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 Here lies the Warrior...

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PostSubject: Here lies the Warrior...   Sun Jan 30, 2011 8:40 am

We open to a shot of two gravestones, set in what looks to be some sort of run-down graveyard. Similar, moss covered stones line our sight while a hazy mist cuts off much of what we can see beyond them,

As we watch we see a figure walk in from the right. The man is wearing a red, knee length flock with the cowl pulled up. From the sides we can see a hint of a pair of dark blue scaled leggings, above a pair of black, knee high boots.

The figure bends next to the gravestone on the left.

"Here lie's the Forgotten Warrior. A sheep in wolf clothing. A easily worked out enigma. Forgotten not because of betrayal. Nor through the dark workings of a evil genius. Forgotten simply because he has nothing left to say..."

The figure turns to the one on his right.

"And here is the Unremembered Soldier. Fallen in some fake war that happened only in his and the Warrior's mind. Afraid of his own shadow, let alone the faxes of this world. The king of a worn out slogan...the sun and moon may be aligned but you're talking out of Uranus..."

The figure stands up, pulling back the cowl to reveal The Prince's mismatched cats eyes, his silver lips, and the odd symbol he's taken to wearing.

"Yes, here lies the pompus fool and the hardened toast. May they rest in piece and never trouble the world again. But if they do, if they wish to emerge from under their little stones and show us their faces...well, Infinity's Gaze is upon you both!"

Fade to black

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Here lies the Warrior...
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