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 The Joining...

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PostSubject: The Joining...   Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:07 am

Total darkness. An absence of light. This is the picture that greets us.


Still nothing. The voice is familiar.

"Tonight you will witness something not seen for hundreds, maybe thousands of years."

A light comes on, slowly gaining power. We see vague shapes. Something large in the foreground. A figure behind it.

"Tonight you will see a ritual based on those that took place in Atlantis. By the nobles, the Mystic-Knights..."

The picture becomes a little clearer. The big shape is an altar of some kind. We still lack detail.

"The ritual saw the blood-kin call forth the spirits. Bind themselves with the creatures of the void. Of the Cosmos."

We now see the altar is gunmetal grey. It is covered in arcane symbols. On the top with see a dagger, two bottles (one smaller than the other, a pouch and a chalice. The last item is large, silver and covered with the same symbols as the altar.

Behind it the figure is covered by a red, knee-length cloak, cowl pulled over his face. Both hands rest on the altar, one covered in a simple leather glove. The other has a silver gunatlet on it. Both the gauntloet and the cowl bear the same arcane symbols as before. The rest of the figures arms are covered in shiney, blue, scale-like top.

"You know me as The One True Prince. The Cyberstar. The Vampire. The Last Son of House Novaar..."

The gauntleted hand takes the pouch.

"Tonight, you witness me becoming much, much more..."

He deposits the contents of the pouch into the chalice.

"First, the herbs. An ancient mix, known only to a handful of followers of the old ways..."

Placing the empty pouch to one side the figure picks up the smaller bottle.

"The Blood of the fallen warrior, taken in battle. Mixed with my own..."

The figure stirs the mixture three times, deliberately, with the dagger.

"The essence of the vanquished meets the life force of the victor..."

The figure tips the contents of the second bottle into the chalice.

"This ale was once used by druids in their rituals. When taken with the herbs it was said to unlock certain...potential..."

Again, the figure uses the dagger to stir three times, this time in the reverse direction.

"The blade itself itself has been used in past rituals. Has tasted past blood..."

The figure slowly pulls back his cowl. It is indeed the face of My-Ron Novaar, lined in silver make-up with the strange 3 symbol on his forehead. The dot, this time, is a gem.

"Some called you Archangels, dark angels...
Some called you Spirits of the Void...
I call to thee...
Hear me!
Hear me!

Novaar raises the chalice high.

"Phoenix of the Sun...
I name thee!
Dragon of the Moon...
I name thee!
Forces of Old...
Gives me strength!
Give me courage!
Give me POWER!"

Novaar brings the chalice to his lips, eyes wide open, entranced in what he's doing.

"Hear the call
of the One True Prince.
Know me.
Know my blood."

Novaar flashes a smile, fangs catching the light. Draining the chalice he closes his eyes.

"Phoenix of the Sun...
I join with you!
Dragon of the Moon...
I join with you!"

Novaar suddenly bends double, hair falling in his face. His hands grasp the altar and we see him shake.

Then, as quickly as the shaking came, it's gone. His head raises, his mismatched eyes burning with fire. Trying to focus. The smile is euphoric.

"Cosmic forces...
Ancient Powers...
I hear you!
I understand!
I thank you for your boon!
I pledge to use it wisely!"

Novaar fixes his eyes on the screen.

"I have become one, the power of old reborn again. The Dragon. The Phoenix..."

Novaar stands upright, his arms across his chest.

"Rob Arnold. Hear my words. Hear my voice. I, the One True Prince challenged you to a match. Asked you to come into the light. To brave the dark. Now I raise the stakes! At the reunion show, I challenge you to a Crucifixtion Match. The rules are the same as a Stretcher Match...but with one big difference! To win you have to bind your opponent to a cross and hang them high above the arena!"

Novaar smiles.

"Arnold. Dare you accept the challenge. To face The One True Prince in such a match? I await your reply with...interest! Rob Arnold. Infinity's Gaze is upon you...it's time to face the Sins!"

Fade to black.
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PostSubject: Re: The Joining...   Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:39 am

Ooc: nice. I like that.

I'm not climbing to the top of the mountain. I am the damn mountain!
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The Joining...
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