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 The Pearl And The Falling Star

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PostSubject: The Pearl And The Falling Star   Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:30 pm

My big comeback. My return. My life. My name. My songs. My fame. I will be the biggest name ever.

After this concert, everything aside, I will be immortal. And it's only the beginning.

Everything I’ve ever done has led up to this. I've put everything, every last ounce of my money, and collateral towards this.

I've been told I’ve risked too much on a delusion, but they're wrong. All so wrong.

My ability, my talent, my name... my very being itself, is enough to see this through, and at the end, I will carry through this and be more successful than anyone has ever told me I could be.

I've put everything into this, everything towards booking the O2 arena, and here in North Greenwich London, is where my legend begins all over again, better and brighter than ever before. The first step to regaining the whole world as my own.

All the debts I took out to get here will be repaid the minute they see me on that stage, and I pick up that microphone, my band plays, and I sing my music.

No longer merely a professional wrestler, much larger than the CWA or TXA was, I stand above it all, for once. No more sharing the spotlight with unworthy opponents.

I am a singer, I am an idol, I am the shining brilliance. I am on my own, and it's all for me.

The world will know me and be mine, once again, despite everything I had to risk for this chance.

I am the Megastar. The ultimate idol.

I am Julie Yafuda.

.....But that's what she had to tell herself. What she has to force herself to believe. The truth was unfortunately, anything but.

Behind her impossible delusions, the truth of the matter was much more impossibly grim than she even dared to allow herself to realize.

This concert is going to be spectacular, only in its failure, and it is doomed to destroy her, completely.

She wouldn't allow herself to believe this was the last desperate, delusional, mad act of a blind egomaniac, nor consider the seriousness of the incredible debt she's put herself in, even if she was as beloved, popular, famous, or as talented as the singing idol of millions, she convinced herself that she is.

Her albums, barely scraping anywhere near the billboard charts, let alone sell at outlet shops, are all but unknown and uncared about. Julie Yafuda has been panned by critics as a singer, even though in the past, praised as the once-great CWA women's wrestler, Midori, Or, later, as she'd be known by her real name, "Julie Yafuda". Her wrestling career as the Megastar, and even, yes, that dark time in her life where she was The Apocalypse Rose.

She might pretend to not acknowledge it, but she appreciated and loved her career.

...That is, except for the inconvenience of neither the CWA, nor the TXA being her stage, alone.

She loved to wrestle, but her ego, disconnected from even her own realization of her love of wrestling would not allow her to believe that her opponents shared the same ring as her.

All her attempts, since, to live her own hype and become a popular, singing Japanese pop-idol sensation like the ones she always emulated and grew up with, during years of being an American growing up in Japan, have subsequently failed her. Even after these years since the end of her wrestling career. Instead, wallowing in her side projects, her albums, even though losing money and bombed, if even known by the mainstream at all.

But now, she is officially destitute.

Like a starved addict, gone mad and bereft of all reason, for one last desperate grasp at the spotlight she's never really tasted or attained in so long... She has sold her house, her property, her wrestling memorabilia, her titles such as the numerous Japanese titles she has attained or her CWA Women's and Intercontinental Championships, her very home, and every last dollar she has ever had, and even written numerous bad checks of outrageous sums, and collateral she does not own. Just to book this extravagantly large London arena for her "pop idol comeback".

She is not just destitute but disastrously in debt.

Yet in her mind, all it takes is this one last grasp at the stage, for the world to fall in love with her instantly. After this one night, she assures herself, she will be the proof that all her dreams will come true and the world will be hers.

Only a week to go until the show; the concert. And she cannot sell out 8% of the arena she has booked as the site of her big return. Not just any arena, the O2 of London, England.

Her agents first had told her that she has barely sold so much as 400 seats of the 23,000 capacity venue. Constantly dismissing their pleas to stop now and cancel the show, she continued to rufuse to listen.

After she struck one across the face; that was when they and her investors began to abandon her, one by one.

Blissfully unconcerned of the continued fallout of her “concert", she has, as of yet, not even told the promoters, nor even her costumers, stage hands, and the others working about the floor crumbling beneath her.

Instead, from complete lack of communication, they continue to work, to prepare her for the show, in only one week’s time from now. Even though the destruction of the entire event is but only a phone call away from the management that has abandoned her as well.

Instead, Julie Yafuda, ex CWA Wrestler, paces nervously backstage.

