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 Apathy, Suspicion, Realisation

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PostSubject: Apathy, Suspicion, Realisation   Thu Mar 17, 2011 1:53 pm

14:30 – Apathy

It was just another afternoon training, that’s how Rob Arnold saw it anyway. Since going on hiatus at JJB a few weeks back, he had worked a routine out and was very much sticking to it. Morning jogs, match tapes at lunch, and an afternoon gym session. It was just like old times, old practices and to an extent old mentalities. It felt just right, it felt very familiar to Rob.

Today however there was a slight difference to his routine. It was a press day, so the gym was filled with a score of journalists and supposed experts, who all wanted their say ahead of the Reunion Show. The atmosphere is quite tense, possibly because of the rough nature of the last interaction Arnold had with the press association last week. However they watch on as he finishes what was billed as a light session, with Rob currently finishing off by showing his strength on the bench press. Following his final rep, he gets up and grabs a town which was sat by his foot, mopping his brow before placing it over his shoulder. He looks at the crowd of gathered press, who just stare back, nobody really willing to make the first move.

Finally, one reporter decides to take the plunge, "Rob, how have you prepared for a Crucifixion Match?"

"Simple really," Rob begins as he quickly mops his brown again with the towel, "Just like any other match. I’ve gone back to a tried and tested method I used when I was at my most successful, training hard morning and afternoon, allowing myself to rest in the evening. This way I don’t overwork myself, I still have me time, and I keep fresh."

"Even so, Rob, this is no tried and tested match, surely you have to have some different outlook on it?" Quips another reporter.

"You’d think that, wouldn’t you? However I believe that’s what My-Ron wants me to do. If I start strategising over the type of match, I’ll lose track of what I’m doing. I have to focus on my strengths, oh which there are many. I also have to focus on his weaknesses, of which there are also many!" This prompts a few chuckles from the audience. "Still, I’ll assess the match type on the day, he’s never done this either, so really we’re starting from zero."

"Do you believe you’ll win this match, Rob? Most people can’t decide who will win this match, opinions are split down the middle." Asks a younger, more perky radio reporter.

"Are they? I wouldn’t know because I don’t tend to dwell over those kind of things. However what I do know is that there should be no divided opinion. There will only be one result, and that will be a Rob Arnold victory."

"Well a lot of people-" No sooner can the reporter start his sentence, Rob interrupts.

"Think otherwise? I can only imagine these people have been listening to, and actually believing the rubbish Novaar has been spouting. In reality, people who have their head screwed on will be backing me all the way."

"Speaking of what My-Ron has been saying," begins a very droll-looking man, "Have you any response to his accusations and barbs?"
There is a somewhat awkward silence from this moment. Rob takes a slow, deep breath.

"No, because I honestly haven’t paid any attention to what the clown has to say."

"Not even the-"



"Not one word." Rob smirks. "You see, My-Ron wants me to hear him, he wants me to get all upset and lose focus because he’s scared, he is a fraud of a man who knows I am on to him."

"What about David Shand?" Asks a reporter from close to the back of the crowd.

"What about him?" Quips Rob.

"He’s been quick to attack you in a magazine publication, have you not heard?" Is the reply. Rob shrugs and smiles.

"Once again, I don’t pay any attention. They are two men who believe that those who shout loudest will always be right, however it goes back to the old adage of he who shouts last, and believe me, I will be shouting last."

"So you don’t care that he said-"

"No, I really don’t, and if that’s all you have to ask me, then I‘m going to call this to a halt, because I have better ways to be spending my afternoon. Thank you all for your time." Rob starts walking off, there are a few murmurs from one or two disgruntled journalists who were hoping to get a question more in. It is, of course, ignored.

15:30 – Suspicion

Shortly after the gym, Rob arrives home. Upon entering through the simple front door, he notices an air of discomfort in the building. He only gets a couple paces into the living room before ahead of him his wife, Sharon, appears.

"We need to talk." She opens with, it was about a subtle as a brick that things weren’t too good. Rob recognises this and attempts to cool the situation immediately.

