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 The Techno-Catgirl from the 25th Dimension

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PostSubject: The Techno-Catgirl from the 25th Dimension   Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:44 pm

3:20 AM - Tuesday. Bronson's Chapter

"I just need to know which is the fastest way to reach the Prism 2 Station. I lose the ability to sense the signature for the Station halfway at this point and want to know if you, or someone in there can either direct me to the station manually, or key in a Warp Gate to that. I can give you any notification from Control to find that gate if you need it."

Yo. Name's Bronson. I just gotta tell ya. I am just baffled by this crazy shit. I mean what the hell is this bitch talkin' about? I can't believe i've been having this conversation over and over again for the last 3 goddamn hours. Everytime, she can't take a damn hint and keeps coming back.

"Does it change places in this dimension? Where was it sent? Did the Factory do this?!"

I don't know what to tell this fuckin' nutcase bitch anymore. She barely talks any goddamn sense, and i'm just a fuckin' bouncer, man. This shit isn't in my job description. Dudes making trouble, stoppin' shitheads from trying to bring AK's and shit on in, and makin' sure that no one tries to start any shit? That stuff is easy, dude. Trying to figure out what this crazy bitch with this weird-ass yellow coat and this weird hat is talkin' about? That's something else.

"Time shifters are likely locking that exit from the dimensional grid! If the Station isn't repaired, the Prism can't align and signal starpath to show up so I can access the jump point from that gate!"

I could just rough the bitch up and throw her out, or call the cops or somethin', but I dunno... Not like I ain't got no problems with roughin' up a crazy bitch. I done it before. But usually they done something to deserve it. She ain't take no swing at me. She ain't brought no heat, or get hostile. If anythin' she just keeps askin' crazy shit, leavin', comin' back and calmly askin' more crazy shit. I keep trying to give her bullshit direction an' places to go, so maybe she'll just get lost or somethin' At least it works for about a half hour.

"I'm sorry to bother you again, I can't sense either of the locations you gave after I got halfway there! Maybe another way in, from another gateway jump point, I guess? Maybe you can find the Energy Signature and find the Dimensional Gateway from the grid coordinates on the Energy Chart grid"

Maybe I feel sorry for the bitch, or somethin'. She ain't right in the head. But, man.. I dunno bout this. It's just annoyin' an' shit. Maybe I should call the goddamn cops.

"The Energy Field tracked to this location, but then when I turned around, the field changed! I think the generator from the beacon has changed, either that or... Oh NO! The Star Allocator has been commandeered by the Factory! can you think of ANYONE else who might be able to lock onto the wave signature?"

Dammit, just leave me alone, bitch! Damn! She's lookin' for some kinda place, but I can't give her no directions, cuz' I ain't never heard of what da fuck she's talkin' bout. An' it keeps changin' too. Like, one minute, it's some place called the fuckin' Color Station, and then another time, I swear to god, she's talkin' about the Star Dimension Doorway or some shit.

"Are you listening? The Director can't have control of the Star Portal! Because, see... if it does, the balance can't be repaired!"

She ain't unruly. She just fucked up outta her goddamn mind, I think. I dunno. Fuck, maybe I might call the cops just so they can pick her up and find out where the fuck she belongs to. I usually don't care, i'm just paid to stand here and do my job but eh.

Oh christ, what's she doin' now? Talkin' to her hand? Like she's got an invisible phone? Crazy dumb bitch.

"Twenty Nine, Rainbow Control, this is Quadra. I can't find anything, and no one will help me find the Golden One at the Prism 2 Station! It's so frustrating, I've been trying to get directions to the Path from from this man, but I think he's misleading me, and I don't see any others. He won't even let me into the building he guards and everyone else walking by doesn't care. It's useless to talk with him anymore. What? Yes, the Starphone is still coded. No one can see it."

She's tapping me on the shoulder again, Jesus, what now? I swear to god, this bitch...

"Sorry, nothing personal but I can't waste time this way..."

Oh thank god, I hope that means she's leavin' for good, now. I got shit to do out here.

