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 Kage Ryuu!

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PostSubject: Kage Ryuu!   Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:21 am

The laptop screen flares into life and you're treated to a rather portly looking genetleman in a shirt and sports jacket grinning at you from the website. His hair is neatly trimmed, if slightly thinning.

"Greetings from Tokyo! My name is Mike Boden and I'd like to welcome you to the first in a series of Dragon Gate promotional shows that are being broadcast live via the power of the net. The idea is very simple: these shows are designed to showcase the best Japanese talent, both up-and-coming and established, against some exciting new foreign wrestlers as a showcase for Dragon Gate itself. This is a cross promotion between Dragon Gate Japan and Dragon Gate USA...

We're coming to you from the lovely KĊrakuen Hall, Japan. This arena has hosted many boxing, professional wrestling and mixed martial arts matches. Part of Tokyo Dome City, it is one of Tokyo's biggest attractions. It opened on April 16, 1962 and has a capacity of approximately 1,800 people. The venue hosted the boxing events for the 1964 Summer Olympics.

In the rounds of pro wrestling, it is considered as being the Madison Square Garden of puroresu, as all of Japan's largest promotions have run some of their larger shows there, much akin to the WWF/E's monthly show at MSG in the 80's. In fact, the WWE have even run some matches here themselves. And the Ozzmeister himself has played here during a Japanese tour...

Korakuen Hall is also known for the fact that every wrestling promotion in Japan, large or small, defunct or not, has run a show there. It often is merely called "hall", in Japan.

With me, to add some play-by-play, is the former WHWF and TXA pro-wrestler turned commentator Jason Tarsh...Jason it's good to have you with us"

"I should ruddy think so too! As somebody who has wrestled the odd match here, in Japan, I'm interested to see what sort of card this will be. I've heard that Dragon Gate is home to some high-flyers and submission wrestlers. Well, let's see what they can do!"

"Let's not keep you or the viewers waiting...ladies and gentleman here we have the first match of the evening. It's going to be under hardcore rules, so it should get things started juuuuuust right!

Already in the ring is Brodie Lee. Weighing in at 265 pounds and representing the Blood Warriors stable...Brodie will be looking to get the night started right for the Dragon Gate promotion..."

In the ring, Brodie is seen limbering up. A well-built six and half footer Brodie looks something like a trucker, with a scraggly beard, white vest and blue jeans.

"And he comes is opponent...weighing in at 215 pounds and hailing from parts unknown... Kage Ryuu!"

The lights drop and cameras flash in the audience. As Gackt's 'Redemption' hits the speakers the room goes wild, despite the fact it's still too dark to actually see anything. Then, as suddenly as the went, the lights return revealing that a third figure has joined Brodie and the referee in the ring, standing with his arms folded across his chest and staring at Brodie. The latter looks a little taken back.

The figure is tall, although probably three or four inches shorter than Brodie. He's also lighter looking than Brodie, with a slim, dancer's style frame. The figure is wearing a long purple black coat, fake leather, with purple shoulder armour. Under this we can see black tights and a purple muscle top, both adorned with his name. The figure is also wearing a pair of purple wrestling boots. The look is topped off by a half-face mask, once again purple and black, a clearly designed to look like a dragon.

"And we're underway!"

Kage flies across the ring and straight at Brodie like a man possessed. Ducking a slightly careless clotheslines attempt, Kage hits the ropes behind Lee, hitting ropes and spring back with a flying version of his own. Then, with Lee down, Kage flips up and over, doing a rolling lep drop to the back of Brodie's head.

"Wow, a great start there from Ryuu!"

"A fast starter, this kid, and those moves were hit just on the sweet spot..."

Ryuu drags Lee to his feet and hits a couple of stiff looking chops to the throat. Lee stumbles back, bending over somewhat, which allows Ryuu to grab the back of his head and run him into a ringpost.

"Ouch...that had to hurt!"

"Mike, as somebody who's tasted the odd turnbuckle sarnie, I can tell you it does!"

Kage isn't letting up. Pulling Lee back into the middle of the ring he sends him across before hitting the ropes on his own side of the ring. Springing back he drills Lee with a clothesline. With his opponent grounded, Ryuu hits the ringpost. sending the crowd wild. Then, leaping off, he drills an elbow deep into Lee's chest.

"It's all Kage Ryuu, so far...Lee just hasn't been able to mount any offence!"

"That's a fair trick to do, Mike. Lee has been wrestling in Japan for a while now so he'll be used to the faster paced wrestlers. This kid Ryuu is liked bottled lightening, though, and his moves have been timed well. If I didn't know better I'd say this guy has fought at a pretty high level before...Can't say I know the name though..."

Ryuu drags Lee to his feet once more and, grabbing Ryuu's mask, Lee finally gets some offence in. It's a thumb to the eyes which would, in a normal match, be illegal. Here it's just fine.

Lee keeps the momentum with a couple of hefty chops of his own. Then, sending Ryuu across the ring, he lands a big boot. Ryuu gets his arms up but the pwoer behind the shot means he's staggering back. Lee gets in with a facebuster.

Lee gets to his feet, taking Ryuu with him. Lee and Ryuu are facing each other, Kage bent forward. Lee hooks the opponent's arms back in a reverse nelson, placing his forearms in the crooks of the Ryuu's elbows, with his hands on top of Kage's back in a butcher's grip. Lee then lifts his opponent into an upside-down vertical position and falls back, shifting Ryu to one side as he flips over. Lee maintains the grip and attempts a bridging pin upon impact...

"1..2...no, Ryuu clearly has his arm up!"

