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PostSubject: Dawlish...   Tue Mar 08, 2011 1:00 am

The scene opens in a sleepy seaside town, one that could be anyone of a number that dot the South Coast of England. Weekday holiday makers mill around, shots of people dipping into shops, eating ice creams and paddling in the sea. Picture familiar to us all.

Next the camera cuts to a small cafe. Again, there is nothing really to pick it out. There are hundreds like it. Nor do most of the customers suggest that it is anything different. The usual mix of families and older patrons, sipping tea and eating cake. Only one thing marks this as different...

Sitting at the front of the cafe is The Prince, My-Ron Novaar. Though we are more used to him drinking more exotic fare Novaar sits sipping a cup of tea, raising in a gentlee fashion. Novaar looks up into the camera.

"Fiiiiinally...The Cyberstar has come back to...(pause)...Dawlish?!? (plucks out a tourist guide from the table) A town and civil parish of Teignbridge, on the South Coast of Devon that grew from a small fishing port to become a well-known...(looks off camera) well-known? Really?...seaside resort..."

The Cyberstar sits back. As he does we get a good look at his outfit. Today we have a pair of black, leather knee high boots leading to a pair of breeches. These are followed by a high necked silver shirt and a black, Mandarin style jacket with a swirling pattern on the front.

"Like what you see? Unlike certain other jokers The Prince decided not to treat you with contempt. To put a bit of effort into his outfit and not dress like a second hand car salesman or student who has just nipped out for some beer and found himself in a big hotel..."

Novaar flashes a smile. Unlike Rob Arnold's smug smirk, this one carries genuine feeling, albeit in a rather twisted way.

"Let's get straight to it. There is one reason and one reason that The Prince has come to this 'popular seaside resort' and that's you, Rob Arnold. The Cyberstar hears that you like this cafe. So he couldn't think of a better place to reply to you.

First of all, congratulations. While The Prince has been doing the press circuit for two or three months, actually going out and promoting the Reunion show, Rob Arnold has sat at home, sipping his coffee, and watching his family as they appear on Jeremy Kyle. It must have been so nice to see them all together again, Rob..."

The Cyberstar sits back, sips the tea again, then fires away.

"But all that time seems to have given you a loose grasp on history, Rob. Let's clarify a few things. First up, unlike you, The Vampire respects his opponents. He may not like you. He may KNOW that his plans will come to pass at Reunion but he respects what you have done.

You might not have the most thrilling move set in the world. You may dress in the drabbest ring gear known to man. But The Cyberstar knows that you are a former world champion. And while The Prince will point out the stone cold fact that he was the CWA Unified champion before you - hell, most people held that gold before you - and at the same time as the tag gold, The Cyberstar does acknowledge that you as an opponent.

Which you seem to be unable to do. Yes, you sit there claiming that you don't have the ego The Prince and David Shand had because you didn't bring the belts. Then you went off and listed all of your achievement anyway. Humble? Novaar doesn't think so.

Let The Cyberstar tell you a little something about the game, Rob. When you are facing your opponents, if you just say how bad they are then you achieve nothing. If you win, you beat a nobody. If they beat you, you just lost to a nobody. And, if they have already got their plans in place and WILL be reborn at Reunion, you're going to look like a prize fool at the show...

The Cyberstar is animated now. Leaning into the camera, clearly into what he is saying.

"Next up you mention the stipulation. The Cyberstar wants to correct your version of events. You never gave The Prince first refusal on the stipulation. Why? Because The Cyberstar didn't hear from you for months! While you were away, 'finding your smile', The Prince was out there, doing the press junkets. You cut a teaser and a press conference and suddenly it's all about you. Sorry, that just doesn't work.

The Vampire actually made the challenge. Which you ignored. He made another one. Which you ignored. Finally, he made a stipulation challenge which, until the press conference, you ignored! So don't try and make yourself a leader of men, Rob."

Another sip. A pause.

"You know, Rob. This town reminds me of you. Like you it's got it's own fans but, at the end of the day, it's ten a penny. You seem to make a badge of just how ordinary you are.

That leads The Prince to another mistake you made. You sat there and claimed that Novaar hadn't pushed on. Funny, then, that when The Prince met with David Shand he was promoting one of a number of succesful bands he'd been managing since he'd left the ring. That he was working on every aspect of their world tour and pushing their albums. You, meanwhile, went off to become a manager at JJB Sports. You became a pen pusher. David Shand is a business man. You, you get a few properties and you think you're Donald Trump!

You say that you have achieved things. You got married. You had a child. Well, Rob, congratulations on being able to do what any number of drunken fools do every Friday night. What teenagers seem to be able to do. Hell, what the lowesliest creatures of this fair Earth can do. You knocked somebody up. Big whoop-de-do.

Again, Rob, you make this big thing about how you've kicked on but the evidence just doesn't match up. You think that you're somebody now. The man. It's pitfiul. It's sad."

The Prince relaxes, sits back.

"So sit there and claim that you're some sort of big shot. That you matter. The Cyberstar will tell you what you are. A middle managing, big mouthing, little coward that hid away and said nothing for two months while the rest of us got off our behinds and went out and actually did something. That's who you are, Rob. Still proud?

And yes, you are coward. You list all of those matches. If you're that brave, why not answer sooner? The Cyberstar knows that it isn't because you are a afraid of him. When you cut your little promo and you bad mouth The Prince, you show that. No, The Cyberstar thinks that you are afraid of yourself. That you doubt yourself. That behind the curtain the Wizard just isn't big man he thinks he is.

Well, Rob, come Reunion, you'll see who's the fake. You'll see who's an illusion. Let's just hope that when you're bleeding. When you're banged up, that you remember that illusions can't really hurt you. The Cyberstar may respect you as an opponent, Rob, but he sure as hell doesn't respect you as a man.

So, Rob, get ready. Because when the Infinite Gaze is upon you. And when the Seven Sins are unleashed, we'll all get to see just who Rob Arnold REALLY is..."

Fade to black
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PostSubject: Re: Dawlish...   Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:41 am

ooc: If this was a fight, the ref would step in now and call a technical knock-out.

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