny; The Mystery Match Revealed   Mon Mar 21, 2011 2:21 am

ooc:..............................well, there's gimmick matches, then there is that Very Happy Should be interesting!

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Seven Stories, One Destiny; The Mystery Match Revealed
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