Lee drops out of the ring as Ryuu gets to his feet. Searching under the ring he finds a two-by-four. Nodding to the fans, with a devious look on his face, Lee climbs back onto the ring, waits for Ryuu to get to his feet and...gets booted in the mid-rift! Grabbing Lee's head, Kage hits a quick jawbreaker.

"Ryuu quickly back to his feet there, Jason..."

"Yeah. That kids got some balls, I'll give him that!"

Ryuu grabs the two-by-four and waits for Lee to get to his feet. Then, holding it out extended he rushes Lee with a clothesline!

"Ooooo, that'll loosen something!"

Kage leaps onto his fallen opponent, raining punches in with his left and right. These are stiff shots, aimed at putting all of Ryuu's power into the blows. In fact, so fast are they that his hands almost become blurs.

"Ryuu isn't messing about, Mike. Those are some serious shots, right there."

Ryuu drops to ringside and looks under the ring for himself. First he pulls out a chair. Then a kendo stick. And finally a small object, seemingly wrapped in a cloth.

"Now, Jason...you were no stranger to using foreign objects in your career..."

"I'd suggest watching your mouth, sunshine..."

"...so what could that be?"

"How should I bloody know?!?! I can see the same match as you. I haven't got blinking X-ray eyes, you know!"

Ryuu is stalking Lee, waiting for the groggy wrestler to get to his feet. Then, chair in hand, Kage swings. CRASH! One shot! Lee stumbles to the right. SMASH! Two shots. Lee stumbles to the left. BOOM! Ryuu brings the chair down on Lee's head.

Brodie crashes to the ground, clearly in a great deal of pain. But Ryuu isn't finished yet. With his opponent down, Kage slams the chair in three more times!

"Shades of Johnson-Foley there, Mike..."

"You mean The Rock?"

"No, I mean Dwayne Johnson. He gave up the right to wear that name when he started playing tooth fairies..."

Ryuu drags Lee to his feet and places him on the ringpost. Jumping up beside him, Kage grabs Lee's head and drives it into the mat with a move very similar to a ringpost Raven Effect DDT.

"Wait just a minute...that move...may have been on the ringpost but that looked familiar to me!"

Kage pulls Lee to his feet. This time he hits a Side Effect like move, again drilling Lee down.

"This is getting just a little too familiar..."

"What do you mean?"

"I've seen this guy somewhere before..."

Before Tarsh can say anymore Ryuu proceeds to beat ten bells out of Lee with the kendo stick. So hard are the shots that, after the fourth one, it shatters into any number of of pieces. Still Kage isn finished...

Hanging Lee on the ringpost, Ryuu lays into him with some backhand chops. Then, whipping Lee across the ring, Ryuu hits a flying forearm smash.

"That's the nose! Lee's bleeding!"

The blood seems to inspire Ryuu more. He drags his sagging opponent to his feet and takes a few steps back. Then, opening his arms wide, he dives back in a drives in a inch perfect superkick.

"Whoa! That nearly took Lee's head off!"

"So why isn't he going for the pin? This guy is some sort of sadist!"

Ryuu drives his elbow into Lee's middle from a standing position. Taking a handful of Lee's hair, he pulls him to his feet again, only to drop him with another uppercut. Ryuu hits the turnbuckle again and, this time, it's a a flying legdrop from the top top!

"That's it...I've seen enough...that's clearly..."

"Sorry, Jason but look...Ryuu has dragged Lee into the corner and he's gone for the cloth...wait...it's a dagger! Ryuu has a blade"

Ryuu walks slowly, calmly towards Lee, who is in no condition to even be aware of what Kage has. Finally next to him Ryuu shows him the dagger...then slashes deep into Lee's shoulder!

"The ref doesn't like that one bit but what can he do?"

"I'll tell you, Mike...not one bloody thing!"

Lee is screaming in pain, while Ryuu looks on with his head simply cocked to the side. The crowd are lapping it up. The theatre. The show.

Finally Ryuu nods. Clearly he has made some sort of decision. Kage drags Lee to his feet and sends him across the ring for another trip to ropes. As Brodie comes back Kage grabs him and hits a swinging neckbeaker.

"Wait...that's ...that's the Twisted Fate! I knew it! I knew I recognised that style..."

"1...2...3! And there you have our winner, ladies and gentleman...Kage Ryuu!"

"Kage Ryuu...my...that's the Doodling Dandypratt...that's The Cyberbore!"

In the ring the referee is holding Kage's hand aloft. Instead of taking the applause, however, Kage reaches for his mask, pulls it off and revelas that he is, as Tarsh said, My-Ron Novaar. The Prince calls for a mike. Before he gets one he drags Brodie to his feet, balacing the groggy wrestler on one of the ring buckles.

"Now is not the time for slumber, good warrior....You and I still have work to do...."

With that My-ron takes something from one of the ring hands. He walks over to Brodie.

"What's he doing?"

"Jason...I'm not entirely sure...wait it looks as if he's got some sort of vial in his hand...he's holding it against Brodie's cuts...The Cyerstar is collecting BrodieLe's blood!"

"That's just not right...that's twisted even for that freak!"

In the ring My-Ron as finished collecting the blood. Climbing onto the corner post he addresses the masses once more.

"Rob Arnold...tonight I took the blood of the fallen warrior...a warrior I defeated in combat...Tonight I gained another part of the ritual...soon the Dragon will spread his wings...the Phoenix shall bathe me in flame...and you shall fall before me! Arnold...Infinity's Gaze is upon you!"

"Er, well, that was quite a way to start the show...folks, don't go away because I'm sure the rest of the show will live up to that..."

"Somehow, Mike, I doubt it..."
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Kage Ryuu!
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