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 Where is the Prince?

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PostSubject: Where is the Prince?   Fri Feb 11, 2011 12:27 am

Fresh from cxa.com

Following Wednesday night's spooky ritual The One True Prince, My-Ron Novaar, as once again disappared. The Cyberstar was last seen Thursday morning, boarding a plane for the UK. Since then, however, nothing has been seen or heard from The Vampire.

Not that CXA are worried. Insiders have suggsted that The Prince is simply taking some time away after the ritual. "It was a major event" said the insider "but if The Cyberbore, sorry, Cyberstar want's some time off hey, we should all be thankful."

We expect to hear from The Prince soon. Rumour has it that Novaar has been slated for a press conference with none over that his old Trinity team mate, David Shand.
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Where is the Prince?
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