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 Demi-Legendary Diary

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PostSubject: Demi-Legendary Diary   Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:43 pm

The following consists of the first week’s worth of entries to Chris Reto’s new blog:

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Starting this thing

Hey there, Internet. Well, sort of.

I’ve decided to keep a blog to make note of everything I get up to over the next few weeks, leading up to the big match. Since this will likely involve many personal matters, I’ll refrain from posting it publically for now: I’ll be my own audience for the timebeing.

Perhaps I’ll learn something in hindsight. One thing that’s been made crystal clear over the past few months is that I really need to learn from past mistakes, and to try and better myself: there’s never been quite as important a time for me to do so than right now.

What inspired me to start this? I think it was the meeting with an old... associate, shall we say. While I don’t plan on holding back in disclosure of what I do or who I meet (after all, I’m the only one who’s going to read this), I’ve already jotted down a summary of that encounter so I won’t talk about it here; in detail anyway. Maybe I’ll commit that to digital format soon enough, when the time is right. A lot was discussed and I’m not sure if I’ve processed it sufficiently just yet. I’ll look back on those notes again when I’m ready.

I will note that our meeting gave me plenty of food for thought. It also unsettled me, in many ways. The crucial part to come out of it though, at least the part I’ll make mention of here, is that Chris Reto will always do things his way. No matter how compelling the argument, it’ll never make me betray my beliefs: I’ll give my all, but I’ll never change who I am. Not for anybody; not for any supposed “victory”.

Enough of that for now; that was yesterday. The coldness of the day before was pleasantly replaced by an almost summery warmth. It was pretty bright out too, so I felt like taking my training outside. The details of my session aren’t particularly interesting so I’ll omit them, but the regime Dan’s brother Davis has recommended for me has served me well. I’ve really burnt all those unnecessary pounds of fat and even developed some of my old muscle. The protein diet’s been doing me all kinds of good.

I hadn’t been terribly social after the press conference, keeping my conversations to Worldbelonger; who has been helpful in my mental training. With the help of that invisible friend of mine, my confidence has risen significantly. Granted, it’s not the same as being praised by real physical people, but I’ve been striving to improve my own perception of myself and one certainly can’t go wrong by convincing the personification of their inner being of their worth. Of course, he tended to say nice things about me anyway, but he’s honest when I need him to be.

Man, it really is a good thing I’m not making this public: people would think I’m nuts. Or even more nuts, as the case may be.

While going for a run on the beach, I met a familiar face who I hadn’t seen in years. Strange really, as she’s my sister. Sera is still wrestling, travelling around the States for several independent groups. Just so happened she’d popped back home for the weekend, and I was thankful for this opportunity.

It was great catching up with her. We went and bought a fish and chips at a harbour-side cafe and she told me all about her adventures in the US. She always was an adventurous one, that girl. Sera may have never appeared for one of the big companies - which astounded me considering her looks and charisma as well as her overall ability – but she was still going strong. I could have learned from her; she never once got burned out, or just up and quit. I’m really proud of her.

Unfortunately, the subject of Soudouki came up. Apparently she had faced her once in America, just a few months back. It didn’t go so well: Sera grudgingly told me about how she was beaten up for the whole match and was forced to submit to Soudouki’s “Vanity Mirror” hold. That particularly surprised me: Sera was not the quitting type.

She told me that Soudouki is far more aggressive now (which I knew all too well from the confrontation between her and Melanie back in December) and that she hoped never to wrestle her again. Yikes.

All of this reminded how I still need to talk to that damn woman, preferably like adults this time. Of course, with how the last meeting concluded I doubt that’s going to happen any time soon, but David was insistent that there be no distractions. This is going to hang over my head until I grit my teeth and sort it out...

Sera gave me some words of encouragement for my upcoming match, and after nowhere near as long as I would’ve liked she had to head off. We embraced and she went off to meet some friends.

Back to training now, I guess. Back to talking with Worldbelonger. I’ll do all I can, even with things how they are. Even with that thought clawing at the back of my mind that there’s much still yet unresolved.

...Maybe I’ll try sending another text message. She might answer this time.

Keep on going, Chris. Gotta be ready.

Posted by Chris at 22:33

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Flexing the social muscles

Another day, more training. So goshdarned exciting, I tell you.

That’s not all I did, actually. After meeting up with Sera yesterday and enjoying the hell out of what brief time we spent together, I decided that my solitude had gone on long enough. I gave Parko a call.

Seems I was on a roll as far as good timing was concerned, because he was at home too. Not just visiting, but had been granted some time-off after busting his arse on the recent string of PUG main events. These past two years he’s become practically synonymous with that brand; the pure wrestling fans adore him. After becoming the name of the company, he could pretty much ask for as much time off as he wanted, providing it didn’t conflict with big shows. So this week, he’d be found resting up in Torquay.

