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PostSubject: Draconix...   Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:38 pm

The shot opens with the now familiar CXA symbol, a stylised red word on a black background. Nothing we haven't seen before.

As we watch the symbol starts to flicker, spark. One of the latter catches hold on the C and, slowly, the letter begins to burn. Soon the X is ignited too, the fire rapidly taking hold.

Suddenly the flames begin to leap a little bit higher. The A is now alight and the fire is beginning to build. At the same time the camera starts to pan out, the symbol becoming smaller, further away.

Now we can see the fire is making a shape. First it grows tall, as if we are seeing the growth of a head on a long neck. Then two shapes flare out of the side. Wide and wing like.

The symbol begins to grow four legs, beneath the wings. The latter have taken on a form partly reptile, partly bird-like. A beak stretches from the face, horns from the head.

Two red eyes stare out from the golden flames. Staring directly at the camera. The bird-lizard creature wraps itself around the CXA symbol. The creature opens it's mouth and let's out something that sounds like a roar.

The fire builds even more, the CXA symbol begins to melt, fall to pieces. As it does the creature tears it apart with it's long, flame talons. With another roar it takes off, heading towards the screen. As it does the shot is filled with brilliant light...

Then nothing. The CXA symbol has gone. The creature has gone. The void has returned...
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