Well, that was about an hour ago, bro. I ain't seen her since. I wonder who the hell she was, though. Well, anyway.. Hold on. What the fuck?! SHIT! Everybody, move! Get out of the way! It's gonna hit the--OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! AUGHHHHHHHHH!!

4:53 AM - Tuesday. Zack's Chapter

*sigh* I feel like a dork for being here at this club by myself. I don't even know anybody here. But I've always pretty much been just Zachary Larson, grade-a dork my whole boring life, anyway.

Everyone is dancing, and the DJ is playing... Some guy is telling his girlfreind a story about how someone just crashed a motorcycle through a bar window about 4 blocks from here. Huh. That's messed up.

The music is loud. Some techno music from Europe or something, I think. The lights flashing everywhere... so why am I not having a good time? It's just not for me. This whole thing isn't me. I feel like I should leave. And I dunno why I feel so out of place, anyway.

I mean besides that no one I know is here and girls can't stand me. I mean, i'm not an unattractive guy. Still in my senior year in college, but I guess women just don't like geeks or nerds like me. Whatever. I feel so depressed.

I should cheer up. But I just don't want to make an idiot of myself trying to dance. Better to just stay off to the side, drinking this Pepsi for the last three hours.

And there's this weird girl I see every now and then, just staring over at me. Kinda weird. She's dressed really strange, too.

I see her popping up every now and then, always just staring at me from somewhere. Her hair is in this weird hairstyle that I've never seen before, and all kinds of different colors.

She's got this really long, shiny yellow coat on that kinda looks like it's glowing in the dark, and about 5 pockets that are half purple and half clear plastic with, I think Japanese writing on it, with leather straps and buckles on the arms, and one side is all clear like plastic with a black and white checked stripe down one side.

That's very weird. Where is she from?

She's wearing this rainbow colored plastic vinyl backwards hat with, I think those are cat ears on it? And this baggy, pair of cuffed cargo pants with these shiny, metal stripe things around one leg, and... a rainbow colored t-shirt with an upside down question mark in a circle. ...weird.

Even by the standard of even some of the other people here. At the same time, she''s really cool looking. And she looks really pretty, even if she looks weird. Maybe she's lonely, and doesn't know anyone else either. It'd be the nice thing to do, to say hi.

I've seen her about 5 times now, always here and there, always looking over at me. I think she wants my attention or something. I... should go over and say hi. But for some reason, i'm nervous about it. I dunno. She just seems way too cool for me.

I look down at the Pepsi in my hand, and suddenly, I feel really pathetic and embarrassed at myself. I've always been a nothing loser all my life.. maybe this is why. First girl I've ever seen that so much as looks at me and I can't even go and say hi. I am such a dork. I need to stop being a dork. Just go say hi.

Easier said than done. She's actually kinda hot. Well, the weird clothes that looks like she's from another planet, besides.

Maybe it's just the style, or she's just so cool she's setting trends from, like, Japan or Korea or something. Just say hi, Zack, dammit! Don't be such a...... y'know.. a pussy or whatever. If you still can't talk to girls at this age, you'll be a virgin your whole life! *sigh*

Ok, i'm gonna do it. Man... maybe this is stupid.

Well, before I can even debate that, she's already started running up to me. Ok, i'm looking left and right, nerviously. I mean, this doesn't happen right? Weird girls in strange clothes with 5 different colored hair don't just run up to me for no reason.

Is.. this a dream?

"Yay!!! I found youuu!!!!At last"
she says, grabbing my arm.

Ok, what the heck! Suddenly she just got a big smile and just GRABBED me by the shirt and dragging me over out to the hallway.... whoa! WHOA! Where's she dragging me! I didn't expect this!! This is too fast, who is this girl?!

"I wasn't sure what form you'd take, but I can tell you're Gold 7 right?" she suddenly is saying to me.

"eh??" I ask. "Gold seven what?" Well, at least she's glad to see me. But I don't know her... do I?

"Your hair! Golden hair, it's a dead giveaway, I could tell you were him!"

"Oh, you mean... blonde? Uh, My hair is blonde but what does that have to do with.."

