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 The Reaper's Iron Fist

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The Forgotten Warrior


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PostSubject: The Reaper's Iron Fist   Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:38 am

The camera opens upon a small room, darkened windows, shadows in every corner the only real light comes from a lit candle in the centre of the room, the darkness swirls around as a figure moves from the shadows, the silence is broken

"Reaper I say this to you and you alone and not your brain washed lackeys around you, I don't expect them to chime in anymore in a war that clearly is between you and I. You should start to realise soon that I will not take your continued deceit lightly. Every federation you have been in has ultimately ended the same way, everything you have a part in turned to dust, destroyed from the inside out by one man.....you. You continue to control the puppets at every turn Shand, you make peoples lives hell who don't agree with you, your rules or your philosophies. Some were not good enough to meet you face to face, you made some take their dreams and burn them to ground, you crushed hearts as well as souls"

He pauses

"You alone are responsible for the downfall of this place and every other fed before it and you deserve to be punished for ruining so many lives. Your iron fist will rule no more and soon it is you who will be left looking for the exit. You deserve to suffer just like you made me suffer so many times before...."

"....the end is coming.."
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The Reaper's Iron Fist
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