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 Fear the Illusion

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PostSubject: Fear the Illusion   Wed Mar 02, 2011 1:21 am

Fade into a simple black screen.

"Illusions, Rob Arnold? Let The Prince talk to you about illusions. The Prince sees an illusion when he looks at you. He sees an illusion of somebody who suggests confidence when he does his little smirk at the camera. He sees the illusion of somebody who thinks he is still brave...

The Prince thinks that we have all seen that it isn't so. If it was, why hide so long? Oh, you will tell us you had to get your smile back. Please. That was tired when Michaels tried it. It's still tired today.

When a wrestler says he wants to get his smile back he means he's it. That dedication to his art that used to drive him. That piece of his mind that used to tell him one more lap. Now it tells him to hide away. To play the family man. These are not for The Prince.

You accuse The Prince of fakery. You are not the first. Again, you return to words long since devoid of meaning to The Cyberstar. Words that The Vampire has heard many times over. But then that is what Rob Arnold has always done well. Rob Arnold has always had the words. Rob Arnold has always suggested and promised a lot. Rob Arnold is a man for who words say much but mean nothing."

As we watch two eyes appear. Mismatched and cat-like their stare burns into the screen.

"You talk about how decorated Rob Arnold is. The Prince wants to remind you, again, that he is a former two time WHWF champion, from days when the likes of David Shand, Richard Porter and Homer Cyde were at their pomp. He held the WHWF Tag titles on two occassions with Shand and Doomsday. He is a former CWA Unified Champion, beating Roller to do it. He carried Joanie Lee as the CWA Tag Champions, holding those belts, for part, at the same time as he carried the world title. The Prince also held the TXA World Heavyweight crown, as well as capturing tag titles with David Shand. The reason he hasn't reigned in a while? He hasn't been wrestling. These are all facts you seem to choose to ignore."

The eyes barely blink.

"But Rob Arnold has always been good at that. Rob Arnold thinks that talking trash is enough to get by. Fakery? Try entertainment, Rob. You call me bland but look at your own 9-to-5 world of sports shops and being an Average Joe. You wear that like it's some sort of badge of honour. The Prince isn't impressed.

But then again, Rob, none of that matters. You have finally crawled out of hiding and cut a few promos. Well done. A shame it doesn't matter. That the plans are already set. At Reunion, the rebirth will be complete. At Reunion, The Draconix Prince will show Rob Arnold - and the world - that sometimes, just sometimes the smoke and mirrors, hides the real horror...."

The camera zooms in on the eyes.

"Rob Arnold. Infinity's Gaze is upon you...it's time time to Fear the Illusion..."
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Fear the Illusion
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