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 The Warrior Revealed

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The Forgotten Warrior


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PostSubject: The Warrior Revealed   Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:26 pm

We are back in the darkened room, still many shadows engulf the room the light still emanating from the single central candle. The voice begins before we see the figure move

"The time has come Reaper, the time has come to reveal myself to you.....You forget so easily the people you once knew, you forget so easily the people you hurt and you forget so easily the people you once believed in. I never forget...."

The figure begins to move into the light his face still masked by darkness

"Who knows you Reaper, who knows everything about you...."

The candle flame begins to grow, as two more flames appear from both sides of the room, illuminating the figure even more

"You were too busy thinking about the enemies in your past, well they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Well Reaper there is one category even closer than enemies......"

The boxes around the room begin to burn, the flames begin to rise even quicker than before, the figure reaches for his hood

"Always remember....."

The hood is thrown back, to reveal those familiar piercing blue eyes

"blood is thicker than water........BROTHER"

Fade to black

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The Warrior Revealed
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