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 New ring attire for Novaar?

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PostSubject: New ring attire for Novaar?   Tue Mar 01, 2011 1:47 am

from cxa.com...

Once described by a fellow wrestler as 'a peacock with the attention span of a butterfly' Myron Novaar seems to undergoing another reinvention. Not in concept, this time, but in outfit.

"Myron's never been one to shy away from experimenting" said an insider. "When he was in Japan, during the early part of his career, Myron was almost like a manga character come to life. Then there was 'The Darkness' period, during his first couple of years with the WHWF. Full of gothic splendor!

Latter in his stay with the WHWF he transformed himself into The Vampire Antichrist. Leather tops and bottoms, buckles and straps. Very S&M and often with cross dressing thrown in!

By the time of Myron's CWA days The Cyberstar had arrived and, with it, the neon dazzle and futuristic chic. Any wrestler with a budget for day-glo make-up is going to get noticed..."

Which brings us onto today. In recent times Novaar has been seen to mix up the styles while adding what he's calling an 'Atlantis Edge'. While Myron has been mocked for thinking he's some sort of half-Elven alien that idea does run through his outfits.

So what next? Well, the rumour mill started this week when it became known that Novaar had put in a very special request for his reunion show ring attire. When asked our insider said "I can't tell you everything but I CAN confirm that the dragon/fish scale details WILL feature in the ring attire. And that we may be treated to a GOLDEN treat. Put it like this, Lady Gaga has nothing on what Novaar has planned!"
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New ring attire for Novaar?
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