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PostSubject: Illusionist   Tue Mar 01, 2011 4:33 pm

Fade in to a dark room. There is an underlying mist creeping along the bottom of the screen, footsteps break the silence of the opening moments. The camera slowly pans back as the footsteps continue, and it becomes immediately apparent that in front of the camera is a plain mirror. The footsteps get louder, and from the mirrors reflection it becomes quickly apparent the steps belong to Rob Arnold,who starts speaking without hesitation.

"A magician is also known as an illusionist, especially in the modern world. There are two reasons for this; the first is that over the past ten years with growth of television and internet witch-hunting, there is a more common belief that there is no such thing as magic. The second reason, which is born from the first reason, is that there are therefore only illusions, tricks of the mind, slights of hand, should I say, smoke and mirrors? This has replaced the concept of magic in the modern world." He smirks, running a hand over his chin as he does.

"What makes a good illusionist is how he or she keeps a sense of believable mystery to their audience. Also what’s important is that they have almost no flaws within their act. People will never really believe you're magic, but if you’re that good then the general public will still want to know how on earth you pulled off your act." Rob stifles a laugh at the end of this.

"I look at you Myron and I cannot but help think of an illusionist that’s no longer up with the trade. You’re a man pretending, a man who hides behind his own illusions and cheap tricks sent out to try and convince the masses that you are a credible wrestler, a man of competition. The reality is however, you are nothing."

Rob pauses, his smug expression fades to a more serious one, his arms become folded.

"You see, if you strip Myron down, layer by layer, what would you get? Take away the make up, the change of style every three months, the stupid hair, everything that sparkles and jangles and causes a distraction…what would be left? There wouldn’t be much I can tell you that, something very bland, very mediocre. This is why Myron hides behind his illusion, behind his act. Yet, there is a problem with this, one big problem." Rob smirks again now.

"People are buying into your act less and less. Vampire, goth, cyberman, dalek, klingon, now fish prince? If people wanted that much regeneration they would watch Dr Who!"

Rob unfolds his arms and shakes his head.

"The act has been stale for a long time now, people know where the rabbit was, they saw the card slip up the sleeve, they saw the ol’ switcheroo, the handkerchiefs were in your coat pocket all the time! The game is most certainly coming to an end for you Myron." He pauses. "Of course, I’ve seen past this pale fakery for years, most of us have, however now it’s getting more embarrassing than the idea of Paul Daniels making a comeback. We keep hearing that each time we’ll see the real you, the true you, but it’s all façade behind your constant smoke mirrors, and casual techno-themed attire."

Rob shakes his head in disgust.

"I do pity you Myron, like I pity all illusionists. No matter how hard you try and keep ahead of the game, people will always still know you’re never still a credible wrestler, just like they know the illusionist isn’t actually magic. I cannot even begin to contemplate what it must be like to know that every day. To know that your respect is born out of your talent to conjure up something that does not exist, not out of your talent to do something that can really be seen by the masses." Rob laughs.

Rob laughs, however shakes his head again, before letting out a sigh.

"In some ways I’m glad it’s me that will get to do this, I’ll be the one to clear the smoke, turn the lights back on, expose you and your surroundings to be as alien as you sometimes act."

With that Rob raises an arm and clicks his fingers together, which causes the lights to come back on, the mists effects quickly begin to fade. The camera turns from the mirror to face Arnold face on.

"I’m no illusionist Myron, I don’t need to be like you do. I don’t hide behind sequins and make up, I go out and I accomplish. I go out and win titles of the highest value." He pauses. "I have gone out and shown audiences real performances, inspiring kids of tomorrow to be like me with my work ethic. I’ve gone out and I’ve broken ankles, lots of ankles. I’ve broken necks, and I’ve broken spirits."
He laughs, his green eyes piercing into the centre of the camera.

"CXA Reunion, I’m going to turn the lights back on, smash you against the mirrors and watch the dry ice fall away. I will expose you for everything you are, and I will enjoy it so damn much." He laughs again, a bit longer than before.

"At CXA Reunion, you will see first hand what it means to be me, to face me. You will see first hand why no matter how much you hide behind your illusions that eventually you will be caught up with, and you will be exposed. Oh Myron, I hope you do have a magic wand because believe me, you will soon be needing it to get you out of this mess!"

Rob turns away from the camera and begins to walk away.

"Your best hope is to turn to escapology if you ask me!"

Fade out.
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