Except, resting up really isn’t the best way to describe it. I met up with him down town where he was full of energy. My guess is it’s the sunny weather and just being home for a while - even though I’m sure he’s had far sunnier days in America – but then Parko never seemed like one to be short on energy.

Under his recommendation we visited the small noodle shop run by a Japanese woman (the only of its kind in this town) and caught up on things over yakisoba and okonomiyaki. It’s impossible to get bored when you’re around Parko; he’s just an endless stream of geeky fun. We talked about all our favourite topics; video games, anime, wrestling...

...Of course, that led to discussion of David Shand. He had a few words to share about that. He told me I was nuts, and he was hardly the first one to do so. Still, he was apparently envious of my spot in the main event. I joked that he could take my place fighting the Soul Reaper any time he wanted, which he frantically refused with a laugh.

He did tell me with all seriousness that if I plan on winning this match, I’ll need to push myself and really reach my potential. I assured him that I was taking on an extensive training regiment, but appreciated any last minute advice. He wrote down a few website addresses for me to check out, detailing the sort of training he puts himself through. I should probably give those a look; it really couldn’t hurt to borrow from my far more physically impressive bud.

The subject inevitably turned to Melanie. I explained everything that had happened whilst he simply sat there nodding patiently. When I was done he told me that he didn’t plan on judging either of us, but he did recommend my leaving Melanie to it for now. To be fair, I’d been mostly doing just that, aside from the odd text. He’s right, though. I’ll let her be. Maybe time is what she needs...

He paid for the meal. Parko’s a really nice guy. I wonder if the CXA people would object to him getting a spot on the show? Or the PUG people for that matter. I think he deserves it, personally. Hell of a talent, hell of a human being.

Posted by Chris at 21:56

Friday, 11 March 2011

New Moves?

On a roll now. After having one hell of a workout at home, I decided to hit the gym.

Well, in a manner of speaking. I popped by my friend Tessanda Euwick’s gym, which doubles as a wrestling school. Situated in Newton Abbot, it’s a hell of a place for kids to learn the fundamentals of the sport, as well as a place for seasoned guys to refine their skills. Seems like a no-brainer for me to pop by: hell, would’ve done it ages ago if Dan’s place wasn’t more convenient location-wise.

Tessanda shook his head at me for a lot of the time I was there. For a number of reasons, I’m sure. The relocated Texan was quite insistent that most of the things I did were idiotic; so much so he reminded me of this whenever I saw him, followed up with his usual “pard”. Ha, that guy never changes.

We were tag partners back in the day. Our gimmick was ridiculous; we pretended to be a race of dog-like humanoids called “Daggians”. As you can imagine, it was my idea. I was young, idealistic, and obsessed with stupid RPGs, and I legitimately thought it would work. He hated it from the start. In hindsight, it was pretty cringeworthy. It’s remarkable how somebody who thought up a nonsensical concept like that would go on to be a pretty large name (never a top name, but I’ve beaten this subject to death already). That IS where the whole Grey Chihuahua name came from though, which led to Chi, and finally Chio...

Tessanda took a break from questioning my intelligence to contribute to my training. He demonstrated his T-Driver, an old finishing move of his, on one of his students and told me to memorise it. To be fair, it’s a pretty effective move - a spinning death valley driver that disorients and drops the opponent on their head. That dusty antique could come in handy.

Later on, I noticed students practicing another classic... the traditional piledriver. It occurred to me while watching that I’d never used that reliable and effective move. Strange.

I spent the rest of my time there trying it over and over. There’s something simple yet vicious about the piledriver. I found myself fascinated. I wonder if I could put it to use in the match? Seems like a logical addition to my arsenal.

I’ll think about it; I’ll think about a lot of new things. I’m going to refine my moveset for the match. Gotta be ready.

Posted by Chris at 23:33

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Little at a time

This was an interesting day.

Consulted with Dan about some techniques. Turns out he’s the authority on piledrivers, having used the things for the entirety of his career. All different shades and varieties, no less.

He said if I was going to use any to go for the jumping version, as it really jars the head and neck of the guy you’re giving it to. I’ll definitely consider that. He also said to make absolute certain my opponent is dazed before trying it; a reversal can be fatal. I know that all too well from failed Chihuahua Bomb attempts how true that is, and I daren’t imagine how Shand might capitalise on my mistake. Hell, even so much as trying to daze him prior would be a task in itself. Hoo boy, I’ve certainly got my work cut out for me.

While I had all of that to chew on, I received a call from Chris Hallmark of all people. He’s currently running the family business: Hallmark Pharmaceuticals. If a normal person happened to be next in line as head of a highly profitable company, they probably wouldn’t have considered opting for a career in professional wrestling; least of all running off to Mexico to be a masked luchador. That’s what the former Phoenix did though, and he sure turned some heads while doing so, back in the day.

