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 HIAC/RAW - a few musings

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PostSubject: HIAC/RAW - a few musings   Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:33 am

Just caught up with the results from the PPV and RAW. With the latter seems like DS got the call right in a traditional SS match. Lesnar to interfere? One of the Team Foley's unpreditable elements (Team Hell No, Randy Orton) to turn on the team? As for the rest of the card I'm guessing a rematch between Show and Sheamus. A match between Cena (with AJ in his corner) and Ziggler (with Vikkie in his corner).

It was also nice to see a couple of tag matches on both the card for the PPV and on the RAW (well, there was three tag matches on the latter)...even if they involved Past It Mysterio and El Botcho Libre!

I see that Phoenix was fired and that it's tied into her contract having run out. Be a shame if the WWE don't rehire her. I'm no big fan of the Divas side but BP was one of the better ones.

And so ends one of the blandest title reigns in recent times. I was talking about Sheamus the other day with DS. For me the greatest crime is not that he was bad but that he was dull. Since winning the belt his title reign never seemed to pick up pace. I think the WWE have been at fault because they obviously book and write for him and that just hasn't worked. But I also think the man himself must take a hit, because he just doesn't seem (for me anyway) to have grasped the chance. To be champion for so long and have so few memorable moments isn't great.
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HIAC/RAW - a few musings
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