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 SvR2011. Pros and Cons thread.

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PostSubject: SvR2011. Pros and Cons thread.   Sat Nov 06, 2010 10:17 am

Well. It's been out for a while now. Time enough for general overviews and critiques, I would say.

Not so much reviews, but just a question of "Well, it's been out for a while, and most of us have seen most of everything it can do by now. We've test driven this for quite a good long while now, so what's the informed consensus?"

What do you think so far? More specifically... this game has real pros and real cons. So how would you weigh them up against each other? How do the scales tip for you?

Here's what I personally think so far, as a general experience of everything:

This game has a fair share of problems and successes. So the real question then is, how do these play against one another, and how do they balance? Which outweighs which, the pros or cons?

I'd say... clearly, the pros come out ahead.

But first, to begin with.... What is it that there really is to complain about this game? It seems to boil down to these points:

1. Glitches.

Quite a few of them. This game has a lot of bugs, small glitches and just numerous little snags that weren't caught. None of them outright kill the game. But a lot of them are annoying.

Online is very buggy and unstable. THQ is working on that. Even so, the severity of this really depends on what you want from these games. Granted, I'm not a huge online match player at all. So these things with the online barely concern me on that front, because I don't like to generally compete with others.

But there are many problems as well, from what I DO use online, and that's Community Creations. I absolutely love it. It's just that in the glitch areas, accessing the server is annoying.

It often disconnects, uploading is difficult because of it, and constantly throwing you out to the menu when the server is weak (and it's always floating in and out of being weak), and sometimes freezing up. That's annoying. I'm willing to slog past that and work a little harder to keep coming back in and retrying, but still... it should work right away.

As well as many in-match glitches. Even in single player. The AI can be pretty stupid and incoherent at times. There are some very weird physics snags, as well. None of this makes anything unplayable. Just slightly more annoying than it should be, and you really gotta learn to look past it all. I did.

But let me be frank. For as enjoyable as this game is, the vast amount of tiny bugs and glitches adds up to having to really set yourself up to be able to see the pretty individual trees for the forest. I've learned to do that and enjoy the game as being very fun. It's just that you HAVE to try to do that. It's required.

2. Lacking movesets, and moves in general.

Again.... Hate to say it, but i'm not a wrestling move kinda guy. I'm not the kind of guy that's ever been a fan of the mechanics of wrestling. I like moves that look cool. I vastly appreciate the wonderful althletisism, but mostly because it's so out of my realm of understanding.

I look at guys like Evan Bourne or the intensity of Triple H's wrestling ability, or the breathtaking moments that some of these moments can give. Yeah, I totally appreciate the kind of highlights that you often see played in slow motion on Wrestlemania recaps.

But i've never been the kind of guy that can specifically tell you the names of wrestling holds, or even what individual things aside from finishers are even called. I've never really payed attention to every movement in Jericho's arsenal, or every thing that any given wrestler knows aside from the big moves with catchy names.

Because of that, this isn't a problem with Smackdown vs Raw 2011 that's ever bugged me, but apparently people this year are upset by the fact that there's hardly any moves, and apparently (I wouldn't be able to notice this myself), that everyone's moveset is inaccurate.

Yeah, there's a big stink being made about this game that half of RVD's, Christian's, or Primo's moves are gone, they do moves they've never done before, than 60% of moves from last year were locked on the disc and are inaccessible, ect.

I just give people whatever I think looks cool or fitting, or neat when I go through create-a-moveset. I'm not a hardcore professional wrestling science guy. Maybe that's why I don't think all the removed and limited selections of moves are a big deal to me. But for some people, it is. It really is. I guess.

3. Road To Wrestlemania is boring, annoying, pointless and generally sucks.

The backstage areas were so badly done. Again.... This isn't why I buy the games, anyway. But it's worth noting, because THQ really hyped this and sold it as a big selling point. And it's broken, useless, and too boring to put up with. I've only played through two of the 5, and I'm totally not interested in doing anymore of them.