"That’s fine, but I was gonna go for a shower, so if I smell it’ll be your fault!" He smirks. The reply is pretty much the opposite of what’s hoped for. Sharon just takes a step forward, almost in Rob’s face.

"Do you know what My-Ron has been up to? What he’s been saying?" She raises her voice.

"Actually no, why? Is it really anything I should care about?"

"He’s acting pretty creepy Rob, he was in Dawlish, he knew you’d been there, why? He’s been insulting me, insulting you, insulting our son. What’s he going to do next Rob? I’m actually concerned he may and try to come here, he’s got no problem in stalking you all the way
down to the Devon Coast after all!" It’s pretty clear that Sharon is upset about all this.

"Okay," Rob pauses, "Leave it with me, if it’s bothering you that much I’ll have a few safeguards set up. However I really wouldn’t pay too much into what he has to say. Let him talk a load of rubbish about us, he’ll always be so far off the mark it’s cringeworthy!"

His wife isn’t at all in agreement, "I don’t think you’d be saying that if you’d heard, or David Shand for that matter."

Rob laughs "So the press just told me! I honestly don’t care too much. Yes, okay what Fox has said was out of line, and it is a bit weird that he followed me about, but it’s not going to bother me. Now, if it makes you feel better, I’ll call Leon up here. Frankly though I need a shower, so stop worrying and relax."

With that, Rob walks off towards the staircase. As he does he takes his mobile from his pocket and dials a number.

"Leon, it’s Rob, got a surveillance job for you if you’re interested. You are? Thought so. Be up here as soon as possible, cheers." Having phoned up Leon Chant, his hired heavy if you will, Rob heads for the shower in the knowledge that he had all bases covered. His wife will feel safer knowing Leon is keeping care of the house whilst he’s away, even though he doesn’t believe My-Ron would stoop so low.

15:50 – Realisation

Having changed after his shower, Rob walks into his office, where he conduct most wrestling business, as well as any other work from home. He sits at the computer which is already turned on and opens up his e-mails. One in particular catches his eye and he clicks on it.

From: Alex Reid
To: Rob Arnold
Subject: You may find this of interest


Thought you should see this.


Rob clicked the attachment, it was a scan Alex had taken from a wrestling publication. Rob realised immediately that the interview was with David Shand, and leant back in his chair. He considered not reading it, so far he’d been ignoring a lot of what the Trinity were saying because he refused to get to involved. Despite what he said to Chio about serving up a lot of the "Old Rob Arnold" at the Reunion Show, this was still business to him. This was all still a one off and it needed to stay like that. However there was a problem, curiosity was creeping in, especially after what Sharon had said Novaar had done. He took a deep breath, and decided to read what was said.

With each word he read, Rob’s face changed from variations of surprise, disappointment, and anger. Not one word came from his lips however, as he scrolled through the section of the article. When he got to the end he closed the attachment and sat back in his chair, still silent. He put his feet up on the desk and folded his arms, allowing himself to stare at the various belts, photos and memorabilia he filled the room with from his wrestling days. He sat there, trying to take his mind off what he had just read, however he was failing.
Feeling restless Rob stood up to look at some of the photos, various matches, various famous victories he had taken. He looked at the last picture, it was a promo shot taken of him with the XHF European title, the last belt he held before walking away. He stared at himself, the "old" Rob Arnold. Likewise, the "old" Rob Arnold stared back. It was at this moment, Rob knew exactly what he had to do.
Still, without saying anything he rushed downstairs and grabbed a coat from its hanger. As he did Sharon came from the kitchen, holding his son Michael.

"Rob, what are you doing? Where are you going?"

"Sharon, there are some people in need of an education, I’m going to deliver it."

With that Rob made for the door. It was time for the real Rob Arnold to do what he does best.
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PostSubject: Re: Apathy, Suspicion, Realisation   Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:11 pm

Ooc: interesting stuff so far. Want to see where you go with this.

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PostSubject: Re: Apathy, Suspicion, Realisation   Thu Mar 17, 2011 4:58 pm

Good work Rob that was cool
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PostSubject: Re: Apathy, Suspicion, Realisation   

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Apathy, Suspicion, Realisation
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