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 Words (Rob Arnold)

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PostSubject: Words (Rob Arnold)   Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:43 am

As we watch the screen fades from black to a large, well lit room. As we watch the camera speeds in through the doorway and across a plush, blue carpet. We see the walls lined with a mixture of the old and the new. Tapesteries mingle with computer screens. Pictures of fabulous beasts nestole next to consoles. A number of TVs, each showing a different channel or station flicker away, muted. Some have the news, others wrestling matches and few music videos.

The camera gets to the end of the room and to a throne bathed in the Sun’s rays. The light is coming from an angled, prismatic skylight, lined with a web-like framework. The throne itself is a dark, imposing structure, contrasting with the light that hits it and almost seeming to swallow it whole.

Sat upon the throne is a well, if extravegenly, dressed man in his mid-thirties. Hansome, with well-cut features, the man’s outfit suggests nobility. On his head the man is wearing a silver circlet with a jewel in the centre of it. This leads down past lips painted in silver to a red hooded, sleeveless tunic over a blue short-sleeved top, all well made with silver dragon designs.

Further down the man has a pair of black, scale trousers leading to silver, metallic anklel boots. The man’s hand are touch his chin, deep in thought. His left hand covered with simple, black leather glove, his right an elaborate silver gauntlet. As the camera reaches the man his eyes flick up, revelaing silver cat-like iris’. The man look directly at the camera and he starts to speak.

“Sometimes it requires the words of others to set clearly what is happening. Sometimes we are too close to our own world to see the picture clearly. Yesterday, the words of a man I call my friend did just that for me. The words of David Shand…

David, I told you about my dreams. I told you about the symbols I keep seeing. I wasn’t asking for advice. I didn’t know, consciously, that I was even asking what you thought. But I see that I was. As ever, your advice my not have been pleasant but it was there.”

The man takes a breath then continues.

The Dragon. You said the dragon could relate to our shared history. That it represents the dragon you have inside. You also said it represented ancient power. I think you are right. The dragon represents what you taught me about the fire. About what is inside us. About unlocking the power within.

The Phoenix. Matthew. Once we were a Trinity. Three warriors, different yet much alike. Your brother was known as the Flaming Phoenix. But it is also recovery from the most severe of trials, leading to new beginnings. Facing the flames and rising again.

Power. Rebirth. Does that mean the Flame Beast, the one that is the other two combined, means a rebirth of power? Of new power coming from the old? I think so. I think it hints at the ritual I am about to do. The one that requires the blood…”

The man stops, smiling to himself as much as the camera. He drops his eyes again and then brings them back up.

“Yes, the word of another can sometimes help us see what is not clear to us. I have thought on that and decided that I should do the same. That there is a person in need of a few words. That person is…Rob Arnold

Where are you Rob? What are you doing? What is going on in your mind? I’m curious because, since the announcement that you will face me at the reunion show, you have been strangely absent. It makes me wonder why…

I think I know. I have guessed what you might not have. The fact of the matter is very simple…you’re scared!”

The figure drops his hands to the side, resting them on the side of the chair and leans back.

“Rob, over the years I have known you to be many things. We have never been friends; have sometimes been allies, sometimes enemies. But one thing you have never been is a coward. Until now…

That’s right, Rob. I think you’re a coward. A scared man hiding away. But what from? What are you hiding, Rob? From me?...I don’t think so. The Rob Arnold that we have always seen may be a victim for mind games but he would never just hide. I don’t think this is something of my making….I think it is something of yours!”

The figure leans towards the camera

“Are you scared of yourself, Rob? Why? What is behind the man who does not show himself? I am not expecting you to match the majesty of my rebirth but I would have thought you would have come into the light. I ask again…why do you hide, Rob?

I want you to prove me wrong. I want to see the Rob Arnold that we knew. I NEED to see that man….because, Rob, if I don’t then you waste the rebirth of a Prince on a pathetic wretch! You waste me taking my power to beat a man who hides from the shadows! Rob, I need to beat the REAL Rob Arnold…”

The figure sits back.

“So, I issue my challenge one again. Prove to me that you are not a coward, Rob. Show yourself. Come where we can see you. Let Infinity’s Gaze fall upon you…”

The figure drops his head back into thought and the screen fades to black.
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Words (Rob Arnold)
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