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 PWI Exclusive: Shand answers The Forgotten Warrior

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PostSubject: PWI Exclusive: Shand answers The Forgotten Warrior   Sun Jan 30, 2011 4:37 am

As regular readers of PWI will know, we have been giving extensive coverage to the upcoming CXA “Reunion” show which will see competitors from both the TXA and CWA reunite for one final night of action. One of the most intriguing aspects of this upcoming show though has been the cryptic messages which have been left by someone calling themselves the Forgotten Warrior. This man - who rumours persist is a former competitor in one of the two federations - has set his sights on none other than the former Soul Reaper himself, David Shand.

Up until now though, there has been no response from Shand. All that changed the other day though when a letter arrived at the PWI offices. It was an open letter from Shand to the Forgotten Warrior, which he requested we publish. So here, for you all, is Shand’s response.

“Dear Forgotten Warrior,

Please excuse the fact that I am sending you an open letter in this manner. I would much prefer a conversation face to face, but I really have little choice given your decision to continue to withhold your identity. People have asked why I haven’t responded to your “messages” before now. The simple fact of the matter is that I didn’t think it was worth my time. I have neither the time, the patience, nor the inclination to waste my time with those who engage in such nauseatingly adolescent practices. I have seen it all a thousand times, and frankly, by people a lot better at it than you are.

I was perfectly happy to give you the level of attention you deserve - that is to simply ignore you. However, the persistent enquiries from the wrestling press about your ramblings have become more of an annoyance than the ramblings themselves. So in order to pacify them - rather than because I feel like you deserve it - lets set the record straight.

Firstly, in regards to my position with the CXA. I think you are a little confused. Yes, at one time I owned the Central Wrestling Alliance, the CWA, and when the company closed I retained the physical and intellectual property rights. When the TXA was established, those setting the company up came to me and bought most of those rights from me. I retained certain privileges as part of the deal, but I had no part in running or managing the TXA. When the TXA folded - which for your information was by mutual consent at a time when its business was on a high, not because it crumbled to “dust” - I didn’t benefit at all as I had no financial stake. Please stop me if this is getting too technical for you.

And now we come to the formation of the CXA - a NEW business venture. I’m not sure quite how you think there has been a downfall with this company, being that its only just started. Again, I can only assume that you can’t quite cope with three sets of initials, and are getting confused. Once again, just to be clear, the CXA is a new company. They acquired the rights to the TXA footage through its owners, and they came to me in regards to certain CWA rights I still own. I granted use, but again, I have no financial or managerial stake in the company.

OK, now that the factual position on the company is out of the way, lets look at the other allegations you have thrown in my direction.

Firstly, you allege there is a “War” going on between us. I can only assume by that statement that you have no concept of what the word “War” actually means. Veiled threats made by a callow and feckless figure that hides in shadow are not a war. Empty words from a coward are not a war. I don’t go to war with someone who is more amusement than threat. A good friend of mine got it right when he described you as little more than a court jester. Why would I go to war with a jester?

Secondly, you say that you will “not allow my continued deceit”. From a man who apparently knows me of old and yet won’t reveal his identity. Like I said, court jester. Or perhaps your reluctance to reveal your face is because you are as embarrassed at the crassness of your actions as the rest of us are?

You accuse me of making people’s lives hell, or breaking their hearts and crushing their dreams. You say that some people weren’t good enough to go against me face to face. Now, I am no psychologist, but I’d say that that reveals far more about your issues than it does mine, because frankly I’d take those statements as compliments. Thank you very much. The fact was, I was in a business where making people’s lives hell and crushing their dreams was pretty much what I was there to do. And yes, frankly I did it well, I was pretty good at it.

Now, you shouldn’t feel too bad if you were never good enough to reach that level - the list of people who weren’t is long, varied, and distinguished. You’d be in very good company amongst people who came up short against me, so don’t feel too bad. You know, that kind of bitterness and resentment really isn’t good for you. Its not healthy to carry that around with you. You should learn to accept your own mediocrity. If you don’t, you might end up, ooh, I don’t know, dressing in long robes, writing messages in blood, and standing around in shadow all the time and........oh, wait a minute.

You say I made you suffer time and time again. Well, frankly so what? I couldn’t begin to care less, and I suspect neither could anyone else.

So if you want to carry on with your little games and your sinister threats, go right ahead.

But just remember who you are dealing with. A great many people have tried to turn my tactics against me and play mind games, most of them have ben better at it than you, and none of them have succeeded. You really ought to ask yourself - if you were never good enough to face me before, if I just beat down your dreams time and time again - why the hell would you think it would be any different this time? Consider that next time you put your jester hat on.

David Shand”

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PWI Exclusive: Shand answers The Forgotten Warrior
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