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 The Draconix Prince...

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PostSubject: The Draconix Prince...   Fri Feb 25, 2011 10:00 am

We open to a shot of a large plasma TV screen, set in a stark white wall. the TV flickers into life...

Fade in to static. After a few moments the vignette goes black. Very slowly, an outline of a man can be made out, though very much an outline.

"I’ve had success of the highest nature where I’ve gone…

…TXI Title…

…TXW Title…

…CWA Title…

…XHF Title…

…The list is endless… just like my success."

The figure laughs, becoming slowly more defined.

"I’ve been your biggest Nightmare….

…I’ve been your proud representative across the globe…

…I’ve been your biggest asshole…

Most importantly…I’ve been your Innovator, your True Innovator since the turn of the Millennium."

Suddenly a small light hits the figure, and he turns around to reveal Rob Arnold, dressed in wrestling attire and sporting a trademark smirk.

"I am Rob Arnold, and just like it was on day one, there is still nothing you can do about it!"

Fade out.

The TV flicks off, a dot of light the only thing that is left. Then the sound of laughter cuts in. A mocking laughter one part sarcasm to another half confidence. This signals the camera to pan around, keeping going until we see a figure on a throne.

But this isn't the one the one we have become used to seeing. Isn't in the room where most of the promos have been shot. The stark white wall is replicated on all sides, clean, clear. So is the chair, a vision of modern art, like a Dali painting come to life.

Sat in the chair is The Cyberstar, The Prince, Myron Novaar, white-haired head resting on a gauntleted hand. The other arm lays casually on the rest of the chair. Khol rimmed eyes sparkle with joy, the gold lipped mouth twisted in laughter.

Tonight, The Vampire is a vision in black and gold. Gold, elfin boots lead to black leather trousers. These in turn lead to a gold shirt, open at the neck to reveal a pendant adorned with the strange 3 symbol we have seen much off recently. The gold of the pendant mirriored in the circlet on Novaar's head.

"Fiiiinally, Rob Arnold has come back to CXA!"

The Prince laughs again.

"And with such boasts. TXI, TXW, CWA, XHF...such an alphabet of titles. Matching the WHWF, the CWA and the TXA that have adorned The Prince's waist..."

The smile becomes broader, yet more mocking.

"You have been our nightmare? Hardly, unless it is a dream of fluffy bunnies that scares you. Our proud representative? As if The Prince considers himself British any longer...An innovator? Hardly, with such conventional tactics. Another big head wrestler with a superiority complex. And it takes one to know one..."

The Cyberstar folds his hands together, rests his chin on the top.

"But The Prince is happy that you have finally shown yourself. The Cyberstar rejoices in the fact that you have crawled from under the stone where you have hidden. For The Vampire has picked you as the catalyst. The final component in his plan.

You see, you may not know it yet, Rob, but the final outcome has already been decided. The grand plan is in place and The Prince knows how this next act will play out. You sat that there is nothing we can do about you being Rob Arnold. This may be true. But it is also true that there is nothing you can do to stop the plan taking place."

The Prince leans forward. Looking directly into the camera. His mismatched eyes burn with fire. The smile has gone.

"At CXA reunion you will stand in awe of The Draconix Prince. You will bathe in his golden light and feel his terrible darkness (voice rising) At CXA reunion, The Draconix Prince's wings will unfurl and you will feel his wrath. At CXA Reunion, demons and angels will be as one...."

Sitting back in his chair.

"You say that you are Rob Arnold and there is nothing we can do. Rob, The Draconix Prince says that Infinity's Gaze is upon you and there is nothing YOU can do about that..."

The Prince stops, turning his head as if finished. Then, at the last moment, he turns it back, the smile firmly back in place.

"Yes, Rob...because like the cretins in the cWo...you don't give The Prince nightmares at all!"

Fade to black
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The Draconix Prince...
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