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PostSubject: Different...   Wed Feb 23, 2011 10:31 am

A time to reflect...time to get away from the world and connect with myself. My time...

When people see my promos they think that it's a set. That it's not real. They don't always realise that this is actually my home. That the throne room is an extension of the house I bought in the Hollywood Hills some years ago.

It's my Fortress of Solitude. My crystaline retreat away from the rest of the world. The place I share with only one other person...

The house has seen a few changes over the years, one or two dramatic one at that. It's changed to reflect my changing tastes, the different men I have been.

Now it feels right. Feels as if it represents ALL of the different aspects of Myron Novaar. There is the futurstic feel of The Cyberstar. The technojunkie and his nods to modern technology. There is the flourishes of The Vampire. The gothic asthetics that make the building feel like he should actually be in New Orleans. And there are the trappings of The Prince. Items that make this HIS realm...almost another realm, another time.

Other parts of me sqeeuze through too. One room, for example, is decked out in steampunk style. A short of homage to the Victorian Age. But, more than ever, it's The Cyberstar, The Vampire and The Prince that dominate.

The latest addition was the throne room. In the past I'd cut promos from a variety of chairs. They had become something of a trademark. Some suggested the brutality of The Vampire. Others the intellect of The Cyberstar. The one I'm draped across now is very much The Prince. The perfect trapping for my nobilty.

Looking around the house reminds me so much of who I am. And, at the same time, of who am I not. It reminds me that I'm different. Homo Novous. The Novaar Bloodline. The blood of a different race flows in these veins. Still strong. Still burning brightly.

Different to the others.

Different to David, my friend and as close to me as anybody could be. Yet still not the same.

Different to Matthew Shand, a man trapped in his brothers shadow.

Different to Chris, a man seeking to prove himself.

Different to Mike, a sad wreck wishing to hurt Awesome to show that he can still hack it.

Different to Homer, a longtime rival selling himself to the world.

And different to Rob. Hidden away, lost in his own thoughts.

Yes, I am different. I don't need my home to tell me that. I know it from my blood. I know it from the voice of The Dragon, the voice of The Phoenix.

I am Myron Novaar and they will all see how different I can be...
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