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 Robin Hood (2010)

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PostSubject: Robin Hood (2010)   Fri Oct 15, 2010 1:18 am

This is a thoroughly enjoyable movie in its own right, and an interesting retake on the Robin Hood legend. Its nice that Ridley Scott didn't go down the exact same route that so many previous movies have done, and instead tried to give a different view on how the character may have come about. Of course you can point out holes in the history and placing, but then this is a movie about a character and legend which is 80% fiction and 20% based on about half a dozen different characters who may have existed over a space of time, so any pedancy over historical accurancy has to be put on the back burner, IMO.

What matters more is simply whether its an enjoyable film, and it certainly is. Scott of course has form in making movies of this kind - the under-rated Kingdom of Heaven being perhaps the most direct comparison - and of course with Russell Crowe in the lead there will be comparisons to Scott's other sword epic, Gladiator. There are marks of both movies in Robin Hood, and yet its plenty good enough to stand on its own right. Lush visuals, excellent battle scenes, nicely done sets, and good pacing are all firmly in place. There are no clever twists or shocking reveals, no "Wow, I didn't expect that" moments. But there doesn't need to be. All there needs to be is solid film-making and a compelling story, and this has both in spades.

Crowe is very good in the lead, lending Robin a more believable air. Blanchett too is good as more down to earth Marion, and supporting members like Mark Strong and Eileen Atkins are good. Less good perhaps are Robin's "Merry Men', but their parts are minor so it matters less. The one downside to all the performances are the accents. Robin wanders from Nottingham to Newcastle to the coast of Ireland during the movie, and the Welsh Scarlett also dips into the Emerald Isle on occasion. The Scottish Little John wanders up and down England as well (and would he really be called John if he was Scottish?). No-one is anywhere close to being as bad as Kevin Costner in Prince of Thieves, but it is noticeable. Even Blanchett gains and loses a Northern accent during the movie. That stops me giving this 5 stars.
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Robin Hood (2010)
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