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PostSubject: Sin.......   Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:22 am

We open to a blank screen. No pictures. No music. Nothing...

"Sin. In religion sin is an act that violates a known moral code. It is a state of having committed such a violation. It is refraining from action or simply desiring to act on a violation of moral norm. It is a rebellion against the direction of supreme authority..."

We get a moments flash of Jesus on the cross. Then back to nothing.

"Sin can also be said to be an emity toward, avoidance of or an hatred of good. It can refer to the bestial within man. The animal side of the divine child. It is considered wrong. Unholy. It comes with many names. Immoral..."

An old picture, Dionysus and an orgy. Again, back to black.

"Selfish. Shameful. Harmful. Alienating."

Another old piture. A group of people, dressed in what looks to be medieval clothing, point and laugh at a lone figure. The latter is recoiling, stung by a rock thrown by one of the group. A red A adorns their clothes.

"Well, Rob Arnold. I see things differently. I see sin as having a place. Without sin, without desire, man becomes stagnant. He doesn't seek to change. He allows himself to rot. The Prince will not let that happen..."

Another piece of art. Rather than an old master, we have now entered the realm of pop culture. Lucifer, from the DC Comics Sandman world, cutting a suave figure in a fine suit.

"Like the Morningstar, The Cyberstar is the brightest light in the sky. Like the Day Star, The Prince has been mocked for not following the norm. But like the Fallen Angel, The Vampire will rise again, more powerful than before..."

We cut to a piece of video. The logo in the top right hand corner tells us that it's from the WHWF.

We get a shot of The Cyberstar being helped to take a table from under the ring by a lady in goth fashion. The Cyberstar himself is dressed in an outlandish bit of kit, showing that we are in his Vampire Antichrist days.

As we watch the pair pair take the table to below a large, twisted steel cross. The structure is 'real' size, large, metallic and imposing. As we watch the pair put the table below the cross.

Once they've done that the pair return to the ring. We see them pull a fallen opponent down and out. From the quick glance we get it seems to be former WHWF champion Richard 'The Punisher' Porter. The pair take Porter up the ramp and deposit him on the table below the cross.

Novaar begings to climb higher and higher up the cross until he's standing on the t-section. Then the cross itself begins to rise skywards. Finally, it comes to halt, with Novaar a large distance from teh ground. Looking from side to side an intense look fills Novaar's eyes and he hits a guns-to-the-head salute. Then, eyes wide open, he leaps into the air, turns one rotation after another and comes down with one of his old finishers, The Splatterbomb (Swanton Bomb).

Novaar goes right through Porter, through table. The move seems to have hurt both men but Porter took the brunt of the blow. Novaar rolls over for the pin...


(announcer) "And your winner...and the NEW WHWF World Heavyweight Champion...Myron Fox!"

Novaar is on his feet, incredibly with no serious damage from the jump. Novaar turns back to The Punisher and, dipping a finger in Porter's own blood, he traces a symbol on the fallen man's chest. As he finishes, we fade back to black.

"At Reunion, Rob, I will be more than just a sinner. I will teach you what sin is all about. Seven lessons. Seven sins. At Reunion, Rob, I will become an angel of sin. A Reunion, Rob, the Inifnite Gaze will be upon you and the Ultimate Sacrfice will be made..."
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