Is she worried about her outstanding debts? Her agents and investors dropping off like flies? The imminent cancellation of her glorious, return at the obscenely overbooked London arena?

No. None of these things.

Right now, she’s pacing in her dressing room backstage, waiting for the arrival of her former best friend, whom she has invited to witness her glorious moment of rebirth.

She's waiting to see Soudouki Kobayashi again, for the first time in ages.

The door is pushed open suddenly, and Julie’s head shoots towards it excitedly. The last time this happened, it was a member of the arena staff, who she’d promptly screamed at.

This time, her eyes fall onto the vision that is the slender and stylish Soudouki, who enters the room with the attitude that one would expect of her.

“Piss off, would you?” she shrieks, head still turned to an unknown person outside, “I’m a guest! Jeez!” Upon entering and kicking the door behind her, she sets her eyes on Julie. A large smile rises on her make-up-caked face, “Julie-kun! So there you are!”

The eyes of Yafuda widen upon the sight of her old friend. Clad in short, sleeveless navy top, tight jeans and heeled leather boots, as well as a pair of designer sunglasses, Soudouki is the picture of style as always.

“Sou-chan!” Julie bubbles, and the two embrace as if the years apart had never happened, “It’s so good to see you; you look gorgeous!”

“Oh no, you’re the gorgeous one here!” Soudouki says excitedly, running her hand up and down in the air in front of Julie, “Look at that figure! You’re still a thing of beauty!”

“You’re going to make me blush,” Julie laughs, mocking a fanning motion with her hand, “Anyway, make yourself comfortable!”

She gestures towards the comfy chairs that sit in the centre of the room, presumably used by only the finest acts in (and out of) the country. Soudouki smiles her thanks and the two of them get comfortable in the leather armchairs.

“Mm, love the setup,” Soudouki purrs, “Nice isn’t it, being the big superstar?”

Julie grins widely, “Oh it really is. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. I’m finally getting the spotlight all to myself. It’s just what I need,” she halts her gushing for a moment, difficult though it is, “How are you, Soudouki? I’ve missed us hanging out like crazy, so it’s killed me that I’ve been too busy to keep up.”

“Ah, well I suppose there’s a few things you need to know, then,” Soudouki replies plainly, and with that she pulls off her sunglasses. Julie is unsure of what to say, until she notices something, underneath the veil of foundation and eyeliner...

“Oh my god, Sou-chan,” she gasps, both hands up to her mouth, “What happened to your eye?”

Soudouki gives her a sly smile, “I was hoping it would be completely covered up, but I suppose even my artistic excellence couldn’t disguise it. I received a shiner from Mr. Reto.”

The shocked expression on Julie’s face drops even deeper, “Sou, you don’t mean he...”

Soudouki waves off the thought before it can be vocalised, “No no, nothing quite like that. I haven’t kept you updated, so you’re probably unaware that I broke it off with that loser years ago. Even back then, he wouldn’t dream of domestic violence: he was far too big a pussy.”

“So when did this happen?” Julie asks, legitimate concern in her voice.

“Recently, and to be honest, it was worth it,” Soudouki actually laughs, and replaces her sunglasses, “Just thought I’d ruin his life for him by cluing in his new filly as to the true nature of Christopher Reto. He deserved as much, after all. When all was said and done, I probably should have snuck out before he could do anything. Couldn’t help myself, though; gloating down at him while he was at his lowest was just so cathartic.”

“I certainly hope you pressed charges,” Julie narrows her eyes.

“Too much effort. Besides, he’s got a match with David Shand coming up. It’s far worse punishment to let him make it to that, where he’ll be humiliated for the whole world to see. Getting him locked up would be merciful by comparison.”

Julie rests back in her seat, clearly agitated, “I can’t believe he did that, though. He deserves more than just a beating. I’d have him hanged if I could.”

“Well, a battle with the Soul Reaper is akin to public execution anyway,” Soudouki laughs some more.

“What made you do that? To go down there and put yourself at risk by approaching him?”

“It was the strangest thing,” Soudouki begins to explain, “I was visiting home, and mother made passing mention of Christopher. Said she’d seen him interacting closely with one of our old friends; and I could tell which one she meant. It could only be one. Aside from my sis, he always did seem to have a crush on that horse Melanie Riggs. It just figured that if he was back home, he’d go running to her: especially since Teresa is nowhere to be seen these days.”