Oh, now she's grabbing me again. Why does she keep grabbing me by the shirt and dragging me around like this? And man, she's strong. She's pretty well built, too. Not too much, but she's something else... She smells nice. Her coat kinda smells like an air freshener that is.

"Anyway, quick! We need to get out of here and get back to the doorway before they do!" And there she goes dragging me down the hallway again, out into the lobby. I can barely keep up with her, but where is she taking me?

Ok, now she's pulling me out the door out by the back, turning the corner and uh. W-what? ...she's hugging me. I don't have the slightest idea what's even going on, but I like it.

"I'm sorry. I'm just so happy to see you. I know we don't have time for this, but.. it's been so long since i've seen you again. I missed you."

Crap. Now I am a dork. I'm confused, I don't know what's going on, I don't know who she is, but I think somehow she knows who I am.. i think. And I'm being cuddled by this hot girl and my face feels hot and I'm pretty sure I'm blushing like a stupid dork. And I can't think of anything to say... but I should say something. Maybe she's got me confused for someone else...

"I... uh... miss, I think...you have me mixed up for.. someone else?" I tap her on the shoulder, nervously. But I don't even think she's paying attention.

And she.. uh.. her body is.. uh.. all.. against me, and... she feels really soft. And her head is on my shoulder. Wow. Uhm. I'm confused. And, uh... is she.. I think she's... purring?

I don't get it. But I don't wanna move. She's nice.

Ok, now she's letting go. I don't know if i'm relieved or disappointed. I think the second one. Now she's putting some small object in my hand. And... she's... shoving it and my hand into my pocket. Whoa. WHOA. My face is hot.

"Listen, I might have ran into either some rogue Time-Sentinels, or Light mercs from the Factory earlier, that I believe might be disguised as locals from this dimension. Alright, so the key is safe with you! I know it will be. Hold onto this, and DON'T let anyone take it, ok?"

"Uh." What other choice do I have? What else can I say to her? This is happening so fast. ".........ok."

And now she's grabbing me by the wrist and pulling me down the street by the parking lot. "I think we can make it to the Factory on foot from here!!" she says. And she giggles, like she's really happy about running off. I didn't expect that. It's kinda cute when she laughs, even though I still have no idea what she's talking about.

Anyway, I was going to ask, but don't think I should question it. It's obvious she knows more about what's going on than I do. When we get to wherever.. maybe she'll slow down and explain it. Like in a movie. Maybe she's from the future, or maybe she followed me here from another planet. Or something.

Suddenly, a bunch of guys in suits show up, led by a big, black, bald guy with sunglasses. Ok, I don't get this at all. Now, she's yanking me the other direction. Ok. Sure. Whatever.

"Quick!! This way!" I'm pretty sure where at least 3 blocks from the club, now. Yeah, I'm still confused.

Suddenly, they catch up to us, knock me down to my knees (which really hurts! ouch!!) and grab the girl by the arms and start taking her away, while she's struggling to get away. The big guy with the sunglasses says something. "Ok, bitch.. Paypack for that little stunt with the cycle! The boss is gonna take the damages out of our ass for that shit!"

"Let me go! The Entire 25th Dimension, and the whole Starpath Highway is at stake!! Hey!! Hey!!!" she yells out, in panic calling out to me. "Take the key and go!! Run away, Golden One! Forget about me!"

I don't know what's going on, and I don't know at all what any of this is about. I'm just Zachary Larson, college loser, and boring dork with no life and no friends. I don't know what I'm supposed to do. But there's something important going on, and I can't just sit here and be a loser for the rest of my life, letting them take this girl away and possibly hurt her.

"Stop! You.... uhm. JERK Guys!!!!!" I surprise myself by saying, getting to my feet. "Put her down, Right n-now, ok??!!"

They just keep walking, ignoring me. I think one guy even laughed. "tch. Check out that dork-ass bitch back there, Bronson. haha." They aren't even looking back.

I'm so mad.. before I noticed, I grabbed a stick off the ground. My feet are moving on their own. Now i'm running towards them.. these three guys bigger than me, what the hell am I doing?

