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 We warned you. And we're coming to crash the party.

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PostSubject: We warned you. And we're coming to crash the party.   Wed Mar 16, 2011 1:37 pm


You want a war?? YOU GOT A WAR. Or, well actually it's more like no one payed any attention...


Becuase we're makin' good on our threats! We're coming to CXA Reunion! And you're not gonna liiiike it.

Because when we hit you, we're gonna hit you like a ton of bricks! And then you'll be beggin' us to stop by the end.

But we won't. Becuase we're comin' on strong, and this little "reunion"... you're all gonna pay for snubbin' us.

So who are we? Oh, you're all so scared, we know. Everyone wants to know... who is the cWo?? WHAT is the cWo... It's what's on everybody's hearts and minds right now.

Who are these guys? What are they gonna do? Believe you me, er... US. Believe us, when you find out what the cWo has in store, you're gonna be cryin' for mercy.

And as for your show? We'll teach you to forget about us! We'll teach you to not invite us!

But awww... you want a hint? You want some more warning do ya?

Well, we're a gracious bunch. We'll give ya a little of what you wanna know. But not too much!

We're the cWo!

That sound a little too familiar? It should. Because the CW....... O?

Or maybe the CW....A!!

But not the CWA you all know. With your David Shand's, and your Rob Arnold's and your Chio Reto's and your Evenflow's and your Dark Carnivals, and your Joxides, and your Myron Foxes??


That ain't the CWA we're talkin' about!! We're the ORIGINALS!!! Before your british invasion, and your CWA Internationals and all that crap.

We're the first, we're the best, we're the originals, and we're the ones you don't even know! Because before the CWA hit the internet and became mister big time..

WE were the guys that were puttin' on shows in the little towns, and bustin' our asses for the little pay. Before you were all serious, and before all of that big sold our arenas and things.

Because you all sold out. You forgot about the REAL CWA.

This is the CWA Baka built. This the CWA that Mike Rocket put on the map before he and Baka became a couple of sellout goons and sold the company off to the likes of guys like Shand.

This is the CWA that said "Jack The World", baby!! This is the CWA that had that so-so sweet theme song by GWAR!! This was the original vision of the those sellouts Baka and Mike Rocket. Before Derek Vicious made it all big and bad and changed his name and started putting on drama college!

This was the CWA that didn't take itself so goddamn serious. This is the CWA that even the WWF brought in some guys to help us out, and we outperformed them!

The heart and soul of the promotions like the ECW... that is the Eastern Championship Wresting..

We're the originals...

We're the guys you don't remember....

From the beginning of South Bend, Indiana where the South Bend Street Fight was INVENTED. Where we sprung up from the back yards, to the rec center behind Krogers... downtown Mishawaka, baby.

We had the jokes, we had the blood, we had the guts, we had the attitude, and we were the best.

We had dark empoerors, the worlds first women's CWA champion, and The Triangle Of Hate, The Burnt Offering, and the ONLY official professional wrestling event to take place in The Mall Of America, before or since.

And for one night, we're gonna take this CXA Universe.. and it's gonna go back to when the world was jacked, and our shirts were only a dollar nintey nine at K-Mart!!

Courtesy of...

The little bastard, the airplane man, the tall man, the hardest and the fuckin'est!, and most importantly... DA FAT GUY!!

YOU WANTED A WAR?? Well.... You got... the cWo. Comin' at-cha.

Straight from 1996 to your front door!! HAHAHAHAHA.
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PostSubject: Re: We warned you. And we're coming to crash the party.   Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:34 pm

Ooc: didn't the very first episode of Monday Nitro come from the Mall of America? The one Luger turned up on?

I'm not climbing to the top of the mountain. I am the damn mountain!
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Julius Seizure

Julius Seizure

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PostSubject: Re: We warned you. And we're coming to crash the party.   Wed Mar 16, 2011 3:41 pm

OOC: Smart ass!
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PostSubject: Re: We warned you. And we're coming to crash the party.   Sat Mar 19, 2011 11:40 am

ooc nice its like having the 90's sat right in front of me and is basically wanting to bite my toes off or something like it, well im gonna be back tomorrow and hopefully have an rp or 2 to post (btw side edit this may sound very random atm as ive been working 18 hour days for the last 7 days i also have a 40th bday party this evening which i have been planning for ages and little to no sleep makes brummy very very crazy)
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PostSubject: Re: We warned you. And we're coming to crash the party.   

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We warned you. And we're coming to crash the party.
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