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 The Great Deceiver and the Idle Fool

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PostSubject: The Great Deceiver and the Idle Fool   Wed Feb 02, 2011 12:56 pm

We fade in from black. We're back to a familiar scene. A throne room that we have seen before. A figure who is known to us.

However, not everything is the same. Behind the throne a new banner hangs baring a symbol that looks like a stylized number three but with a dot in the bottom half. Either side are smaller banners, one with a picture of a black dragon a white background, the other a white phoenix on a black background.

The figure is, once again, lounging in the chair, relaxed, one leg dangling over the side.
The figures outfit mirrors some that we have recently seem but with one big difference: it is simply black and white.

Again, the figure wears knee high boots but the one on the left is ebony, the right ivory. These lead to scaled trousers, the colour scheme switched for each leg. In turn this gives way to a high necked tunic, sleeveless. Again, the right side white, the left black. The left is also decorated with a black dragon that matches the banner. In the same way the black side bears a white phoenix.

The man's belt buckle appears to be a wolf's head while a ring on his left hand is that of a lion. The figure's right hand is covered by a black gauntlet. Over the right hand side of his face the man is wearing a black half mask, again with intricate patterns adorning it. The man's mismatched eyes stare at the camera.

"And lo it did come to pass, in the year two thousand and eleven, that the Dragon of the Moon, born in shadow and of the night, did join with the Phoenix of the Sun, created from fire and day. That they did bind themselves to the One True Prince. And that the Vampuie of the Darkness became one with the Star of Light...both guiding the line of Novaar to it's destiny."

A scowl now plays on the mans face.

"It also came to pass that the Great Deceiver, The Forgotten Warrior, did throw his web over CXA. Brining chaos and and suspicion to all involved. That a fake war was set in motion and brother turned against brother. And the spectre of villians long since past, of wolves and enigmas, would once again haunt the thoughts of all those who heard the Warrior's call...

Deceiver. You have returned not in glory but in defeat. In an acceptance that you will always be a footnote in this story. Why, when you have so much potential of your own, do you flock to The Reaper? To a fight already long past. Why do you drag up old memories, older crimes, rather than move on?

Deceiver. You have never been friends with The One True Prince. Even when the Trinity ruled wrestling with a fist of iron it was not a friendship like that of The Reaper and The Prince. It was business. A respect. Now The Prince questions if he even has that for you anymore...

Why now? Why come crawling back now? It was a problem that vexed The Prince. Then he understood. You are jealous. Envious of the attention that the other stars are getting. Forgotten? Yes, you have been. Now you are simply showing why.

But the Great Deceiver was not the only coward. The Idle Fool must also be addressed. He who claims to be mighty but hides away from the darkness. Shy's from the light. Avoids The Prince. And does not answer the challenge set before him..."

The figure smiles, a twisted smile.

"Cower away, Idle Fool. The Prince cares not. For it is not he who shows the world the yellow streak he has. At least The Great Deceiver showed his face eventually. You, Fool, have not even done that. You lie under a stone, frightened to emerge.

Well, Fool, your time is coming. Your time is nigh. The Ritual is coming and you will be forced into the light. Enveloped by the darkness. You will see The One True Prince and you shall be AWED!"

The figure closes his hands together, almost in prayer. A firey, steeled look in his eye, like that of molten steel.

"Hide away, Fool, but know that the challenge is still before you. The Prince has named that much. It is your turn to speak. To answer The Prince. Will you let The Prince down again? He hopes not..."

The smile is full now.

"For wherever you hide, wherever you run...Infinity's Gaze is upon you!"

Fade to black
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The Great Deceiver and the Idle Fool
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