“So after Yenkei told me that they’d both been training at a certain wrestling school,” Soudouki continues, “I decided to pay a visit. My timing really couldn’t have been any better; it was fate! I don’t regret it. I’ll never let him forget what he did to me. I’ll never let him move on. He will never get a reprieve from Soudouki Kobayashi.”

“You know what, Sou-chan?.." Julie, lowers her head a bit, still keeping eye contact, but appearing to lapse into the former dark moodiness she once showed as The Apocolypse Rose just a bit. Speaking in a lower voice register for a mere second, quietly uttering her words with a dark and wicked smile. “I applaud that. Getting inside his head and giving him just a bit of true anguish."

Just as quickly, however, Julie returns to her previous considerably lighter self, and continues. "You did the right thing, suffered for it, and still keep your head held high. You’re the closest thing to a martyr we’ve had in this generation.”

Soudouki gives a mock seated curtsy, “I thank you, Miss Yafuda.”

“Seems your career’s going well too,” Julie points out, “I may be be too busy to keep up all the way, but I’ve seen your work on the indies. They love you out there. I’m glad professional wrestling is still treating you well.”

“But of course,” Soudouki grins, “Sure, I do miss the glitz and glamour of the big-time, like with the CWA, but this means just as much to me. I’m out there with the real elite women wrestlers - not just the models and retired hookers looking to be the next Trish Stratus - and I’m embarrassing every last one of them. At this high level, where people really appreciate good wrestling, I’m absolutely thriving.”

“Plus the money isn’t too bad, especially since they have those photo shoots for the website,” Soudouki adds, puffing her hair playfully, “The dorks who follow the product kill for anything with my image on it. Not that I blame them; I am pretty much amazing, after all.”

Julie nods, and while she’s happy for Soudouki’s success, she’s clearly chomping at the bit to talk about herself. Soudouki seems to have picked up on that.

“So,” she points casually at her friend, “I’ve gone on about myself plenty. How are you doing? Living the rock and roll lifestyle?”

It is now that the genuine smile on Julie’s face nearly drops right off - despite waiting patiently for this chance the stark reality of her situation hit her the moment Soudouki said those words – but it is quickly replaced by a false one.

“Haha, but of course. The pace is frenetic, but I’m doing just fine. Having my name so known, having my talents so appreciated... it means so much to me, you know? It’s vindication for everything I’ve had to put myself through over the years. I’m finally taking centre stage; the spotlight will be on me alone. It’s so... I can’t even put it into words.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Julie,” Soudouki replies, “You’ve really earned this; to get to perform in front of such an enormous crowd. I mean, this is the 02 building!” She waves her hands around for effect, “Such a huge place. People will be talking about this show for years, I just know it.”

At this point Julie is gritting her teeth, “Yeah. It’s gonna be... it’s gonna be fantastic.”

Soudouki tilts her head, a look of concern on her face, “Um, Julie? Whatever’s the matter? You don’t seem all too well.”

Julie shakes her head violently, “Nothing, nothing. I’m fine. Just pre-show jitters, y’know?”

“I thought the show was a week from now,” Soudouki points out.

“W-What can I say? I get them early. Good lord, I need a drink,” she gets to her feet and wanders over to the mini-bar that she explicitly demanded, “Can I get you something, Sou?”

“Oh yes please, an Orangina would be nice,” Soudouki replies, still looking worriedly at her friend, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“I... yeah. I’m alright,” Julie returns with two drinks; a bottle of Orangina for Soudouki, and of all things, a can of beer for herself, “Here you go, babe.”

Soudouki peers over her sunglasses at the can, “Really, Julie? I wasn’t aware pre-show jitters did that to you.”

Julie eyes the drink, and shakes her head yet again. Suddenly she tosses the can at the floor with a rage-filled scream, and fitfully wanders over to the large, rectangular mirror on the side. She doesn’t look at her reflection, though; just straight downwards.

Soudouki doesn’t say anything for a moment, apparently thrown by this whole turn of events. She eases herself up, and tentatively approaches her old friend.

“Julie. What’s going on?”

“Nothing, damn it,” Julie’s voice is cold and harsh.

Soudouki sighs. Her sunglasses come off again, and she walks closer to her friend. The two of them are reflected clearly in the highly-polished mirror: Soudouki, even with the remnants of a black eye, stands confidently; Julie is a wreck, head buried in her arms.

“Come on, talk to me.”

“Everything is fine. Stop worrying. I think you should leave now.”

Soudouki takes a deep breath. It seems it’s finally come to this.