4. Audio issues.

Constant obnoxious crowd booing that makes matches hard to play. Way too loud custom music levels that made me have to eviscerate every one of my 60+ playlists, RE-edit ALL my mp3's on my computer, burn multiple discs, figure out the right volume for each and start again from scratch. THAT pissed me off. Bad crowd, audio levels are way off, voice acting is generally bad, sound effects are mismatched.

And if these 4 things kinda sound, for the most part like "Eh, but these don't sound like major problems with the game itself, though.", you'd be right.

These are really the only things the game has faults for. When you think about ALL THE STUFF this game has in it, and then look at these 4 complaints and weigh them against the insane replay value, the awesome simulation aspects, the creative aspect which is probably unrivaled in any other video game out there BAR NONE, and how faithful of a representation to WWE programming and wrestling in general that this game is...... It's almost indescribable how the good points outweigh the bad, or annoying points by a long shot.

Of these four points, only 2 of them are problems to me.

1 and 4.

Glitches and Audio.

Those are my personal main complaints about the game... and they all really are just things you have to learn to live with, and sit back and enjoy the game for what is is.

And what it is, is a hell of a lot. Best wrestling game yet? YES SIR. Best wrestling simulation? INDEED IT IS. Most replay value that you can get out of probably any game this year, and possibly next? VERY MUCH. A game that you won't be genuinely tired of for a long time? UH HUH. Best $60 you could spend in a long time? Welll........ probably.

What doesn't work isn't a big deal, (thought it is unnecessarily aggravating and swear worthy at times) but what does work is sheer bliss.

Still the best game all year for me and the one game i've been looking forward to more than any other. I feel like I was rewarded and still enjoying it greatly. Aside from it pissing me off and not wanting to cooperate with me when it comes to pissy glitches and shitty sound problems.

To me, this game, is like a huge, refilling delicious ice cream sundae, that you'll never run out of for a long time. It's just topped with a few blech toppings (like a pickle) and that I either have to pick out of the sundae, or eat around and ignore. Once you can do that though, the ice cream is really good

That's my consensus. :p Kind of a stupid metaphor, but an apt one.
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PostSubject: Re: SvR2011. Pros and Cons thread.   Sun Nov 07, 2010 5:35 am

For me the cons this year are:

The music issue

The lack of transparency for designs (this is being fixed)

The server problems

The new grapple system. I like the idea of not being able to do big moves immediately, but I'd like to be able to select more than four moves from a groggy state

Road to Wrestlemania could use some polish on the execution.

But they are vastly outweighed by the pros, including

WWE Universe mode is a superb addition that adds greatly to the life of the game

The new directional throws and physics engine make the game much more realistic and playable

The polish given to the look of created players, and they way they are incorporated much better into the game

As for the lack of moves, I can't say I think its a problem, personally.
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PostSubject: Re: SvR2011. Pros and Cons thread.   Sun Nov 07, 2010 7:15 am

Cons for me:

Music issue as well, Transparency, Road to Wrestlemania just being boring, a BIG complaint in my eyes is the issue with the Custom Brand. The AI only recognizes RAW or Smackdown, not even ECW so why give us an option for Custom Brand when the AI wont recognize it. I feel like we need more shows on the for the week, give us ECW on the Tuesday mark or even give us NXT when Nexus comes out. There are not enough matches we can make on the shows currently, i feel congested.

My pros is definitely WWE Universe, just makes the game all worth it. Create a superstar is a lil better, create a finisher is hella better with the new Top Rope part. Create a Match is neat but havent messed with it yet but im happy to see it.

This missing moves and movesets doesnt really effect me since the moves that are missing i dont really use. I mean once the licensing is gone, what are ya gonna do lol, not complain like these damn children. I know one move is missing was that Leapfrog double team that Haas and Benjamin use to do, not missing it. The moves that are missing can easily be replaced by creating a finisher and sucking it up.
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PostSubject: Re: SvR2011. Pros and Cons thread.   

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SvR2011. Pros and Cons thread.
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