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 So, I just read some IGN thing or whatever. Yeah, whatever. Who cares.

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PostSubject: So, I just read some IGN thing or whatever. Yeah, whatever. Who cares.   Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:29 pm

So yeah. I think some website put some review up or something.

I read it. It's a load of shit from a move spamming online whore who doesn't know what he's talking about, nitpicks unimportant shit to death, and can't even get confirmed, simple game facts correct. Some guy that gives it a high numbered review and then bitches and whines about irrelevant shit as if it's game breaking or important.

Yeah, don't check it out.

It's not worth the time.
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PostSubject: Re: So, I just read some IGN thing or whatever. Yeah, whatever. Who cares.   Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:33 am

Mike, i need you to stab my eyes. i accidentally started reading it and I just need him to die now for my blindness.
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PostSubject: IGN Review   Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:06 am

Its basically an incredibly lazy review, which he has approached from completely the wrong direction. Its just bad journalism which has no real analysis and depth to it. He's not thought for one second about why certain things have been done, how they impact on the gameplay, or what the natural progression is from 2010 to 2011 - you know, all the things you might reasonably expect from a reviewer.

The man's an idiot.
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PostSubject: Re: So, I just read some IGN thing or whatever. Yeah, whatever. Who cares.   Fri Oct 22, 2010 1:22 am

Absolutely Shand, absolutely. It's so phoned in. Just trying to read how it was written, looks as if it was written with an iPod on a plane ride, or a text message written in the middle of a shopping mall at points.

I'll break it down how bad this review is.

Of course, my main problem with the article is not that the game received a bad rating.

Although it should NOT be lower than last years game, since it's OBVIOUS that THQ went well above and beyond doing everything humanly possible to make this the most stellar single update in years.

It still got an 8.0 and of course, as other people have said elsewhere, including Marcus, as far as the number, 8.0 is still a good rating. But it's still really low, and Greg Miller obviously, completely misses the point of this game and THQ's far-and-above effort on this title.

My major problem with it, stems from that fact that he gives this title such a high number and then proceeds to just DOWNPOUR negativity, nitpicky-ness, ignorant and flat-out pessimistic, overblown stupidity all over 70% of the written portion. While completely glossing over and in many cases, outright contradicting literally EVERYTHING he said in almost every single preview he gave to this point.

He was "unbelievably pumped" about this game. Now it's "the same old broken engine wah wah wah with slightly new additions yawn." A complete, biased, and negative 180 from his previous talking up of the game, previously.

I am 100% certain that his negativity and sudden "heel turn" as it were, with this review is down to several factors.

1. He has received a heaping amount of justified criticism all over the internet for his recent PISS-POOR performance and unprofessional showing during his playing of the game against Bryan.

Everyone clearly witnessed him jumping directly into the match, spamming one move over and over again, immediately from the get go, just like all of the online n00bs like I and Shand detest.

He offers an obvious bullshit excuse for this IN the review, claiming that "he had to do it because Bryan was reversing." BULLSHIT. The world saw him jump straight into the match with the same two moves against Williams that he proceeded to spam like a bad online player.

Matters aren't helped by the publicized tweet he made before the match that he planned on "humiliating" and "embarrassing" Bryan in more ways than one. That didn't help matters.

2. I believe that talking up the game so much and claiming to be "pumped" and then deliver a commendation of SvR11 being the "same old same old" is continued bitterness over THQ dropping IGN's exclusive "Superstar Countdown" a few years ago.

Why else would he directly contradict himself and all of his numerous previews, in such a "heel turn" manner and then go on numerous paragraphs with a gloried fake yawn about the game.

3. The man has no grasp of facts, and seems to have completely either forgot about the features or flat-out got them wrong.

He states that there are 10 unlimited uses in CAS. Uh, no. Make that 15 unlimited uses. He whines about Story Designer being "the same" except for new scenes. Uh... branching stories, buddy?

WWE Universe was shrugged off as if it were nothing. Match Creator is vacant from the review, also not featured. HIAC is barely touched upon. And his comments about the gameplay are laughable. Clearly this man doesn't know and understand how the game is played or the controls are handled. Because, y'know this is the same guy that spammed 2 moves like a bitch in front of the entire world.

He gripes about RTWM having "mouth flapping." No duh. Obviously this comes from having to populate the RTWM backstage with player characters. I see absoutely nothing from RTWM, mouth movements included that doesn't look to me to be on par with GTAIV. Yet these are issues worth bitching about under a microscope? Please.

and as far as this game not being as "revolutionary" as 2010? BULLSHIT.

I'll be the first to admit that 2010 looked good on paper, but revolutionary? That only applies when your on-paper concepts like community creations and Story Designer work in their execution. Last year, they did not. This year, they do, and so do all of the other many features.

And if WWE Universe isn't the most revolutionary concept in the series in a long time, than frankly, I don't know what is.

Greg Miller, has basically become the reviewing equivalent of a troll these days. He set out to spam Bryan, hyped up the game, then came review time, turned heel on everyone and gave a badly written, and confusingly worded generalization without any hint of going in-depth and shrugging off nearly every innovation and improvement in this years game as inconsequential.

Yes, the final score was an 8.0. Which is, by all accounts, a glowing NUMBER. But last years game was 8.5, and with all of the obvious effort for total revamping and improvement to this years title, that's been obviously apparently, this game deserves nothing less than a higher standard of that, reaching into 8.8 territory AT THE LEAST.

And aside from this, glowing number aside, it's totally at odds with the actual WRITTEN portion, which comes off as the rambling, ignorant diatribe of nitpicking and negativity that reads more like a steady bash.

In all honesty, this review is inconsistent, riddled with factual errors, blase` gloss overs, contridictions, bad wording, pessimistic whining, and entirely phoned in.

But of course, I come to expect this from the same guy who bitched about a previous installment because he claimed there were no glasses in CAW, when there was at least 4 of them.

Either Greg Miller is a complete incompetent or a genius troll.

I honestly can't tell, but it's certainly ONE of the two.
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PostSubject: Re: So, I just read some IGN thing or whatever. Yeah, whatever. Who cares.   

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So, I just read some IGN thing or whatever. Yeah, whatever. Who cares.
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