I hit the big guy holding the girl by the neck with the stick as it breaks apart and the guys holding her arms and legs let go and turn around, and tackle me onto the pavement on my back and start punching me. Oh my god... that hurt more than anything in my life.

But now, the girl is free, and puts her feet around the guy's huge neck and spins him around with her feet and... just threw the guy into a car so hard the windshield breaks and the alarm goes off. Wait.. did I really just see that? She tossed that guy into car so hard the glass broke, with just her feet. And I think I can hear the police coming.

Now she's on top of the car.. my vision is blurry but as I can see better, now she's standing on the car facing us. The guys on me are turning around, and.... she's.... jumping at us and dropkicking the guy that's beating up on me. And she just put her hands around the other guys neck and swung her body around and threw the guy, picked up the wire trash can and just smashed it over his face....... she's... amazing....

The police are coming over and... they have their guns pointed at her, and telling her to freeze? Why her? Wasn't those guys the bad guys? Or are the police really working for those guys? I dunno. it hurts too much to get up.

She's kneeling down by me, now. They are telling her to put her hands on her head. But instead she's running her fingers through my hair. I close my eyes. Even though I'm pretty sure my back hurts, i'm bleeding and I can't get up and it hurts really bad, her hand on my head feels great. mmmm.

"They're after me, Golden one. Keep the key safe for me, I'll meet up with you later." and then she kisses me. The police sirens and lights are flashing through the arena, they are yelling their they're going to open fire, and the sirens are loud and my ears are ringing, but all I can feel is her giving me a little kiss on the lips.

"This is your last chance! Put your hands on your head and get down on the ground!!!" The cops are serious. They're going to shoot her! I keep my eyes closed. I don't know what's going on. I'm so scared.

I hear her whisper close to me "stay down."

And when I open my eyes, she's doing this backwards leap backwards onto the police car, pulling up behind to the left of me. As she raises her arm above her head and shouts into the night.

"I AM TECHNOKITTEN!! TIME RIDER OF THE 25TH DIMENSION!!!" She throws open her coat and takes out a small round thing and pulls the top off, dropping it into the window of the police car as the cop dives out, and I watch as she jumps up and over behind her with an awesome backflip.

And the police car explodes.

...lighting up the street with a blinding flash of yellow, and orange. Little bits and pieces of metal are sprinkling about, rocks and dirt fly around and the police back off, circle around the explosion and chase her off as I lie on my side, on the ground. I still don't know what's going on. But I just can't talk anymore. I'm tired. And my whole body hurts.

But out of the corner of my eye, I watch the girl, her yellow jacket flapping furiously behind her as she runs off into the night. And before I pass out, I swear.. I can almost see her glance, back, checking for at me, for a brief second. Before she goes off and disappears around the corner and away from my sight.

6:23 AM - Tuesday. Zack's Chapter (Final)

I'm sitting in the police station. It's six thirty in the morning, covered in scratches, dirty, cold, and hurting all over. The police questioned me about the girl with the yellow and clear jacket and the crazy colored hair. Who she is. Where she went. I told them I didn't know her. They believe me. Probably because it's the truth. I've never been in trouble with the law in my life. I've never even seen the police station before. And I get word that my parents are coming as fast as they can to check on me. Yeah, i'm certain they're totally gonna kill me, since I didn't even tell them I was going out.

That girl. I have no idea what her deal was. Maybe she was just crazy. A psyco. Maybe she was serious. Maybe it was true. Maybe she does have a mission. And maybe she is from the 25 Dimension or some other thing that I can't explain. Maybe she got me confused with someone else. Or maybe I somehow am this Golden one that she came here to find. I'm not sure of anything.

But just then, I remember her hand down my pocket. I reach into my pocket and pull out the item she put there. I look at it.

It's a round silver ball. Like just a silver ball that you'd find in a pinball machine or something like that. I roll it around in my hands, looking at it. This is what I'm supposed to hold onto. She called this "the key". It looks like an ordinary pinball to me. Maybe I should just throw it away. Maybe this is all crazy.

