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 News from cxa.com

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PostSubject: News from cxa.com   Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:18 am

From cxa.com

Where is he?

That's the question on everybody's lips. Last seen cutting a series of promos in Japan, The Cyberstar now seems to have disappared. It follows last night's cryptic message, via this very website, where the erstwhile One True Prince seemingly set a date for his upcoming 'ritual'.

Fox, now calling himself My-Ron Novaar, checked out of his hotel on Friday morning and hasn't been seen since. Speculation rises as to where The Vampire as gone and what the big changes he claims we will see are going to be.

One thing seems certain: where the man previously known as Myron Fox is concerned nothing is ever underplayed...

Oh it's true!

One CXA superstar that was visable yesterday was Homer Cyde. During a press junket Homer was asked about Fox's disappearing act and also for his thoughts on one of his upcoming opponents, Joxide.

On Fox: "Son, why are you asking me about the Clown Prince? I thought this was MY press time? That we were here to talk about the best goddamn wrestler in the game today. But no...that cross dressing, make-up wearing freak does one of his 'oooooh, look at me, I'm all mysterious acts' and you lot lap it up...Next question!"

On Joxide: "What do I think about Joxypox? Well, if there was a prize for the homliest Brit that boy would sure be a contender! And we're talking stuff competition here! I'll give him his due...he's done OK for himself. He can hit a few moves when he wants to. But, son, we're talking about Homer J Cyde here! I'm going to make that boy cry uncle before I through!"

Reggie Cyde declined to comment...
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News from cxa.com
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