“I didn’t want to have to do this, Julie,” Soudouki resigns herself to saying, “I didn’t want to hurt you on your night, but you’ve really left me with no alternative.”

Soudouki puts an arm around her friend and begins.

“This is all wrong.”

“What do you mean?” Julie turns her head slightly, and tears can be seen forming in her eyes.

“This illusion of yours. You’re not a musical prodigy, Julie. You have not won the hearts of millions. You can’t even sing. You’re a failure.”

Julie is wounded. She shoves Soudouki’s arm away.

“What the hell are you talking about?” her words are accentuated by snorts of emotion.

“Reality, Julie. Something you’ve long since abandoned,” Soudouki calmly replies, not letting Julie’s aggression affect her message, “Let’s face it, while I have been making the most of my situation, sticking to that which I know, you’ve set that aside in hope of being a pop star; entering a world you know nothing about. Just because you were an idol in wrestling - and you absolutely were one – it doesn’t mean you can pull it off in another medium.”

“Shut up!” exclaims Julie, practically beside herself at this point, “How dare you! I...” she snorts again, “I invite you backstage before my big concert, and this is how you thank me? I’m the Megastar, damn it!”

“Only in your mind. You’ve let this fantasy spiral out of control. I know what’s happened, Julie. You’ve barely made a penny since this whole venture began. I read about you selling your home. Your home. This will not work out. You’re not going to magically gain fans in one week; this arena won’t even come close to selling out. It’s over. Give it up now.”

Julie is silent for a moment, but then quietly says, “What do you know?” she starts shouting, “You’re just some insignificant wrestler who performs in front of a tiny crowded high school! You couldn’t dream of reaching my level!”

Soudouki sighs a deep sigh.

“Give it up, Julie.”

Julie just stares at her. She didn’t want to hear this. The one person left who she was certain would support her is telling her the same thing as all the naysayers.

“You don’t need this fantasy world,” Soudouki says, trying to soften her tone, and walking up to her again, “You should go with what you know. If you want to be under that spotlight, you know where to find it.”

Julie laughs; not with amusement, but bitterness, “On the indies? What can somebody like me hope to find all the way down there? I was never meant for the gutter.”

“No, Julie,” Soudouki tells her, “Not on the indies. At the CXA.”

Julie looks up, tears streaming down her cheeks. “What did you say?”

“The CXA,” Soudouki explains, “A group in this country; in this town actually. Why do you think I came here?”

“That name...” Julie narrows her moist, sore eyes, “It’s so...”

“Familiar? Certainly. I’m sure that’s what the creators had in mind. They’re holding a one-off show featuring talent from CWA and TXA, after all.”

Julie drops to her knees. She appears conflicted along with being overcome with emotion.

“They contacted me about a potential match there,” Soudouki continues, “Perhaps you should give them a call. I’m sure they’d love to have the former Midori on their card.”

Julie shakes her head, “I’ve put that behind me; wrestling. I... I wanted so much for this to work.”

“I know you did, Julie-kun,” Soudouki gives her a smile, “But you should forget about music. If you want to be a star again, there’s only one place you can achieve that goal.”

Soudouki reaches into her pocket as Julie just stars down at the tears which are soaking her trousers. A moment later, Soudouki’s handing her a number scribbled onto a piece of paper.

“Cancel this debacle, and give these guys a call. You won’t regret it.”

Soudouki rises to her feet, and starts to let herself out.

“Do yourself a favour, okay? Do me a favour,” Soudouki said with more than a hint of sadness in her voice, and puts her sunglasses back on, “It was nice seeing you again, Julie.”

With that, Soudouki is gone, and Julie Yafuda is left with the remains of her broken, destroyed dreams and a single phone number that could be her one last real chance.

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PostSubject: Re: The Pearl And The Falling Star   Wed Mar 16, 2011 4:40 pm

ooc: Chris and I collaborated on most of the idea of everything you see here and talked it over from the beginning, having a few discussion about how this would go.

As far as the writing, aside from the concept of which we both shared during conceptual talks, everything right up to where Soudouki walks in the door was typed up by me, and absolutely everything after she walks in the door is typed up by Chris.
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PostSubject: Re: The Pearl And The Falling Star   Thu Mar 17, 2011 2:10 am

ooc: Really good stuff from both. Wish TNA and the WWE put that much effort into their women's division!

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PostSubject: Re: The Pearl And The Falling Star   

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The Pearl And The Falling Star
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