I dunno. I look up at the window, into the morning sky as it's past dawn already. And I think of her. Out there somewhere. Running.

I decide to hold onto the silver ball. I slip it back into my pocket, and wait for my parents to pick me up from the police station at 6 in the morning, covered in dirt, scratches, in pain and tired.

I glance back at the window one more time.

Good luck, Technokitten.

4:13 PM - Saturday? Epilogue Chapter.

Waves lap repeatedly out on the deserted beach, somewhere off by an unknown coast. The sun beating down from above, the water and the crashing waves sparkling in the sunlight.

Suddenly a large tide comes in, and a huge, crashing wave smashes down upon the surf. The waves pull back to reveal the figure of a girl wearing a yellow and clear plastic coat, with a checker stripe down the side, in a rainbow colored T-shirt, multicolored hair, a pair of purple sneakers and a pair of soggy, baggy cargo pants face down in the sand.

Slowly, she awakens, and picks herself up pushing her hands into the sand, lifting herself up wearily. She raises her palm to her lips and begins speaking to her hand, as if talking on an invisible phone.

"Hey yo! Come in there, Rainbow Control!! I don't know how many days it's been. Or even how I got here. But i've picked up the Starlight energy trail. The Supercomputer key is secure. I'm sure of it. It's in good hands. I can sense the energy reading of the Prism Gate somewhere within this area. I'll letcha know when I find it! Quadra, out!"

She then puts the, apparently, unseeable "phone" away and looks around, trying to determine her location.

She grabs her rainbow colored hat, with it's two small cat-ear-like points atop it, and places it back on her head before walking off from the coast into the nearby coastal beach town, breaking off into a small run, down past the sand and out of sight towards the town as the scene fades.



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PostSubject: Re: The Techno-Catgirl from the 25th Dimension   Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:20 am

That was excellent Mike. Well done. Mad as a box of frogs, but excellent Very Happy

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PostSubject: Re: The Techno-Catgirl from the 25th Dimension   Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:36 am

Very Neko Smile I really liked it. Maybe there is a stable of mad as hatters people waiting to be formed...Wink
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PostSubject: Re: The Techno-Catgirl from the 25th Dimension   Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:39 am

As a question I'm curious to know...

What do you guys think of the idea I used of writing the entire thing from the perspective of two other people?

Especially the Zack character.... It almost seems like we could know more about him and how this deranged, mysterious girl affects him from now on. She clearly left an impression on his mundane life, and even inspired him to stop being such a self-pitying whining chicken-shit, for maybe the first time in his life.

I like to think that this lunatic, in some way, ignited the spark of making a man out of him. Razz

And also, yeah. she just washes up on some random beach. Just because. I'm proud of that ending. I'll leave it to people's imagination as to what could have possibly happened between Tuesday and Saturday for her to just wash up on the Brazilian Coast and survive like that. Razz

Anyway, this took about 6 hours to come up with and write. Therefore, I don't mind saying i'm very proud of it.
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PostSubject: Re: The Techno-Catgirl from the 25th Dimension   Tue Jan 11, 2011 2:12 am

I really like the idea of roleplays being written from another person's perspective, or telling the other person's story until such time as they interact with your character. I think it makes for an interesting exercise, and actually gives you a lot of freedom as a writer to misdirect and play with the reader. Its something I've done myself on occasion, and I think it really worked well with this piece.

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PostSubject: Re: The Techno-Catgirl from the 25th Dimension   Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:44 am

I like it. I nearly did somethiong similar with the one where I went home. I was going to write it from the cleaners point of view. In the end I just couldn't get it working so went with it from mine. I think you're as done well Smile
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PostSubject: Re: The Techno-Catgirl from the 25th Dimension   Tue Jan 11, 2011 5:27 pm

I pretty much loved that. I don't think we've ever had a roleplay quite like that in our e-fedding days.

I'm actually curious to see if Zack returns, and if Quadra smashes into his life yet again.
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PostSubject: Re: The Techno-Catgirl from the 25th Dimension   

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The Techno-Catgirl from the 25th Dimension
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