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 Another grey day (Reggie Cyde)

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PostSubject: Another grey day (Reggie Cyde)   Sat Feb 12, 2011 12:56 am

Just another grey day. Sure, that's what most of ya think. To me, I welcome everyone. When all you've had to look at are four stone walls, well, it gives a little perspective to things.

Off to meet Homer for another CXA thing. I could have asked for a limo, got them to send me a car. Why the hell would I? I ain't Fox, or whatever he calls himself now. I certainly ain't Shand, some snot nosed rich kid living off his pa's trust fund. I ain't a cartoon. I'm Reggie Cyde and I'm very, very real.

I spot a bar out of the corner of my eye then check my watch. I've got a little time before I meet Homer. No harm in getting in a eye opener. Hell, if I'm going to have to spend the day listening to Homer yacking on to those press boys then I'm sure going to need a stiff one! I push my Stetson on a little more and head on in.

The barman barely looks around when I enter, his game fixed on the game. I've never been one for football so I just grab a seat and scan the bar. Slim pickings today. A guy over in the corner, coughing into his sleeve. Another fella nursing a Bud. Still, it's a little early for yer casual drinkers.

I wave for some service and the barman heads over. Tall, well built Joe. Maybe carrying a few pounds more than he used to, at a guess. I order a whisky and look at the pictures behind him as he heads to get my drink.

On the wall behind the bar are some pictures of a boxer with more than a passing look of my bar friend. I see a belt here, a trophy there. He was a decent enough smo at some stage. I slug down the whisky, get him to fill her back up again.

"Just looking at your pictures friend. I'm guessing they are you?"

"Sure are. I was a bit of a pro, back in the day. Name's Benny Bertini, maybe you've heard of me?"

"The name rings a bell..."

I'm lying but why break the poor SOBs day. Something obviously happened to keep this guy from the big time. Sent him to serving bars. I ain't about to take anything else from him.

He smiles, geniune, friendly.

"You in the game?"

"Not boxing. Wrestling."

There's a twitch. The same reaction you sometimes get when talking to a boxer or their fans. I know what he's thinking. It's not the same. That boxing is somehow nobler. There are days when I find it hard to disagree...


"Name's Reggie Cyde...pleased to meet ya!"

"Cyde? As in Homer Cyde?"

Here we go...

"Sure...he's my brother."

The guy's face lights up.

"I'm a BIG fan of his films. Undercover Slugger 4 is one of my favourites! I've also got one of his waffle irons...although that never has worked..."

I drain the whisky again. I need another hit and the SOB obliges.

"I don't suppose..."

There's a hopeful look in his eye. I know what's coming.

"...I don't suppose he's meeting you here?"

"Sorry, bub. Homer's meeting at the TV studio. Going to cut another promo..."

"I think I've seen something about him going back to wrestling. Some sort of reunion show..."

I nod.

"Yup. Taking on some punk nosed kid called Joxasomething. Homer would be able to tell you. May even give you a smart little nickname for the runt. Me, I just know he's opened himself a world of hurt by accepting our match..."

The bar guy grins, nods and winks. He clearly thinks we're brothers in arms.

"I get it. Going to show him the error of his ways, eh? I used to do that. I mean, before the Briggs match. It sort of went downhill after that. Could have bounced back but, you know, politics..."

I ain't in the mood for some tear jerking story of how this smo lost his chance. You make your choices in life, see where the chips fall. Take responsibility for what you've done.

I settle the tab and the guy looks a little disappointed. I think he was still hoping Homer would turn up. As if summoned by the thought, my phone starts to flash. It's Homer.

"Where are you? We're ready to start shooting!"

"On my way. Just had to do some business..."

"Well, don't be long. I'm ready to tell Joxpox exactly what I think of him..."

The line goes dead and I head back out. It's a couple more blocks so I best get a move on. I look up at the sky. No less grey than it was before. Yeah, another grey day. Time to make it count...
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Another grey day (Reggie Cyde)
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