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 One True Prince...

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PostSubject: One True Prince...   Mon Jan 31, 2011 11:06 am

We open to the sound of clapping. Not the rousing round of applause one might give to a favourite band. Nor the glee-filled happy clapping that follows a child's joy. No, this a sarcastic, mocking clap. Slow, deliberate. Almost cruel.

The shot fades in an we see a figure stood in an empty room. Save for the light source, which is coming from off camera, the figure is completely alone. No pictures, no future. Just a grey room.

Not that the figure himself is grey. The man stands just over six foot and, while he is fully clothed, you can see a lithe dancers frame. Knee length black boots lead to a pair of dark blue scaled leggings. A black shirt is under a red, hooded frock coat. One of the clapping hands his dressed in a simple black glove. The other a silver gauntlet.

A wolf's head belt buckle shines from inside the coat. A circlet in the same colour adorns his brow, holding back white hair. The man's sneering lips are twisted in a mocking smile, rimmed in silver. Mismatched eyes looks directly at the camera.

The figure keeps on clapping.

"Bravo, 'Warrior'. Congratualtions, Fireball. Well done...Matt! What a masterful job you did. What an epic mystery you managed to weave. You had us fooled. You kept us guessing. So, yes, hurrah for the Forgotten Warrior..."

The figure stops clapping, folds his arms.

"But for what? To prove once again just how deep into David's shadow you are? That as much as you try you can't escape from his legacy?

Every promo cut to get HIS attention. Every word aimed at HIS eears. Can you not move on? Can the Fireball not be free of the ties that bind? It seems not..."

The figure holds his arms out wide.

"Remember when I mentioned my conversation with David? When he told me what my dreams could mean. That maybe the Dragon, The Phoenix and The Blood meant something to The Trinity? Now I'm not so sure...now I do see you as Phoenix at all...no reinvention. No new life. Just your old ways.

Why do I tell you this? To show you how much more you can be! Look at me, Matt. See what TRUE understanding of ones self can bring. I am The Star. The Vampire. The Prince. The Champion Eternal. I have walked from David's shadow and become who I was always meant to be. Why don't you do the same?"

The figure drops his arms behind his back.

"Ah, The Trinity. In these reunion days, where nostalgia is king, why not dream of The Trinity. The ORIGINAL Trinity. When we three ran riot over wrestling. The nWo...DX...Evolution...The Horsemen...none of those units held a candle to the true anarchy we unleashed. To the control we had.

So why not look back? Why not look at The Trinity once again? Bury the hatchet with David. Crawl back into his shadow once again. I'll tell you why not...that time is dead. Gone. The Virus slowly killed The Trinity but time did that more.

No, now is not the time for old thoughts. The likes of Rob Arnold are content to look inwards. Look backwards. I'm through doing that. It is time for the angel to spread his wings. For The Prince to take his throne.

So, I say once more, Matthew...well done. Enjoy your moment in the sun. For soon you, Rob Arnold, Joxide, Rocket, Homer Cyde...even David...you will all see The One...The True Prince!

The screen starts to fade to black

"Soon, nobody will be able to escape from Infinity's Gaze..."
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One True Prince...
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