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 Some CXA Matches take place!

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PostSubject: Some CXA Matches take place!   Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:23 am

Courtesy of Myron being in London yesterday, we managed to have a few CXA Preliminary matches on Smackdown v Raw 2011. Can't recall all of the results, but key ones:

In a 20 minute Iron Man Extreme Rules Match, The Reaper defeated Myron Fox 8-5. Reaper took an early lead in the contest but then seemed to back off and allow Fox (sporting a new Steampunk look which will be up on the boards in a couple of days) to get back into the contest. Neither man seemed able to hit too many big moves thanks to the other's skill at reversals, and Fox was getting the better of fast strikes. But Reaper started throwing some powerful lariats into the mix, and was able to nail Fox with a Tortured Soul to go 2-0 up. Fox got a fall back off a Fameasser onto a chair, and then tied the match a couple of minutes later. That's when Reaper upped the anti. Bringing in the ladder and a table, he brutally thre Fox into the ladder in the corner, and then chokeslammed him through the table. He also used the steel setps to great effect, powerbombing Fox onto them before getting the third fall. The two traded further falls before a blur of action from Fox actually saw him take the lead and go 5-4 up. Reaper was having none of it though, and in the last 4 minutes of the match he went to work, landing the Endgame for a pin, following it with a submission, Hitting another Tortured Soul, and even stealing Fox's own Twisted Fate. When all was said and done, it was 8-5 to the Reaper.

The next match though saw the Trinity teaming up, as Fox, Reaper, and Fireball (Myron) took on the Cyde Brothers, and Steve Awesome (Me). Interference early in the match by Fox caused deep hatred between he and Awesome, and the two brawled outside the ring in an attempt to get at each other. Sticking to his basic style, Reggie was effective in brutalising the Trinity, and thanks to some fast tags and double teaming, he was soon able to hit the jailbreak on Fireball and get the first elimination. That started the downward trend for the Trinity, as both Reaper and Fox fell as well, Reaper courtesy of Homer's "Red White and Blue", then Fox via Awesome's Ego Check.

There followed a 6 man elimination chamber match involving Joxide, Chio Reto, Paul James, Mike Rocket, Myron Fox (Myron) and the legendary Giant Haystacks (me). Fox and Joxide started the contest and Fox seemed to have it going his way. He had Joxide well under control as Haystacks entered the contest, and the two even managed some double team moves. Chio was next cab off the rank, and he went straight after Fox. Everyone seemed to turn on everyone else, and as Haystacks tucked Joxide away for a 3, Rocket got involved. Rocket helped everyone to attack everyone else with a series of double teams, but it was Fox who was the real victim, falling to a Chi-D-T and being eliminated. Paul James got into the match at this point and he and Rocket doubleteamed Haystacks until the big man fought back and hit his Slam Uranagi finish on James. Before he could make the pin though, Rocket snuck in and stole it!

So it was Chio, Rocket, and Haystacks. Chio and Rocket seemed eager to tear each other apart, but neither could gain a real advantage. This allowed Haystacks to pin Chio. Rocket put up a hell of a fight, refusing to stay down for a three. He took the match to the outside, but that was his mistake. As Haystacks threw him through the glass, bundled him back into the ring, and made the pin.

And then the main event. Rob Arnold versus Myron Fox in a Hell in a Cell, 2 out of 3 falls. Rob started incredibly well, gaining a submission fall after just a couple of minutes. But Fox was having none of it, and came back to spear Arnold through the cell wall and gain a fall himself. Then the match got nasty. Going to the roof of the cage, Arnold showed his vicious side as he lobbed Fox off through the announce tables. Despite this, Fox fought back to the roof and nailed Arndol with a couple of very long two counts. The match went back and forht until Arnold finally nailed a chokeslam. It was too much for the roof of the cell, which collapsed, sending both men to the mat. It was Arnold that managed to recover first and get the three.

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PostSubject: Re: Some CXA Matches take place!   Wed Dec 08, 2010 1:31 am

That sounded awesome! : D
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PostSubject: Re: Some CXA Matches take place!   Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:21 am

I was a tad rusty on that game, after so much Obvlion (why no swords???) but it was fun to get back into the saddle, as it were. Come March I expect better results...;)
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PostSubject: Re: Some CXA Matches take place!   

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Some CXA Matches take place!
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