He had, just like everybody else, heard about my match with David. He just wanted to remind me of the importance of being technical, which came as no surprise to me; along with his high-flying skills he was a ring general who specialised in reversals and suplexes. I assured him that I would do my best there; I may not be able to overpower the Soul Reaper but I can be damned cunning in there. Granted, he was no slouch in that department, but it helps that I don’t have as much muscle to lug around. The swiftness of my movements will be extremely useful. Hallmark seemed happy to hear my positivity, but told me to be wary. Way ahead of you, buddy.

Before he hung up, he mentioned one thing: when in a tight spot, remember the “aurora borealis”. I had no idea what he was talking about until I looked it up.

“Northern Lights”. Of course.

Posted by Chris at 21:29

Sunday, 13 March 2011

More old friends

Before I went to bed last night, an email popped up from an old friend: David Chasser, better known as The Chaz.

That guy is really out there. I can recall his brief but eventful appearances for the TXI and CWA; in the former he lit his hair gel on fire just to headbutt a guy; and in the latter he climbed a giant cage, missed a spear attempt and fell off the edge. On neither occasion did he have any ill will towards his intended targets; he just thought it was a good idea at the time.

Anyway, the email instructed me to visit him at his home. Man, I hang out with a few old friends and suddenly all the rest come out from the woodwork. Might be that impending match.

So I did as he asked today. No discussion of wrestling, which was a nice change, even though I was there with his old tag partner Phillip Trecht. We just sat around watching films and eating snacks. It was really quite relaxing, and just what I needed.

Sort of weird that most of the people I know are involved in wrestling in some way, though. Even those who weren’t originally connected ended up being a part of it by proxy.

...Like Melanie. I wonder how she’s doing? I’m half-tempted to call Gloria or Karen, to see if she took them up on their offer.

I left earlier than I really wanted to, and decided to spend the rest of the day training, training, training.

That was pretty much it. I’m going to get some sleep. Up early tomorrow. Time’s ticking away. Gotta be ready.

Posted by Chris at 23:45

Monday, 14 March 2011

Lonely old Chris

Solitude is back.

I switched off and unhooked all of the phones and holed myself up in my house. It was so huge and empty and it was the only place I could focus. I appreciated the advice and company my friends had given me but I needed to focus. It’s getting closer to the day.

Except I wasn’t really alone. Worldbelonger was here, as always. He willed me on as I strained and pushed myself, to reach that new plateau that I never could have reached when I was travelling on the road. Many times had I done this since that day on the field. This time was the most intense: I always worked best when time was running thin.

Worldbelonger told me I was amazing. Told me I could reach the very top. I listened as that voice reminded me of how great I truly was.

But eventually that voice became less and less stable. It veered in and out of believability. Soon, it was like listening to a cartoon character; the words were just scripted and over-performed. They weren’t real. But I tried to ignore that. I had to.

I had to access my true self, and Worldbelonger helped me do that. He was my motivation; my strength as Orland Zacconi put it. He had to be, even if he wasn’t real; I had nothing else. My friends gave me so much, but nobody could ever help me bridge that gap quite like somebody who had been there when you needed them.

Like Worldbelonger.

Like Melanie.

My muscles gave out halfway through training. Worldbelonger’s voice was fading. Why now?

I didn’t know what to do. So I kept training, in the silence. I kept on pushing without a word of encouragement to keep me going.

Right now I’m so exhausted I’m surprised I can type this. I feel as empty as this house. Sorry if this entry hasn’t been very well-written; I’m not at a hundred percent right now.

We’ll see how things go tomorrow. Maybe my friend will return.

Posted by Chris at 23:56

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

And we're back

I’ll keep this one brief; I don’t have the time to say much. If I get the chance, I’ll write about today’s happenings tomorrow. For now though, suffice it to say that my friend did indeed return.

Things are looking up. God, are they ever looking up. What a difference a day makes, eh?

I think I’m going to make this blog public. I feel comfortable sharing this with the world now. Even David Shand can read it if he wants; doesn’t bother me.

Just a few days before the match. Not going to let up on my training.

Gotta be ready. And I’m sure I will be.

Posted by Chio at 23:24

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PostSubject: Re: Demi-Legendary Diary   Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:20 pm

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hahaha. God you're fucking stupid. R.I.P Chio Reto, when Shand straight-up murders your ass. Funny, since Shand sucks, too. lol. see you there. (unfortunately).
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PostSubject: Re: Demi-Legendary Diary   Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:26 pm

OOC: In all honesty, this RP was awesome.

Even if it did get "Rocket-troll'd" Razz Man, that guy is an ass.
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PostSubject: Re: Demi-Legendary Diary   Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:01 pm

Ooc: Chris, fantastic stuff yet again. I'm so glad we did this.

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PostSubject: Re: Demi-Legendary Diary   

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Demi-Legendary Diary
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