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 Number 3...

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PostSubject: Number 3...   Sat Mar 19, 2011 1:51 am

Black screen. As we watch a stylized number three appears with a small dot also attached. It's the strange symbol that we have seen in many of My-Ron Novaar's recent promos. Gold on the black background. A voice over kicks in...

"Three. Three in the Trinity..."

Cut to a video montage of original Trinity of Midnight laying down their law. Matthew Shand, Fireball, the new boy on the block back then. David Shand, The Reaper, exuding power, confidence and control. Novaar, back when he was Fox, dressed in the vestments of The Vampire. Savagely attacking a battered opponent.

"Forget your nWOs, your cWos, your DXs, your Minstry of Darkness...The Trinity of Midnight were the most FEARED group in the world of wrestling...a group that dominated like no over. Burning bright for such a short period of time...

Three. Three in The Virus..."

Now we have a shot of a new group. In the backgroung we see Craig Gelsthorpe in his Surgeon scrubs. Next to him Joanie Lee, the twisted harriden wearing her CWA tag title belt. And, in front of them, strutting like a neon peacock in an outlandishly cyber geat up, The Cyberstar, another of Novaar's incarnations...

"The Virus. Led by The Cyberstar. A new group that brought more chaos, this time to CWA. Not the Trinity but something new. Something different. Holders of the CWA Heavyweight and tag titles for a time...

Three. The three count..."

Again a montage, this time of a number of pins won by Novaar. A multitude of faces whizz by. Richard Porter, Homer Cyde, Mark Lewis, Roller Deuce, David Duffett, Trevor Thomas...many many more...

"The ultimate number in wrestling. The number that scores victory. The brings defeat...

Three...a NEW Trinity..."

We start with a video of The Vampire, standing on the ringpost, guns to the head in salute. Cleverly this has been edited into footage of The Cyberstar dropping to the canvas, glow-in-the-dark make-up and silver clothing catching the light.

This in turn gives way to video of The Prince. Extravagently dressed, haughty and confident. The cycle continues, the three parts of Novaar put together.

"The Vampire. The Cyberstar. The Prince. Three aspects. Three parts to the man Novaar. The Draconix reborn. The impaled heart. Three sides to the same person..."

The stylized number returns, this time licked with flame. Set alight.

"Three. Always the number of Novaar. Rob Arnold...watch. Understand. Learn. The power of the three...the power of the mystic number...is coming for you. This Sunday, you will understand just what three is all about..."

Fade to black
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Number 3...
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